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  1. I would love some indication from someone at the game about the affect of the wind, especailly after half time. The commentatiors barley mentioned it, but you could see the trees in the background really moving around, could often hear it in the effects mic and at three quarter time, the players hair was all over the place. It seemed to have become very influential, but it was hard to tell which if any end it favoured. Great game to watch. We'll go in as underdogs again for the GF, but who knows what happens if we play our best footy. Shame the AFL has made such a mess of the ground situation. The AFLW competetion desrves so much better.
  2. The additional 1st and 2nd round picks next year are also a great result for us. We'll all be hoping for them to drop down the ladder which will give us a great draft hand to either bring in more young talent or poach someone from another club.
  3. I’m sure some will never accept it, but it’s crystal clear that the coaches really value what role players like ANB (8th tonight) bring to the club. It’s not all about the commonly talked about stats.
  4. You can't seriously believe that? Yes, disturbing and serious allegations have come to light, and like when they do in all aspects of life, the accused, while not yet proven guilty, face some consequences. Teachers and policemen get stood down if serious accusations are made. People get arrested and spend time behind bars well before a case gets heard in a court. If these accusations are proven to be false, no person or club will be "ruined". Yes, some nuffies will bring it up down the track, but mud won't stick with anyone that matters. A lot of alarmist nonsense is getting thrown around right now.
  5. Has any journo or person of note in the AFL industry come out and said based on what we know right now, person "x" should lose their job or be punished? I haven't heard anyone say any such thing. Every comment has always come with the provision that if what has been accused is found to be true then severe punishments should follow. No one is jumping the gun and wanting punishments be handed out right now.
  6. Some big names for Sydney have been horrible so far. Heeney, Blakey, Papley, Warner, Mills. A lot of scope to improve, but I can’t see it happening.
  7. Heeney hasn’t had a great finals at all.
  8. Very poor by Sydney to let Hawk get one goal like that, never mind 2.
  9. Solid first half. Highlight for me has been some of Banno’s handballs. Not something I had expected from someone’s whose obvious strength is outside run. First class, especially in the drizzle.
  10. Not related to this topic I know, but has the AFL investigation in to that video of Dusty Martin that surfaced a month ago come out yet? I tried several searches for the thread but couldn’t find it.
  11. Very disturbing reading. Lot's of horrible allegations made that unless they are completely fabricated, I just can't see how they can be defended. Scary thing is this is relatively recent, not something from the 70's or 80's. It all seems so counterintuitive to think that these young men would perform better if forced to remove themselves from their partners and kids...
  12. I don't think the poster will let facts get in the way of claiming their opinion is fact.
  13. I think Corey Ellison might get a gig at AFL next year. Very solid defender who also went very well up forward when needed during the season.
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