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  1. Welcome to all the new and existing coaches. The 1st league is now full. If you missed out in getting into the 1st league, a 2nd league is now available. The code for the 2nd league is 586640
  2. I have opened the league for those wanting to join so far. The Code = 156881 This code is valid until the league is filled. So it's first in. Good luck.
  3. Welcome to this years Comp. I think everyone knows the drill. Supercoach "Name" along with last years "Team" name (if you were in last years comp). I need that info to check what league you are in for 2021. If you have changed or want to change any of those details from last year , post the info I will update it for 2021. If you haven't interested in playing but haven't been in the comp before, post your team name and wait for a code to be sent via PM. There are always plenty of spots. Just don't leave it until the day before the season starts. As it is not worth s
  4. And another season passes us by .......... The 2020 "Bluey" goes to Stephen247 who coached Captain GawnBeard. Total season Pts scored was 39,739. Grinter FC20 tried in vain to hold onto his medal he won last year. Ended runner-up. Congrats to Stephen247, who had a terrific season (in his hub) He finished 82nd overall in SC (must have had some anxious weeks doing his trades). Captain GawnBeard defeated Ruff's Nuts in a tight Division 1 GF. 2368 to 2335 pts And to finish up Superbads coached by DTJ took out the GF in D2 - Robert Flower league (well done) If
  5. That's about everyone sorted for this season. If anyone else is interested in joining s SC League, the code = 539566 (until Full)
  6. Not yet. Got a few MIA's. I will give it to mid week, then everyone that has posted in here with confirmation will be sent a league code. So if you have confirmed you want to play this year, a code for a league is not far away now.
  7. Just an Update : Ruffles + WIseblood have joined Div1. Stephen + Demon Spofforth have been sent their code to join D1. Everyone else that has confirmed in the thread so far, I have noted as starters. Will just have to bide their time until I get a better idea who returns from Div 1. (Keep checking this thread regularly, and your msg box) Just a side note : badly worded on my part. It SHOULD read Post your Old USERNAME (with name of your Team) If you have changed both from the previous year. I have then have problems figuring out who is who. (I dont require
  8. Welcome Back. I have you and Doc's Demons marked as confirmed.
  9. Welcome to 2020 Supercoach Demonlands Comp leagues. Free to join and play (just need a Demonland account, that is free as well) Coach "Name" along with last years "Team" name (if you were in last years comp). I need that info to check what league you will be in for 2020. If you have changed or want to change any of those details for 2020, post the info I will update it. For those 1st timers, the comp is free to play, normally we have 3 comp leagues playing. As above, post your team name that you will be using, if you decid
  10. I am in the 'Happy we got him camp". Atm it's a bit hit and miss if his body is up too the rigours of AFL. Time will tell. If he only plays the last six games for Casey, I'd still be happy we gave him a chance.Looking on the bright side, if he can get through this year (If he gets on list to begin with), we can look forward to him doing a full pre season in 2021.Staying fit from there onwards, we get maybe 3 years service from him (be approx 32 yrs). I not at all fussed about HB taking the spot of a rookie, Bennell CAN play when fit, a rookie ... who knows his outcome. Gee what
  11. Thanks for the kind words Wise,and to everyone else that showed their appreciation in a PM or elsewhere :) The thread will now be closed, as we kick off another year.
  12. That is just about a wrap for this year. If anyone wants any more info, just post it.I will see what else I can muster up. And a reminder,if you are interested in playing next year (2020) get in EARLY, so you don't miss getting into your league. If you haven't played in our comp before, everyone is welcome to do so. Thats about from me, hoping everyone had fun and I can see there were some tight games in all leagues, and some every impressive scores. Go Dees!!
  13. and some more trivia to read and perhaps brag to your mates.
  14. And if anyone is interested in this stuff,. Here are all the GF results from all the leagues.
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