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  1. He has been rubbish since he went on the IPA podcast.
  2. Not having a seconds comp had made it very hard for him to find firm, confidence and learn what the coaches want.
  3. I feel that this is very dangerous. If I was a coach, I would be asking for shorter deals and them demanding higher salaries to stay on as well. Clubs dont want to change coaches unless they have to, so even a mediocre coach could demand a high salary after 2 years, whereas usually they may have a 3+1 year deal on lower money until they taste success. If there is a risk of being cut without security then higher pay would be expected. I think a better approach is to hold clubs accountable. Retain the paid out contracts in soft caps for example.
  4. Similar: discount on academy or f/s could decrease with ladder percentage. Although I think 20% is too much.
  5. You can do a couple of easy things to fix this though. Top 4 sides could lose their next pick after the compensation when recruiting a FA (ie say PA win the GF, if PA recruit someone from Essendon and Essendon get an end of first round compensation pick, then PA lose their second round pick. If PA have traded that pick out in advance then they lose the equivalent points worth from their prior pick. So Essendon gain 19 (end of first round), PA lose 37 (their second round pick), or if they have already traded their second round pick in a previous year, then pick 18 (their previo
  6. Nah Polec got him on the arm/elbow and started to wrap, but Shoey shrugged his arm up.
  7. The salary balances out if we trade TMac for him. Both need a scenery change, both on big money in the reserves. If we think Polac offers us more than TMac then its an easy decision. If we think TMac can get back to his best, then it's not a good deal.
  8. Gee watching that in slow motion, the decision is outrageous.
  9. I'd love them to push it to 24-26 games by playing mid week games and having 5-6 days breaks the norm, and an occassional 10 day "bye". At 26 you play 9 teams twice, much better than 5 and more likely to even the field rather than have a couple of teams get lucky with fixtures. At 26 there is more requirement for all Vic teams to do a share of interstate travel. More games with a functioning reserves comp should result in a bit more squad rotation to manage fatigue, which forces clubs to try and hold on better players who aren't in their best 22, instead of cutting for kids re
  10. And (according to the officially announced info) 20 of the 44 players still don't have contracts for next year.
  11. Mellsham had a terrible year. I have no idea why he kept getting games. He shouldn't have ever been captain. But I don't know how you can take from this that the other coaches don't rate Melksham, but Goody played favourites so he stayed in. What evidence is there that this decision was his alone? Do you think the captaincy was soley Goodwin's call and not supported by the other coaches?
  12. You go and spend 12 weeks locked up with your work mates and your boss. And your bosses boss. And all the support staff whose jobs it is to micromamage every aspect of your life. No escape, no break. And then at the final hurdle, the group of you screw it up and ruin all 12 weeks of work. They lost a game. For you it might be blow the tender or the sale or the project fails. Then, less then 24 hours after it is officially blown, on the day before you can finally leave the hub, you are forced together into a camp kitchen for a partipation award ceremony. You've failed, your opponent
  13. Yep exactly. Even when we go with small/mid forwards they are ineffective in this area. You might get away with it if you are the inside 50 goal assist master Melksham was in 2018, but otherwise you need to pressure. I actually think that's why ANB gets so much of a run. He is better than almost any others in that area.
  14. 1. Petracca 2. Oliver 3. Langdon 4. May 5. Viney 6. Salem 7. Gawn 8. Lever 9. Fritsch 10. Hibberd 11. Brayshaw Jmac (esprit de corps): VDB Ball (best young player): Pickett RBJ (leadership): May
  15. Melkshams shocking year really didn't help either. If you think about it, we started with Pickett, ANB, Spargo, Bedford, Melksham and Fritsch in that forward line, trying to create the pressure. It clearly didn't work: perhaps they aren't manic enough? Perhaps they were too inexperienced playing together and couldn't set up right? Perhaps it was because we bombed it long to smalls?
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