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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I was tasked with booking five seats for five Trident members. Three devices going at 10am and nothing for 15 minutes. My wife whips the phone out and bang, straight on. Tried for category 1 & 2. Nothing available. Got five in category three. Q12 Row J. Not too bad.
  2. Worth mentioning that neither Petty or Melky played.
  3. This can't be real. Grammar and spelling is far too good. FWIW They can take us lightly at their own peril. Happy to take the four points and their gate receipts.
  4. Pumped for this. We are better across all three lines. Lets go!!
  5. EnergyWatch lasted about one week from memory. If memory serves, the owner got all racist and was posting his racism online?
  6. One can only surmise but I assume IG paid a higher price for that piece of real estate.
  7. Massive win. Watched the replay twice. My favorite crowd moment was when the MFC faithful drowned out the boos for Lachy Hunter.
  8. Having May out levels the field as they have Liam Jones in.
  9. I'd like to know where the extra 50 goals this year are going to come from? Lobb out, Logue out & Acers out. Luke isn't going to kick 50.
  10. Welcome back. Calls it as it is. Very rare in this day and age.
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