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  1. I really like Mitch Wallis. 2020 might be too long ago now to use as an accurate form guide, but he had a great year and towelled us up on the Gold Coast. Excellent 1-on-1 and a deadeye in front of goal. From all reports a great guy to have around the club too. I'd be surprised if we were interested in him as Melksham plays a very similar role and we're keeping him another year. But some food for thought...
  2. I think it was within 24 hours. There’s two of us floating around as @Nashermentioned. All good though, it’s only the best moment ever and all. Here was me thinking Nasher was a big fan of my work knowing all my previous names before letting the cat out of the bag re. How to search for it.
  3. I always read @goodwindees as Goodwin Dees up until about a week ago. Guessing it’s a little play on words or nothing to do with Simon at all now.
  4. One of my most hated players in the league by a mile. Maybe only Weightman and Selwood (retired) ahead of him. Let’s get him anyway.
  5. What’s with all the negativity? Mitch Brown’s stats look very unremarkable on paper but he did his job for us for three seasons. Weid had his moments at times too. We need someone to replace them for those same moments throughout a long season. Schache is about that quality of player. Honestly I’d rather just keep Weid but if he’s out, Schache makes perfect sense. Cam Pederson circa 2018 would be perfect right about now.
  6. Seem to recall a story of Mark Neeld giving him [censored] in his predraft interview in 2012 and Brodie gave it right back to him. Was just a rumour I think but I’m choosing to believe it and say Brodie is a great guy for that alone.
  7. I don't mind the trade from North's perspective. For starters JHF never wanted to be there. Second, his on field form in 2022 was rather underwhelming. He had some good games and was overall pretty solid, but his form nowhere near matched the hype he came with. Daicos and Sam Darcy look like far better prospects from the first round. Rachele too IMO. Thirdly, the guy clearly has an attitude problem. It's pretty rare for those sorts to go on and become the very best players in the game. All in all I think he should have LOST value from 12 months ago but they end up with 2, 3 and an additional first round pick. Of course downgrading 1 isn't ideal but picks 2/3 often turn out better anyway and without the scrutiny.
  8. Honestly, pick 13, a future first tied to Freo (somewhere around 7-14 most likely), and North's future second (19 very likely) is pretty good currency even if we have to send something back. I feel like draft picks are overvalued at this time of year but that's as good as we're going to get. It sucks a bit but that's the market. I loved Dogga and do think he'll be a superstar, but there are a lot more "generational" players out there than there are generations themselves! There are two 'generational' players this period changing clubs alone.
  9. With Mitch Brown retired, Weid on the way out, JVR unproven, Ben Brown about to turn 30 and horribly out of form, Dogga leaving (OK he sucked as a forward but still).... and TMac's foot being no sure thing.... we really need to find a key forward insurance policy in the next few days. Surely we're not putting all our eggs in the Gawn basket.
  10. Freo are douchebags. This is eerily similar to what happened with Hogan in 2018. We wanted two early first rounders, Freo wouldn't budge. We ended up accepting "unders" of pick 6 (May) and 23 (Sparrow). May alone helped get us a flag and Sparrow looks like he'll be a 150 gamer. Freo got two dud years out of Hogan then offloaded him to GWS for a fourth rounder - and now he's rediscovering his best form again with the Giants. Hope the karma bus hits them again. Would be great if they tanked it next year and that future first became a top 5 pick.
  11. The Biz was an absolute gun for us in the later Daniher years, and the Wiz was just so-so at Freo and wanted to leave anyway. That trade was perfectly fine in my eyes. Some that stick out off the top of my head are North trading a first rounder for Jonathan Hay. He played 8 games for them. The Hawks got Max Bailey with the pick so didn’t make full use of the pick. Still worth a mention. Hawks trading a first rounder for Jonathan O’Rourke who ended up being as bad as Toumpas. Carlton trading Shaun Grigg for Andrew Collins. Straight swap. Grigg played 150+ games for the Tigers and Collins was delisted pretty quickly. Speaking of straight swaps. Mitch Farmer for Jay Schulz. Oops. Schulz was awesome at Port and Farmer was a bust. Port Adelaide trading pick 14 for Nathan Lonie. That pick became Grant Birchall. Lonie played 40 forgettable games at Port and retired at 25. Weller for pick 2 is an obvious one. Can see why the Suns did it though and it’s a shame for them that pick 2 Brayshaw became a bonafide superstar. They don’t always. Not sure if this should count but Melbourne trading Jack Watts to Port for pick 31 (Bailey Fritsch). I put that down to good drafting more than good trading. Speaking of which, Lever and a second rounder (Petty) for two firsts which became Lochie O’Brien and Liam Stocker anyone? Not going to include trades from last century as clubs generally had NFI what they were doing in those days. I’m sure I’ve missed many.
  12. I’m pretty sure the original pick swap which got us Kosi Pickett was a clear loss on points value. That’s why you ignore them.
  13. I’m on the record as predicting the Gawn/Grundy combo won’t work (mainly because of Max being an ineffective forward), but if we can get Grundy for 600k and essentially pick 27 then I’m willing to take the risk. That’s a bargain. Also remember that pick 27 will blow out to about 32 once all the academy, next Gen and FS get bids.
  14. My take from the Tim Lamb interview is that we’re going to get Grundy to fill the void left by Jackson, and otherwise we’ll be backing in the same squad for premiership glory next year. He basically ruled Corbett out and we haven’t been linked with anyone else. I know there’s always the discussion around us “not leaking” and having hidden targets but I can’t remember any of our trades not being known by the media in the past several years apart from Pat McKenna which came from nowhere. I find it a little frustrating (surely Gunston for free would have helped us) but these guys did an incredible job assembling a premiership list so will have to back their judgment.
  15. What a prima donna. Worse than Scully IMO. At least Scully was a professional and saw out his contract.
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