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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. I love highlights packages - every new recruit looks like an absolute gun. I'd love to see a lowlights package of exiting players to offer their new club (set to beeny hill music)
  2. I reckon the Wharf Hotel suggestion above is a good one if you happen to discuss it any further with the MFC dudes.
  3. Fan, Fan fan always pushing a political agenda! Just joking. Big cull no doubt but i agree it doesn't matter if one or two have good careers elsewhere. There are lots of examples of players who have been traded out and gone on to use the rejection as motivation to prove their previous club wrong. What i don't agree with is that if more than two do well this means we'd have to question Neelds judgement. It doesn't follow that if two or more of those players goes on to be successful at another club they would ipso facto have been successful if they had remained at the dees, or indeed fitted in with our plans.
  4. Right, that gives me a clue. I was wondering who Fletch was in a previous life.
  5. Published via 2, 800 serialized posts on Demonland. An online phenomenon.
  6. Well now with Anderson going they have exactly that opportunity. A new person will come in and be able to say something along the lines of "i fully respect the work and approach the AFL has done on this issue in the past but we have reached an impasse of sorts. Integrity is paramount and there cannot be any suggestion of impropriety. The exhaustive inquiry has not been able to find conclusive proof of wrongdoing however there is no question there is a perception that clubs may have looked to take advantage of the rules that were put in place to ensure clubs would be able to improve and be competitive. In my role a first action of business will be to examine how we can keep the spirit of those rules but remove any incentive for clubs to not go 100% to win every game. But let me be clear the integrity of the game is paramount and so we will also be looking to put in place rules and removing any grey areas that ensure this is upheld"
  7. Thanks HG, interesting stuff as usual. I reckon Misson won't be looking to bulk Watts up at all and i expect that he will play a half back/quarter back role and occasional moving onto the wing. He is so far our best user of the ball its not funny and these roles take best advantage of his disposal skills. I expect him to be super damaging in those roles and will not be surprided to see him being tagged with forwards whose role is to take him away from the ball. As i have posted before the irony is that in looking for a KPF we have found the next Robbie Flower.
  8. Refer to me however you like. There will be no further dialogue. You have joined an elite group of posters i have blocked (joining the other two). Bye bye.
  9. Puntkick, I was suggesting that perhaps the word drop could be substituted for punt as your post was both borderline misogynist and racist. Perhaps it was not meant to be, i don't know. I was making a subtle joke rather than directly slamming your post. I realise you are a new poster so perhaps i should refrain from being obtuse.
  10. Buried away in a previously unremarked upon article is grist for the Fan, Hazy, ADC mill (big props for CS) and what i would consider to be a pretty positive bit about where the tanking investigation is at. Funny CW hasn't mentioned that the AFL no longer are interviewing MFC employees and or that the investigation seems to hinge on comments from that Bailey consider a joke in a two hour footy meeting (as opposed to a secret Vault tank meeting): Melbourne attempts to join the arms race with increased spending in the football department
  11. I was wondering why you 'liked' my response to your post.
  12. Is there a typo in your posting name?
  13. That's funny! I love storms and consider myself to be a bit of a storm boy myself. I've been to Asian in wet season a few times and nothing beats a good tropical storm Not yet been to Darwin but keen to go in the wet season.
  14. Should change your posting name to Storm Boy
  15. You usually make a lot of sense Fan (even if i don't always agree with the view expressed) but to be honest i'm not sure how your comment relates to my post. I am not saying questioning Trengroves form or potential is being traitorous (or perhaps that's not what you're implying)' Also not sure what you mean by all is good in the off season, given the negative rumblings even on a thread that is nominally about an injury to the skipper (eg who cares he's no good anyway). Plenty of pre season examples thus far from posters wanting to point out how bad things are. One thing i will agree on however is that some things that go round and round on DL are pretty silly.
