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  1. Anyone help me out with a replay link?? Just got home from the game and I want to treat myself by watching it all over. AFL site doesnt have the replay yet and thats about as far as ive looked.
  2. Dont know if he can be delisted seeing he is under contract. God I hope Nicholson goes
  3. Would love to make my return to forum footy after my debut last time around but due to a torn quad from regular season football ill have to miss out. More than happy to throw my hand up to assistant coach
  4. Ump #26 should never umpire an AFL game again, back to under 10s non comp you pleb
  5. Whats he meant to do there? Hill is extremely agile and Watts also had 2 players cut in front of him
  6. Coach - Roos Gawn - Stay Sylvia - Stay Watts - Stay Draft - Honeychurch (Only kid in this years draft ive seen play and a great last name......hot sister)
  7. Gone, hates the limelight and media in Melbourne. Goes up to Sydney regularly because he is plopping Bingle.
  8. Umps stank, no idea how your meant to get a holding the ball call these days. Great in patches Nicholson still smells awful As a previous poster said 'baby steps'
  9. What the hell did I just read?
  10. Disagree Culture went downhill when it was ok to lose under Bailey
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