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  1. Do you think you would have been more enthusiastic if the $150k sum hadn't been bandied around? Also, would you (or anyone) feel better about the $150k if it was actually $130k split across $30k as a Tier 2 AFLW player, $70k for a full time job at the club, and $30k as part of an Additional Service Agreement for use of her image in MFC related marketing content, additional public appearances, sponsorship appearances etc.? I don't know for sure, but a) $150k was always going to be a top end claim and b) this is the type of split I'd be expecting.
  2. lf they want to "fix" football, and bring back the old contested style like they all claim they do, then this is the main thing they need to fix. It's illegal to block, screen, body contact etc. in any way that prevents someone trying to contest a mark. Physical contact is fine as long as in l it is part of you actively trying to contest the mark yourself. So just go hard on this rule. Pay all of them. We'll have packs of players all trying to get hands on the football again, crumbers swarming. We'll have more one on ones because they can't afford to block in case they give
  3. I know they are both young but Jordon and Sparrow are chalk and cheese in the tank department. Jordon played wing on Friday, 86% time on ground and covered more ground than anyone else afield. For contrast, Sparrow played 58%.
  4. The name is just the first place it was identified as a separate strain. It could have mutated elsewhere then been found in India, andI think there has been a lot in the UK?
  5. Viney would have been but given Sparrow and Jordon are performing he may need a run at VFL.
  6. My favourites were always the nuffies yeling "just kick it" immediately following up with "oh you're useless!" when they did kick it, long, to 3 opposition players. The cognitive dissonance was amazing. Also I can't say I've heard it this year but definitely in 2019.
  7. I think it does when they haven't been able to identify the source or infection point for some of the cases: if we stay open and the cases go from 4 per day to 20 per day quickly, we could be looking at months not weeks.
  8. Perfect, we're in agreement then? Premiership window is now, so trading Weid out for draft picks is useless, plus if something happens to one of the other forwards we need a mature 24 year old forward as depth ready to step in, rather than a raw 18 year old who will take 3 years at least to show anything?
  9. I didn't say they would fall off a cliff. I highlighted their age, which does make it possible they could fall off a cliff, or suffer injuries etc. They could all give us 3 years of dominate performances. OR they could struggle very soon. Hell, based on previous years TMac could fall off a cliff this Tuesday and never come back.
  10. I know he went passed the ball but I don't think he "bumped". He went passed the ball and sort of turned/propped to block or screen, with the flat of his back. In a contact sport, where physically blocking is allowed, I feel that this was the best option for Sparrow with respect to duty of care. He didn't tuck the shoulder down to bump.
  11. TMac turns 29 in September. Ben Brown turns 29 in November. Mitch Brown will be 31 in August. Add to that Max is 30 at the end of this year. Other than Sam we don't have any KPFs coming through. At nearly 24, he is about to hit his best years. And even if his best is not super star, we are going to need key forwarded on the list over the next 3 years. I think that unless we get massive offered massive overs for his value, and have a plan for accelerated development of other forward depth, it is pretty critical we keep Sam for the next few years. At worst as depth during what should b
  12. My position on Spargo has been that he "adds value" to the ball. When he gets it he regularly leaves us in a better position that before he got it. I think 7 score involvements (only 1 during shot) from 14 disposals is evidence of this. He is creative, and scores flow from his possession of the ball. 2018 he was superb at this, 2019 he had a shocker. But he has been good since.
  13. 6 Petracca 5 Jordon 4 Oliver 3 May 2 Pickett 1 Harmes Apologies to Brayshaw, Spargo, McDonald, Petty and Rivers who were all in contention for 3 to 1.
  14. I actually thought it has been one of the more even commentary efforts I've heard this year.
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