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  1. He wasn't on his way to being delisted though
  2. Unfortunately Clarke won't play another game
  3. Get rid of Sellar, how can you suggest we keep him, come on
  4. Palmers change in clubs was far different to why Morton changed.
  5. He actually ate 4 kilos of mussels, thinking they were like oysters and help him gain some testosterone. Easily confused with muscles
  6. its not a case of who burnt who. Pure and simple - He just wasn't up for it, hated a contest, built like a strong bean, no heart. Already have/had too many players that fit that description. Good luck to him
  7. I cant believe the amount of pressure placed on these young draftees. They need time to mature and get use to the game at AFL level. I suppose it's a sign of the times, wanting everything right now. Toump will be a gun, give the lad at least a couple of seasons. It will come
  8. Trengove at 3. And Garland a 'mention'? And I won't even comment on Byrnes...I want what you're on!I have to apologise I thought this was a 'player of the year' thread, not player of the round. The damn thread title gets me every time!
  9. Spot on. I haven't seen too much of Sheed but well aware of Gunstan and couldn't agree more. Make N Jones captain, perhaps Dawes as vice.
  10. .......reallllly? Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I had no idea
  11. Oh just [censored] off and cancel your account already then go to the toilet and empty your head
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