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  1. This. i hate this stadium and it’s self entitled WA supporters. How can “professional” umpires be influenced by the baying crowd? How?
  2. Once the squealing starts the umps react “Better pay a free, must have missed something”
  3. Sound off, radio on Seven commentary all about either themselves or some useless side issue. Hate the screeching, sycophantic dribble that is dished up with no relevance to the action occurring. Bye Bruce
  4. I’m blind in one eye, if you’re not using it, can I have it?
  5. Was involved in a junior club where a young man did a disgusting thing ([censored] on the water bottles), lynch mob wanted him out. Point I made was, if you kick him out, there is no support, no learning and resentment. Better to do our job and have a crack at leading and mentoring. Not saying he should get off scot free, and he could leave of his own accord, but MFC could show both leadership and. compassion here, especially until all is known about the situation.
  6. ABC Grandstand commentary actually asking if the replacement umpire from WA is blind ?
  7. Should have played Preuss with one task: Hurt Mumford
  8. Had 3 tickets Only time I get to see them live...☹️
  9. Wonder if Jesse is on a contract with base plus performance (number of games)? On top of a long term injury that would add to the anxiety.
  10. 1988 Walked home at 1/2 time, shattered. 2000 Bombers looked like men against boys, Long and Wallis, with Schwarta the only one to "fly the flag", the rest stood around meekly. Grgic on the wing in front of the members shirked a 2 on one contest, he just had to make a contest, and lock the ball in for a bounce, but no, waved his arms and stepped aside.
  11. Agree Looks like a back injury from a distance, can’t jump, not attacking the ball on the ground and lacks “turn”
  12. Win - take them when you can What the f**k drugs were those umpires taking?
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