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  1. Love your work, LH. One point of order, Dogga is missing the cup denoting his premiership player status. Small oversight, but important nonetheless
  2. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1129364/round-10-injury-report-harmes-sidelined Selwyn mentions 'soreness' in the video.
  3. Grinter next to Nicho, I think Andrew Daff, is 2nd from left (Ex- club doctor). And Chris Jones is mo down the front, I think was part of the fitness staff in late 90s' early 00s No idea of the other 2 at the back.
  4. Bunjli Place is next to Fountain Gate Narre Warren. Part of the City of Casey and probably easier for some down there to get to than Casey Fields.
  5. Regarding Max's wife giving birth, I am pretty sure he's mentioned that she is due in early November. During the Spring Racing carnival time.
  6. I just checked your link and it had last year (2020) as the Season chosen. Here is this season for tackles and clearance.
  7. It's a Suns home game. They were scheduled to play Hawks there earlier in the year but were forced to play at the SCG during the Vic 2 week outbreak in Rd 11. This is their replacement, not ours.
  8. The full back line reference to the Black Crowes (Robinson brothers?)
  9. According to http://www.footyjumpers.com/melbourneS.htm, seems Drake at 6 continuous years between 1985 - 91 are currently the longest serving principal sponsor, with LG & Mayne Nickless at 5 years. Zurich would be close to the longest sponsor if they end up renewing again after 2023.
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