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  1. Swings left? Let’s hope she doesn’t bring that garbage into the club
  2. That's not the point. My point is I cant have my seat while someone else can. It really makes no sense
  3. If you ask Boops, 18 rampaging saints
  4. I really enjoyed sitting on the outer getting wet while someone was sitting in my $700 a season seat undercover. Makes so much sense.
  5. Its dumb it makes the strong clubs stronger
  6. Would love him back. When he was on he was on. Needs a punishing pre season
  7. Just scraped in. Some players hardly played yet voted better than him. Your Jack watts infatuation is tiring. Average player on an average list. As I said. Scraped in..
  8. and this is why soccer will be number 1 in the long run. long live the beautiful game where nothing is changed because there is no need to
  9. what about travis johnson and russell robinson
  10. trade him for a pack of twisties
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