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  1. Not deliberate . Saw another angle this morning. Spargo touched it on the way through
  2. Swings left? Let’s hope she doesn’t bring that garbage into the club
  3. That's not the point. My point is I cant have my seat while someone else can. It really makes no sense
  4. If you ask Boops, 18 rampaging saints
  5. I really enjoyed sitting on the outer getting wet while someone was sitting in my $700 a season seat undercover. Makes so much sense.
  6. Its dumb it makes the strong clubs stronger
  7. Would love him back. When he was on he was on. Needs a punishing pre season
  8. Just scraped in. Some players hardly played yet voted better than him. Your Jack watts infatuation is tiring. Average player on an average list. As I said. Scraped in..
  9. and this is why soccer will be number 1 in the long run. long live the beautiful game where nothing is changed because there is no need to
  10. what about travis johnson and russell robinson
  11. trade him for a pack of twisties
  12. i know dids outside of footy. Great guy see him at family dos every now and again. I believe in the last 2 years he has really pulled his head in and stayed out of the limelight. Even on the ground the cockiness stopped and he went along doing his job nicely. Good luck to him
  13. if your kids arent demons you have failed as a father
  14. a bit like these clowns who go out of their way to f#ck up Gallipoli
  15. reminds me of southern cross tattooed beer drinking flag draping racists when i hear it
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