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  1. I hope Goodwin tells the team to forget the scoreline and continue to take risks and play attacking football. What we love to do is once we hit a lead, play a game style where we suddenly look to negate instead of trying to score. We hardly kick in the corridor, do switch plays and just play careful footy. We need to ensure we continue playing the same brand for the next half. Please Dees. Don't go into your shells. Keep playing aggressive footy.
  2. Collingwood are getting most of their goals from centre clearances and hack kick forwards. Need to ensure we compete harder in the middle and just hang off Pendlebury and Sidebottom. They are the only 2 keeping them in this.
  3. When Fristch missed that goal, did anyone else think to themselves "watch us concede a goal here before quarter time" I know this team too well.. it hurts my brain.
  4. Collingwood are missing Stephenson, DeGoey and Cox. Three players that are at least worth 7-8 goals between them on average against us. Replace this and our back line can mostly just focus on their danger forwards in Miochek and Elliot who we can nullify. No Howe will allow our forwards to thrive and not worry about them dropping back and playing the loose intercept mark. We will be able to get to more contests and bring the ball to ground for our smalls to go to work. If we don't win this by 5+ goals I'll be surprised.
  5. Anyone notice the way Jackson does those cute over the shoulder handballs into space? Whens the last time you've seen a ruckman look so fluid and mobile the way he does. No wonder why we rated him so highly. He's an extra midfielder everytime we play him in the ruck. Will be elite, watch this space.
  6. Drafting Jackson and Pickett reminds me of a young Franklin and Rioli tag team. Not sure if any one of you follow them on instagram also, but the two are always cracking jokes and hanging out together. Love seeing it.
  7. Would love to see Harley more as a deep forward option. He has that special ability to read the ball drop and can create goals by quick snaps and moving quickly through traffic. The idea of him and Kozzy crumbing the ball deep in our forward 50 alongside Trac would generate a lot of extra scoring power we usually lack. Harley is capable of kicking 4 goals in a match.
  8. I'm very impressed with the way Lockhart goes about it. He has found a new role as a shut down player across half back on dangerous small forwards. He wears his opponent like a sleeve and has great closing speed and smart with his positioning. He also did some very good things with some side steps and getting out of traffic.
  9. Pickett will be a very very good player. It seems a stretch getting him at 10, but this guy will have everything to succeed at the levels of AFL. If we draft him, I will be a very happy supporter. Quote me on this when he tears it up on the MCG.
  10. The good news is that the medical team found out that his calf troubles were a result of a nerve being pushed against the muscle. Ive had the exact same thing where I couldn’t walk / stand for months and it felt like my calf and ankle was broken. Didn’t feel like nerve pain at all until I realised my piriformis muscle flared up and tightened around my L5 nerve. I got treatment done to loosen the muscle up and relieved my nerve pain and my calf / ankle completely healed. It took doctors and surgeons months to realise what it actually was..
  11. Sam Edmond on SEN breaking news. Harley to have medical with dees tonight.
  12. Pick 3: Young Pick 8: Kemp. Take it to the bank.
  13. And yet we're bringing in Langdon and looking at Sam Murray. Righto mate.
  14. You know I posted in the Freo board about a trade Brayshaw for Hill, and I got smashed from pillar to post saying that’s complete unders ?.
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