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  1. Hate the Cats with a passion but they were clearly the best team in it and deserve their success. We go out in straight sets to Sydney and Brisbane, and then Geelong come out and win games against those same two opponents at the same ground by + 156. We were miles off it this year and Geelong would have embarrassed us.
  2. We’d be crazy not to be asking the question to Gunston. We were interested in him 12 months ago but baulked at Hawthorn’s asking price of a first rounder (fair enough too). Now he’s a free agent but still playing good footy, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be all over him. Fritsch and Gunston would combine for 5 goals a week quite easily when fit. They both kick lots of goals even when they’re not playing particularly well (if that makes sense). Yes to Gunston.
  3. I noticed he was at the Casey game today with several of his teammates. You'd think if he was planning on announcing he's out in the coming days that he might not be in attendance. Or I could just be reading too much into it. He had a poor year after a bright start (he was excellent in the early rounds and the two Brisbane H&A games). I still hope he stays even if it's extremely unlikely. I just don't see how a Gawn/Grundy combo can work going forward.
  4. It counted for nothing in the end, but Kosi's winning goal against Carlton will stay in the memory for a long time. Scenes at the MCG were wild.
  5. Disappointing but not surprising in the slightest. We were simply not good enough in 2022. We were never going to win the requisite 3 games in a row at the MCG. In some ways it might be better to be hit between the eyes with a straight sets exit so Goody and co can actually change the game plan and personnel in time for next season. The game plan worked in 2021 but got found out this year and I have serious doubts if it actually works on the MCG against good sides. Zorko and some of his teammates (hi Lincoln McCarthy) are absolute germs but I’ll still be cheering them on against the Cats next week.
  6. The Gawn/Preuss forward ruck combo we dreamt up in late 2018 ended up being a disaster, despite both of them being perfectly fine as individual players. Then we got the Gawn/Jackson combo together which has managed to work really well. Can’t help but think the Gawn/Grundy falls into the former category TBH.
  7. I hate Geelong more than Collingwood. Seeing them win a thriller with Gary Rohan playing well makes me sick. Will all be worth it if we knock them out in a fortnight though.
  8. Not the end of the world but I really do feel like we have an MCG problem. We just don’t play well there.
  9. Best game I’ve seen since Carlton v Collingwood two games ago. 2022 has been amazing.
  10. Do we even want to play Sydney at the G? We are basically unbeatable interstate on TV in royal blue.
  11. Few senior players braving the conditions in the stands including Dogga. For a guy seemingly on the way out he does still seem very invested.
  12. Was interesting to see Steven May run all the way over to the interchange bench and have an animated chat with Goody after Curnow’s goal. He ran back to defense afterwards and was waving his arms and communicating some kind of message to Petty and Lever. It’s not noticeable what the message was but thought it was good forethought from May at the time.
  13. That’s the thing though, it’s not based on tonight. The game will start 0.0.0 vs 0.0.0 and our form over the season gives us a big chance. I’d give us not much chance of beating Geelong next week but Brisbane really aren’t that good.
  14. Was at the game tonight. Nearly left when Curnow kicked his goal but figured there was still enough time and one of these coin flip games was bound to go our way eventually. Glad it did. That’s the kind of finish you’ll remember forever. Andrew Leoncelli in Adelaide style if you don’t mind. We definitely have a problem with Ben Brown and key forwards in general, but all we have to do is beat Brisbane (and we can) and we’re very well placed for an assault in September. Might be worth throwing Joel Smith into the mix next week. He kicked 4 on one leg in a preseason game in 2019 and I think the time has come.
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