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  1. The level of fitness required at the AFL level is where the talent issue is coming from. Only at the AFL level can players train full time, so if you don't make the cut at 17 years old the gap is only going to get wider the more time that passes. I believe that the AFL needs to create a second national competition that it funds like a 19th AFL team (e.g. same amount of distributed funds as 1 club). Keep it to 12 teams, ask state league clubs to apply and pick those with the best facilities, balance sheet, and future plans. Could potentially accept bids from consolidated teams like Canberra or Darwin where no AFL team exists. Keep AFL reserve teams out of it. Set a salary cap of $3 million with no salary floor, but teams can only pay what they can afford. No draft - teams simply compete for the next best talent not contracted to another club. Keep list sizes to 30, with an additional 5 loan spots available per club for AFL players, like first year and development players to cut their teeth in a more competitive competition. The windows for loaning and recalling players is pre-season and during the mid-year draft period. When an AFL team wants to recruit a contracted 2nd division player, they have to pay a fee equal to the players annual salary multiplied by the length of the contract they're offered. This can be done in mid-season draft order if the AFL wants to ensure there is equalisation. The fee going to the smaller club allows them to invest in their facilities and own player development which will only improve the talent pool. If clubs can no longer afford to compete at a national level, they're simply replaced with another state league team that can. With no Saturday AFL games for the next 9 years, this league can potentially generated revenue from TV rights for staggered Saturday games. Once this league is well established, I'd look at structuring Victoria's metro and country leagues to ensure there was a pathway for talent to move from a local bush league, to a regional league, to the state level. It's ridiculous that talented players are getting $50k a year to play for Yinnar or Seymour where they win every game by 90 points. That money is being stripped from junior development to buy country league flags when there should be a way that talent can play at their level and get paid commensurate to that level.
  2. And the Lions play well at the SCG. Beat them there earlier in the year.
  3. Maybe “fingers washed” then fingers crossed after that
  4. I think you're right. @Slartibartfast it may be worth also trying to reduce the hertz on the TV down to 50 or 60 (if that's an option) as it might be running in the 100-200 range. The much higher hertz can cause ghosting during action movies or live sport when the frame rate it's being shown in isn't high enough.
  5. I have two questions (because I’m greedy): 1. Sydney overcome their contested ball deficiencies by spreading hard from the contest. As we’re great in the contest and can also spread well, how do you see that influencing the swans ability to win first use of the ball? 2. Longmire likes to change up tactics game to game, and appears to have a group that is easy to instruct. How do you see this chop and change style holding up in the heat of finals intensity? Thanks for indulging me
  6. I’m sure you’ll cover this in the review of the game, but the kick to players leading towards our goal was used very successfully. This allowed the forwards to stay inside 50 and then lead up to the player with the ball sitting 70-80 metres out. It’s not commonly used by any teams and seems to be a point of difference we might employ in this finals series.
  7. How amazing was that spoil from Petty? Love it.
  8. They really can't slow momentum can they? I hope we keep the foot down and win by 80 points.
  9. Brisbane can't hold up momentum. They've had it all this quarter and we've actually extended our quarter time lead. Shows you the importance of reading the game and not having just one gear.
  10. I’m arriving in Brisbane on Sunday for a holiday at Noosa… you’re making the wait seem even longer now
  11. Great question, and one I'm unqualified to answer adequately, but for what it's worth: I think our scoring shots from centre clearances over the past four weeks would have to be the best or near to the best in the league. Without knowing exactly, I expect the inside 50 efficiency from centre clearances is much higher than those from standard clearances. They're figurative gold for AFL sides because of the 6-6-6 rule. This year has shown that teams have adapted to our strengths, beginning with a strategy to combat our clearance domination, and then a pivot to working around or nullifying our defensive structures. That is why our form and fortunes have been a bit harder to gauge compared to last year because teams have been throwing the proverbial sink at us trying to beat us and different teams have employed different tactics. I believe our form on scores from clearances this year is in a better position than at the same time last year. I think this is a good indicator for the finals series, where there is often very little room and opposition players are rarely left free. When things get tight, muscle memory and consistency is important - our consistent gameday strategies, strength at the contest, and enviable ability to score from centre clearances will make us a daunting challenge for any team. Just one final comment on our form - the Bulldogs (60%) and Collingwood (65%) had scoring accuracy far in excess of the season average (49%). It's even significant when compared to the most consistently accurate team over the last seven years (the Eagles at 52%). If things had gone our way just a little more in those games, our form since the bye would read 7W-1L or 6W-2L if you think Carlton were more deserved winners on Saturday night. We'd also be on a 3 game winning streak and all of us would be talking about the similarities to last years form.
  12. Yep! I distinctly remember the discussion on Fox during the finals was how we were a team that scored from turnovers and how it suddenly changed to stoppage goals in the finals. So the analysis he offered is actually pretty useless.
  13. It’s important to note that King compared our last 7 rounds this year to our last 7 games (including finals) last year, which is skewed because we all know how bonkers our clearance work was during the finals. I think the comparison between the same periods in both years is actually much closer. King just using selective statistics to back up his opinion.
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