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  1. One thing not mentioned here is that the ladder to date has been heavily influenced by an unofficial "conference" style system. Freo: Giants (W), WCE (W), Adel (W), GCS (W), Bris (L), WCE (W) Bris: Richmond (W), GCS (W), WCE(W), Adel (L), Freo (W), Giants (W) Adel: WCE (W), Giants (W), Freo (L), Bris (W), Saints (W), GCS (W) The teams ranked 2-4 on the ladder have all played 4 games against the bottom 6 sides, and are all 1-1 against each other. Someone has to win those games against each other. How would they have gone against the "middle of the table" teams like Carlton,
  2. Williams joined us 2 days before the draft. Probably too late to seriously influence our strategy, but maybe not too late for some influence into individual decisions. Declase seems a "similar" type to Rossman in that he is a tall running winger. We don't have any other similar players on our list. Perhaps this is an opportunity to have a more developed mentor for Rossman in terms of how they play? And assuming Declase is more developed, it might also place some competition on that role as well, which is always a good thing.
  3. R1 last year we went with: Pickett, ANB, Spargo, Bedford Plus Fritsch, Truck, Lockhart, etc.
  4. So he is better at goal assists than our board and coaching staff? Fwiw I agree with you about his worth. He was critical in 2018. My problem is that when out of form he is a liability, and he needs to regain that form.
  5. Not at all. He is ultimately responsible for this getting done, but as CEO he is responsible for all of it getting done. This person reports to the Chief Commercial Officer, who reports to Pert. Two steps down the chain.
  6. Yeah terrible idea. Unless you have a committed group of board challengers, backed by the core community, don't do this. Even if you do have that alternative ticket, go sit and talk to them across the table and force changes not blood spill. This is a good way to get us to fold.
  7. Should have let Burgess go to Adelaide when we had the chance! It's all Missons fault! We've never recovered from Bohdan Babijczuk's time at the club!
  8. I agree with this. There is no way the AFL will pull the plug on GWS or GCS, they are long term investments that are effectively intended to be loss leaders for the sake of growing the game in multi sport states. 19 teams won't happen. 20 isnt likely either and only happens if they push out to "play each team once". But there isn't enough money to go around post covid. North have 1 foot in Tassie. Their AFLW team does too (they are officially called the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos). North are surviving but don't have great prospects of thriving in the future. It's h
  9. There are four positions vacant. Each member gets 4 votes (ticks), one for each position. The positions are awarded simultaneously, so we don't need preferential voting, the top 4 vote getters automatically get in. So while each vote has equal weight, tactically the contribution of your overall votes includes who you vote for, and who you don't. If you have a preference for 1, 2 or 3 candidates vs all other candidates (who you consider equal last), then voting only for you preferential candidates, and leaving more than one box unticked will improve your candidates chance v
  10. What frustrates me is that this whole situation could have been avoided my umpiring it correctly originally. They allowed players more and more latitude to play on sideways and not get called play on, so the man on the mark started creeping sideways to counter.
  11. Oh absolutely agree on that. But I would expect all to be ahead of him as of today given that they have been retained on a list with a few years development or were drafted in the top 25 of the draft, while we was passed over by everyone in the draft and as a rookie, and is currently trying for a supplementary spot. I actually think Kozzie is the only genuine forward pocket there, with Spargo more a half forward (the role ANB has been playing). Although they are all different players, they are all competing for the same couple of spots in the next year or two. ANB isn't a m
  12. I'm all for giving him a go if we think there is some talent that may develop late. But as a small forward he is going to start behind: Kozzie Spargo ANB Bedford Hunt Laurie Bowey Maybe some of them develop to play HBF, wing, mid, HFF, rather than small forward, and maybe a couple are gone at the end of this year, but there are still a few ahead of him.
  13. While the email obviously must say "the four remaining directors support a, b, c and d" in reality: There were 7 directors on the board when they went through a process to select Green and Rennick (Jane Martin left earlier this year). I cannot believe that 3 of those directors excused themselves from all conversations regarding the selection of Green and Rennick for the casual vacancies (a process that appeared to reject Lawrence). That means that all 6 would be endorsing them, not just 4. I also cannot believe that Green and Rennick, who are current directors, would not be in suppor
  14. It sounds like the Board went through a process to update its membership and skills including interviewing and reviewing various candidates. This process included using a board subcommittee which (according to Bartlett): a) Considered applications from individuals who have expressed an interest in joining the Board at some time in the future; b) Interviewed and conducted due diligence on potential candidates; and c) Made recommendations to the Board regarding the alignment of candidates’ skills/experience that would assist us in achieving our strategic priorities. This is very stand
  15. Unless his inclusion is as a representative of a faction of disgruntled ex players agitating for change? In which case his inclusion is about securing off field stability.
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