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  1. Their first goal was from a shocking 50m penalty so I’m not too worried about them being hard done by
  2. I am constantly amazed at the decisions they make
  3. So you are angry at Goody cos everyone else has been wrong? Cos the consensus half way through the 3rd quarter in the 2021 GF was that Bont had a premiership medal and a norm smith around his neck - everyone was wrong about that too. We won a flag in 2021, didn’t go back to back cos all our good players were hurt by finals in 2022, lost two finals by less than 2 goals combined in 2023 and we’re still in with a shot of playing finals this year. Maybe just enjoy the win instead of holding on to your anger about prior years. No one is owed a flag, a lot needs to go right no matter how good your list is and we haven’t had much luck since ‘21.
  4. Seriously overrates the Hawks, Crows, Saints & Bombers imo. Hawks top 5 listed: Day, Newcombe, Weddle, Watson, Ginnivan - I’d take Day and Newcombe keep the rest. Crows: Rankine, Rachele, Michalanney, Soligo, Keane - I’d take Rankine (though Koz is better). Saints: King, Owens, Wanganeen-Milera, Phillipou, Henry - I’d take King (JVR will be better) and Owens. Bombers: Martin, Caldwell, Durham, Caddy, Perkins - I’d take Caldwell and Durham. Our top 5 is as good as any on there and are still improving. Probably don’t have the depth of young talent as some of the genuinely better lists but we’ve been in the top 4 for 3 years which limits your drafiting. Much better placed than that article suggests.
  5. I mean I get it, he’s not playing well. He knows it, goody knows it, and after 18 weeks of pregame, game day and postgame threads everyone on demonland knows it. Clearly no one at Casey is rated higher than he is so if he’s fit he’s getting picked. Posting day in day out about how bad he’s going isn’t changing that and it’s getting a bit boring.
  6. I’m just excited to read another 7,000 posts bagging Petty this week despite us winning and keeping the season alive. Can’t wait.
  7. Getting some vomit reacts on this, and I just want to say that’s ok - if you feel so ill about things you’ve said about Goody and his team selection this week that you can’t type a react is perfectly adequate ❤️
  8. 2 goals, 3 goal assists (Kolt & Merrett had 2 each and no one else had more than 1), went at 83% disposal efficiency. No way we lose both those finals last year if he plays.
  9. I swear there used to be a story every preseason that the package has got himself fit and is going to dominate this year… then he never did and he never did and they’ve finally stopped writing those articles.
  10. Ruined? Those [censored] were already pumping themselves up for being second on the ladder and we rolled them without our 2 best players, just enjoy it!
  11. Form an orderly queue to make your apologies to Goody here please…
  12. History will repeat at every club every year as players that can’t crack the 1s leave for other opportunities. It happens. You mention Laurie, Brown & Woey - well if Laurie can get a regular spot in anyone else’s 1s good on him, I don’t see it myself. Brown and Woey too early to know if they’ll make it, and too early for either of them to be cracking the sads about selection too imo. Who do you drop for those 3?
  13. Copped plenty of floggings on that ground myself a long time ago. Carn the yarras
  14. You pick your best 22 to win games, not to keep players happy in case they get a better offer in the trade period. If we knew Gus was going to get concussed in the QF and then retire preseason then maybe we should’ve given Jordon more game time through 2023 but that’d be some extreme Nostradamus foresight. He wasn’t good enough to win a spot over others so he played as sub. Toby was behind Kos, Chandler, ANB and probably would still be now.. you can’t fit everyone in, that’s just how it goes. Nothing shameful about it.
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