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  1. Like i said on another thread. Lewis on grandfinal day said he "Smith" had a decision to make between the hawks being on the bottom and geelong who may have success. Even though we have an offer on the table, Lewis didn't raise the dees as an option. It was at this time i knew we wouldn't win smith's signature. I'm sure Lewis has spoken to Smith. Might have been a slip of the tongue however i immediately thought that was strange
  2. Essendon now thinking about targeting brown according to jon Ralph https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/news/moneyball-column-all-the-latest-afl-trade-draft-free-agency-and-list-news/news-story/2491b5bec2cf18e60311f52aeebebf68
  3. Interesting what lewis said on fox footy "he has to make up his mind if he stays where he sees out his time or leaves for success" Lewis mentioned geelong here and not the dees. Dont know if it was a slip of the tongue or something more behind it
  4. Bombers might be out of the running now with dunkley going to sign with them
  5. My understanding is that he was under contract. If this is not the case you would be right
  6. Guys. It's all about posturing. The dees know NMFC want our pick 23. They have offered a modest low ball offer $$$ in a hope north pay some of his salary, just as we are trying to do with Tmac to move him on. The cash is there if we move the below players on. ANB - $350K TMAC - $800K OMAC - $300K HANNAN - $250K PRUESS - $350K it's a game of who blinks first
  7. Hallelujah. Finally common sense! There is a God
  8. Hawthorn having pick 11 doesnt help hawks with macguiness if other clubs rate him prior to pick 11. Could be the reason why hawks want to use a pick on him later on in the draft
  9. Im hearing pick 3 for 6 and 11 and swaps of later picks
  10. Heavily dilluted draft next year so not sure next years first rounder is enough
  11. I think serong will be the guy we are after
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