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  1. One bought and one from the march the G.
  2. IN: Hibberd for Smith & Hunt for Bowey
  3. Your first two sentences are enough for me. Just look at who those teams played.
  4. Weid must be dropped. Nearly nearly each week doesn't cut it. BBB for Weid Langdon for Melky.
  5. Have hope. A fitter Tommy can get back to 2018 form. Optimistic I know but what else can we do?
  6. Lucky we didn't trade Tommy Mac is all I'll say.
  7. You won’t see Lumumba play again. Club is working on an injury settlement that suits both parties. It will free up a spot on the list for a rookie upgrade. It’s between Joel Smith and Tim Smith at this stage.
  8. The lack of pressure coming from the twos is directly responsible for the shemozzle.
  9. At training on Tuesday I heard the following. Salem - Sailo Kent - Clarky Tapscott - Bull
  10. I can't remember the last time we've been treated fairly................ever.
  11. This will only be looked at after 9.05am when that old [censored] KB does his take in SEN and puts Vineys name up in lights !! Nothing in it but we will get the royal screw job once again. 3 weeks.
  12. OUT: Bail, Howe & Terlich IN: let's see who puts their hand up. Watts won't get dropped.
  13. I can only relay what he said. He seemed quite matter of fact.
  14. He said "Dusty was driving a stolen car when he got done drink driving".
  15. I played golf with a mate at The Freeway Golf Club in Ivanhoe today. My mate & I got teamed up with a guy named Mick and his mate was none other than Mark Robinson from the Herald Sun. I waited about six holes before I asked any questions regarding footy. I asked him if James Frawley was leaving and he said "He has been offered contracts from six other clubs and that in my experience that means he's being shopped and he's as good as GONE". He went onto tell me that Frawley manager told him "Melbourne can't & won't match his asking price". I pressed him once more on Frawley and he said "He's going mate, He's going.......trust me". He added that all players were after the big payday and said that's the only thing Frawley's chasing is the best price. He did tell me a few juicy things about Dustin Martin as well but couldn't print them yet because he couldn't be 100% sure.
  16. Spence embodies everything Melbourne. Can frustrate the hell out of you but every now and then makes you jump from your seat !!
  17. Out: Spencer, Byrnes. In: Jamar, Clisby.
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