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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. If you have the SEN app, they have a feature where you can sync their commentary to the video broadcast and even adjust the delay manually if it's not correct. Connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and you have Channel 7 vision with synchronised SEN commentary. Not a single wowee to cringe at all game. It's life changing.
  2. Could be your chromecast, if you're using one. If you have a gen 1 and are using that, I'd suggest upgrading to the new one. If you're casting to your TV, it still could be the same issue if that TV contains an old gen 1 inside. Mine has worked very well since I upgraded to the latest chromecast, had all kinds of issues before.
  3. I heard he won't come to us, so we've decided to recruit an injured nutritionist who we hope can be re-trained as an assistant boot studder. We'll have to pay overs, but it'll totally be worth it.
  4. I dunno, he didn't seem to have an issue with the gays in 2014: source: https://www.bandt.com.au/media/big-boys-balls-time-israel-folau-starred-cover-gay-mag
  5. So we have one spot open? Best case scenario, we plug one of our many many holes. Guess it's better than nothing but I'm not looking for this to change our fortunes.
  6. Not sure how they could possibly change the interpretation of something as simple as 6-6-6. I'm sure if enough advertising dollars are at stake they'll give it a bash though, you'r probably right. Maybe they'll increase the amount of warnings for violating the rule from 1 to unlimited. That way the rule stands, but teams can just ignore it. The fact that there's a warning system at all and not just a free kick is idiotic anyway, might as well extend the idiocy.
  7. Since scoring is down, channel 7 won't be happy. I can only assume that there'll be more rule changes to "fix" this around half way through the season.
  8. This isn't really a free speech issue though is it? I mean, "free speech" is about the government making laws (or I guess the courts creating laws by rulings and precedent) that prevent people from saying certain things. The government isn't involved here. He's not being thrown in gaol or slapped with retraining orders. He can say whatever the hell he wants as long as it doesn't break the law, which I can't see that he's done. If he's [censored] off his employer on the other hand, that's a workplace/employment/contractual/code of conduct issue. If his sponsors don't like it, they can pull out. If society doesn't like it, they can ragetweet him. But the government and law enforcement hasn't taken action from what I've read, and that's a good thing. Free speech allows him to say what he wants without fear of government censure. It doesn't insulate him from the consequences brought on by people who disagree with him like his employer or his fans or a contract that stipulates he keep his trap shut. They can censure or reject him all they want. They're not the government. They don't make laws. I'm not overly riled up about this. There's a couple of Exclusive Brethren who bug me to accept Jesus every time I go for a walk at lunch who annoy me more. But they've got the right to tell me I'm a sinner as much as I have the right to boisterously laugh in their faces.
  9. Wait, Game of Thrones is back on? I had no idea. If only Foxtel had done some sort of cross-promotion with the footy to remind me.
  10. I can't wait to read all the 'journalists' speculating on what symbol means what. I bet the footy shows will have dedicated 'code-breakers' who'll outline in cringeworthy fashion exactly why they think X symbol means Y tactic. Then when some are worked out, the clubs will cry foul that they can no longer communicate to their players without the opposition knowing their moves, and request more symbols to be made available. Then we can all read about 'symbol-gate', and Gill will have to make a 'captains call' on 100 new symbols to make the codes harder to break. Can we just watch the [censored] footy please?
  11. My bother is a north fan. He's been giving me crap about Tyson for years. This trade is delicious.
  12. Is this a late April fool's joke?
  13. Given the way the ruck nomination rules have been exploited on occasion, it doesn't surprise me that these scenarios need to be thought about and planned for. It's better than just blindly flinging rules in every year and hoping they achieve the desired outcome. Of course they could just LEAVE IT ALONE, but that is perhaps the hardest thing for administration to achieve. Personally I don't think congestion was that much of an issue this year, and even when it did bog down games occasionally I don't think it was heavy enough to warrant a rule change to 'fix' it.
  14. Looks like there's finally a product coming to market to fill the gap a lot of us have been complaining about: https://kayosports.com.au/ $25 per month, stream AFL, NRL, Cricket and a whole lot of other sports live and on demand. Chomecast compatible. Apparently it's owned by Foxtel. I'm amazed that they've brought this out. Even just watching every Dees game it'd work out at a $6.25 per game. Chromecast to a big screen and that's some good value. I'm seriously considering this, despite my distaste for the parent company. Subscribe during footy season, cancel, repeat. I've bashed Foxtel a lot over the years, but this right here is exactly the sort of service I've been looking for. Edit: Additional notes from Whirlpool thread (https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2763582), assuming their source there is reliable: - 1080p streaming and 4k where available - ability to watch live channels (I assume this means Foxsports) If those are true then this is phenomenal
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