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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. As an All Australian under 18 in his draft year, you can understand why the club drafted him at pick 15. As an All Aust under age pick, the kid has talent. History will tell you KP youngsters take time to develop their body. Jeffo was drafted 18 months ago. 20 year old kids rarely play senior AFL footy at his age. He has shown very good cameo performances at Casey. His goal tally for his first year as a KPF was very good. He is young and playing agianst more physically developed men. Consistency at this point at time is an unrealistic expectation. As an under age player his kicking accuracy was one of his biggest strengths, along with his marking. But, his 6 mark, 2 goal 4 performance 2 weeks ago, is now seen as he is a poor kick for goal. Too many focus on the negatives and form opinions too quick. Many have also attacked him for being too skinny with a (perceived) hunch back. It takes all body types, just saying. It’s posts and the anxiety such as yours Cranky that rile me with focussing on the negative. I would suggest the people on here backing Jeffo, including me, have the same anxiety as you. I just choose to sit back and wait to see how it unfolds and not behave in a way that is negative.
  2. Me thinks Bailey is laughing all the way to the bank. Not my thing, but I have to commend him for creating a career outside of football well before his AFL career ends. Possibly the modern day sport men’s night is occurring. Is it as bad as old man retired footballers trying to act as comedians?
  3. BBB. Managed due to bone on bone knees.
  4. I like most of all of the above DD. Keep Petty in the side and he can play himself into form and fitness. He has not been a liability up fwd and has big up side. The midfield were smashed against the Lions and Andrews was given an easy ride down back. Disco had a good half with Casey, but is he ready for AFL? Fullarton for BBB would be my preference. Gives JVR a full time fwd role, and Fullarton provides the agility BBB does not have.
  5. More AFL consistent inconsistencies 🫣
  6. c b f’d. Can you elaborate without being censored? wtf 😜😳
  7. @monoccular you certainly are a thinking person. You must get tired of a night thinking so much 🤔🤔 😜😜😂😂🤪🤪
  8. Yep, in defence of Jeffo and the lack of respect, I asked for disrespectful opinions to kept to themselves. Read between the lines 🖕(literally and metaphorically) 😜
  9. I’m loving Jayden Hunt is getting a win tonight. Poor guy has had too many loses in his career
  10. Very happy to see the tiges get smashed
  11. Thanks for your opinion Bystander. Respectfully tho, that is not what I said.
  12. I’d rather the MFC/Casey provide opportunities to MFC listed players with a view to see if they will make the grade.
  13. 6 shots at goal too. 2 goals 4 points. It could have been a blinder of a game if he kicked straight.
  14. Tracca, the kid hasn’t fully developed physically or emotionally. Scientific fact. I am not saying baby Jeffo, but at least be respectful. It’s not hard really!
  15. Bullying is not age discriminatory. It affects all generations.
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