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  1. just a little point here.....not ever indigenious player is a small forward/crumber.......some do play other positions.....Dom Barry is NOT a crumber..he is a midfielder...ideallysuited to wing..a-la Michael Long.....
  2. Dawes has hamstring tightness....and will be fine for round 1
  3. watched him closely yesterday at training, his delivery into our forwards is going to be something to behold, our forwards are going to be creaming their shorts when he gets the ball....
  4. 4 signups in early November we get ours automatically done every year....got the membership packs this week...i like the card...got my name on it.....plus number 5 from our family will be signed up around Round 1 or 2 time :D
  5. don't worry about skills, boss, he is just trying to show off to his new friends on here...
  6. http://www.afl.com.a...90/default.aspx
  7. Both my girls were signed up members 2 days after they were born, the eldest 2yo, knows the demons emblem, and anytime she sees footy on TV she is like..daddy the demons are playing...they both have jumpers...and when they are old enough they will be there every week.
  8. when has Martin ever played on the gorillas????....
  9. he is about as right as the pope is for gay marriage........its just another way for him to have a crack.....
  10. the guy can't write an article without mentioning us...... by the way...Denham is a COMPLETE Failure
  11. bloody hell people...denham wrote this story......how can any of you even think for a minute there is a smidgen of truth to it....the guy has an issue with us (i would love to know what we did to him cos it must be bad), and he has a dig and tries to unsettle anytime he can. He isn't a journalist, he is a fool. Give a monkey a keyboard and it would come up with a better story.
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