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  1. Could be a riot at Arden street. North supporters losing their **** over this. Just hurts them more thinking they were getting either a first rounder or 2 second rounders. Well that’s what they were all saying anyway. Take time out and read the Ben brown link on big footy. Made me have a laugh and brightened my day
  2. Or give them this years second rounder which is diluted, Reap the rewards now and pick someone in a better, less compromised draft next year. That’s what I would be doing. Buy giving them this years second rounder, they are effectively getting the 34th best pick. If we win a premiership next year fingers 🤞 then that pick would be pick 38 anyway. That’s the worst case scenario, except for winning a premiership
  3. Why would you prefer that as an option instead of this years diluted 2nd rounder? Doesn’t make any sense
  4. Would be a master stroke by Mahoney and something I don’t think he is capable of pulling off
  5. Just to be clear, next years 2nd rounder is a lot more valuable than this years. Would rather get rid of this years 2nd rounder
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Christian Salems haircuts in the hub was the secret to recruiting Ben Brown. Absolute masterstroke Dees. Has taken a haircut in his salary to come over.
  7. Sinclair will definitely provide the Polish your after 😂
  8. All jokes aside. I actually took a moment and honestly couldn't think of any club that would take him. Maybe north but even that's a stretch
  9. Don’t you find it suspicious that Jordan who speaks to smith all the time didn’t include us as part of his discussion on grandfinal day?
  10. I have said it for a while now. No he won’t. Hope I’m wrong
  11. Like i said on another thread. Lewis on grandfinal day said he "Smith" had a decision to make between the hawks being on the bottom and geelong who may have success. Even though we have an offer on the table, Lewis didn't raise the dees as an option. It was at this time i knew we wouldn't win smith's signature. I'm sure Lewis has spoken to Smith. Might have been a slip of the tongue however i immediately thought that was strange
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