  16. Satryricon, i am 100% with you on this. One of things i really hate when i go to the footy is supporters (demon or otherwise) bagging their own players and whilst DL is a forum to discuss things about the club i also hate when dees players get bagged on this site, or at least when it is over the top. Questioning form, application, attitude is ok. Bagging them unnecessarily is just rubbish And i for one cannot understand the lack of respect shown our skipper shown by several posters in this thread. As for the questions marks about his form and where he will get to again i'm left bewildered. He was the first to admit that last he didn't play as well as he had hoped but according to Neeld he met the KPI's set for each player. I thought he was terrific in the last few games and with his fantastic work ethic, attitude and approach to getting the best out of himself i am super confident he will end up being a star. What is no doubt is that he will be (and is already i reckon) a great leader for the MFC over the next decade and a player who role models to all how to go about preparing for and playing AFL footy. In case some people hadn't noticed the MFC has been in very short supply of exactly this sort of quality leader at the club for a long tome now and these qualities are exactly why Neeld made him the youngest ever AFL/VFL captain - that's 160 odd years! Unfortunately some people cannot see a player in holistic terms and as an example discuss his form last year in isolation, without considering what else he brings to the table and contributed to the team.
  17. The thing that makes suspicious that this isn't really Seve posting is why he didn't use a photo of himself!
  18. IMHO, since say 1975 the dees have only had one out and out champion player (I'm defining champion as a player who is in the top 30 players of the 'modern era" ie the last 40 years). And that's Robbie Flower. As a couple of people have noted, the ox had the potential to be in that league, but injuries cruelled him. Lyon was a top shelf A grade player, but not a champion. I was always (and still am) a huge Neita fan but i rank him a few notches below Lyon and a fair way of champion level. Top bloke, great club man but not a champion. I suspect those on this thread claiming he is didn't see him play that often. He was confidence player and if he stared poorly rarely could turn it around, particularly with his marking. Got in great positions but dropped way too many marks. Also never could kick bags. One champion in 40 years. No wonder we've not won a flag in that time.
  19. There was some talk earlier this year that CW was going to take the senior footy writer position at the Hun. Perhaps after considering her the Hun owners thought their paper was too high brow for her.
  20. I'm not sure about that in so far as it is really just gossip. Perhaps its got legs in terms of being a good tid bit but its of no real interset outside of a gossip column. Footy players using recreational drugs? Woopdy doo. I could care less. Gossip pure and simple that adds nothing to dialogue about footy. To me i suspect this is more evidence of a pretty dramatic shift at the Age to really sleaszy tabloid style puff. Its not just in sports, have a squiz at how they are reporting elements of the Gillard union story. Only Gratten can hold her head high in the reporting of that story at the age. This story by Wilson obviously cleared the editing process and i would assume she has been encouraged to go down the sensationalist road - any attention is good attention rule. No better than Paparazzi style rubbish And the story has got some media play. But its amazing, CW seems to sabotaging her reputation as a serious journalist. As Fan has pointed out she has good sources and therefore knows scuttlebutt But these sources will dry up quick smart with the sort of muck raking palaver she has been serving up of late. Once she loses her sources what will be left? Nada, zip.
  21. Great work FNQ. Please don't break DL hearts with some inside tanking info now that you have more than proved you're bona fide demon (joking)
  22. Good move mods on the deleting posts front. As BH pointed out silly of me to give stuff airtime by commenting.In that post BH said something that made me chuckle though, something along the lines of 'íf i was a moderator' Whoa neddy that would be something: big, bad, bustling Ben laying down the law in D town. I can just see a post along the lines of: 'Whilst i respect your right to an opinion i have to say you're opinion is not right. In fact i doubt i have read a more moronic post and it really reflects your lack of football acumen and knowledge. So i'm going to delete it and give you a warning - any more like that and you're banned for 12 months. Got a problem with that. Tough. I'm BH and you're not'
  23. I know that the photo isn't meant to a definitive photo of our new recruits (despite the caption) but i reckon it is interesting that Barry, Hogan and Viney are not included in the photo. To me it is a reminder that Viney and to a lesser extent even Barry and Hogan are already part of the club. For me that is great for the club and should not be underestimated i reckon. Having Viney at the club all last year means even though he is new draftee he is more a second year player. He knows the Neeld model, what to expect, the game plan and the rest of the players. You won't get a more AFL ready player. Hogan will be the same next year. Barry obviously not quite as entrenched but he still has 2-3 weeks more pre season training than other new draftees which will put him ahead of the newbies and stand him in good stead. Like it.
  24. One of my top demon 10 favourite players. Famously told the press to never darken his door again after his one and one presser when he became captain coach. heard the end of of a bit on SEN the other morning about Saints players with mo's. He had some nickname i hadn't heard. The Shadow? (i cant recall if that was it)
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