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  1. Oliver is my favourite. He is a big game, pressure player. If it is a tough contest he usually rises to the top and is a big part of us getting to the line. But if the heat goes out of it early, then it will be one of the more outside players. Petracca an obvious choice, Brown not an outside chance if he gets on the end of a few he could finish with 5. Smokey for May or Lever. They'll probably deserve it. But as key defenders it would need to be a close game in which they dominate in the last quarter to get the nod I reckon. Edit: Surely Gawn couldn't play like that 2 games in a row?.
  2. We can actually cross off the last two on this now!
  3. So since 1964, 3 of our 7 prelims have been played in Perth!
  4. Great post. I do wonder what would have happened if this was a young or expendable player like Thomas Bugg had done this? I think the year long suspension seems more likely.
  5. The push looks to his back, not his front, in this screen shot. I'm not saying it's not soft, and I can't guarantee it's in the back and not in the side, but it is pretty clearly two outstretched hands pushing him, not tackling. I can see why, depending on umpires angle, that may have been paid
  6. Perfect, looks like my interpretation was relatively correct. Accidental collision, caused by not realising he was about to run into him. Saw him last moment and tried to minimise impact. Chalk and cheese to Toby Greene. Honestly I can't believe anyone could be defending Greene's action. His intent is so clear. His body language, demeanour etc. Everything about it was aggressive, intimidatory and disrespectful. Anyone trying to claim plausible deniability should have a good hard look at themselves.
  7. I could see where they came from with the push. Umpires are relatively trigger happy when aplayer pushes someone in the back just as they go to kick the ball. I thought the same thing happened to Weightman while handballing. I haven't seen a slow enough replay to confirm if it was back or side, but I think that's what they were paying.
  8. It's a still shot that without context appears to be an accidental collision during play. Without seeing video my guess is: The Essendon player is moving didn't see the ump coming the other way, they bumped into each other. The Essendon player's right hand instinctively grabs the umpire to stabilise because he realised he bumped into him. A bit like how you might reach out if you bump into your child, or someone in a hallway. Now that could be wrong, but I'd be surprised. Toby Greene did the opposite. Eye contact, new where the umpire was standing. The ump was standing still but Greene chose to walk through him, should to chest, forcing the umpire to move voluntarily or be knocked by the force of contact. Greene didn't reach to stabilise or balance, implying he had "set himself" for the contact. So based on that, this gets nothing and Greene is still in the gun for 2-6.
  9. Just had it out to me like this: How would we feel if instead of Stevic it was Eleni Glouftsis that Toby walked through? As a society we would be screaming. And Toby would be staring down a 10+ week suspension. The rules shouldn't be any different: violence and threatening behaviour should not be tolerated.
  10. I think "intimidation" is relevant too. It was a power move, designed to force Stevic to cower and back down.
  11. Back in the day running into someone like that (shoulder charge, off ground, marking contest, no eyes on the ball, no arms up to spoil) would have been called "charging" and he would have got 4 weeks.
  12. @deespicable meI just looked back and saw my issue! I meant to have ANB in the one vote slot!
  13. The MFC match report gives the best as: Oliver, Petracca, Lever, Viney, Fritsch, Neal-Bullen, Gawn.
  14. If this was Oliver I would be saying the same thing. It is a deliberate and intimidatory action towards the umpire.
  15. I can't disagree more here. Neale may have been more animated, but his contact was about trying to get attention. There was nothing threatening or intimidating about what Neale did, and it was clear he was moving away. Greene's action was intimidatory, pushing through the physical space of the umpire in an act of dominance. Others have pointed out this is what starts fights at pubs. It was more threatening and disrespectful than Neales contact, and the only thing that stopped it being harder was that the umpire was forced to move out of the way so he didn't get barged into.
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