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  1. Our forward line has gone from lukewarm to lukerwarm.
  2. What a wonderful wonderful night for the club. To all the naysayers last week, go gives yourselves a long hard look in the mirror. We're going deep into September this year.
  3. We look very switched on. That quarter fills me with confidence that @binman was on the money with his loading and fatigue theories for the first half last week. Ripper of a match so far, hope we can keep it up.
  4. Rivers’ boot is laser guided tonight.
  5. I can’t wait til next season when fox can have their own commentators on every game
  6. I love it and the story behind it. The sponsor on the back sucks, but otherwise it is fantastic.
  7. Agree, it seems like so many of our supporters are so used to following a [censored] team that they can't get the enjoyment out of being a good team. We massively boosted our percentage, we won on a Wednesday and now there's a long weekend of footy to enjoy in the afterglow of a Dees win. Cheer up everybody.
  8. The first half was diabolical but I thought that might happen coming out of the bye. We overpowered them at the end and ended up winning comfortably. Max is a bloody legend, and I absolutely loved Disco Turner's efforts. I'm also surprised at whoever said above that Tmac should be dropped to put Petty back? Tmac was sensational and Petty has been really bad this season, we should have traded him last year for overs to Adelaide.
  9. The rules have changed since the Maynard incident so not point comparing the two. I think cop the week and move on. Let Kozzie stay in SA with his fam now for this week and the bye and then back to work.
  10. Absolutely love him, but this is an aspect of his game he needs to bring under control. After everything that happened with Brayshaw I don't reckon any Melbourne fan can complain when he gets suspended.
  11. LID OFF. Dual premiership player Ben Brown has a nice ring to it.
  12. excuse the mess, but this is what he means, the middle one is a signed Gawn guernsey :-D
  13. Every club has injury problems, we need to trust in the depth of our squad and our system.
  14. May went to hospital at half time. Looks like he broke some ribs. Lever said he has something with his knee cap, it doesn’t sound mega serious but might miss some games. Petty swung back and looked like he’d never left.
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