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  1. This moment I like what Mitch brings to the side. If he is the 25th - 30th player on the list, we have good cover up forward and around the ground. I hope he gets another year to show his wares.
  2. Easy, Jeff Garlett to commerate the 50th anniversary of Indigenous Australians getting to vote. Steven May wore the same number for GC in the same game, and Nev wore #50.
  3. Betteridge's law of headlines is "if the Headline ends with a question mark, the answer is no." Footy media has become the snake that eats itself, continually creating stories to report on. Clarry may be frustrated, but IMO it's up to him to make sure he can continue to improve. Trac can do it, so can he.
  4. Not to tempt fate, but if we beat the Bombers by enough and every result went our way from here on in, We could finish as high as 6th. That would mean the Dogs are the team to miss of 4 teams on 9 wins. According to Squiggle predictor....
  5. Petracca's last 40 odd games have shown genuine growth, especially at times when others have been inconsistent. Well Done to Trac, I can't wait to see what he brings over the next 100 games 🚚
  6. Plus Ben Gibson has mentioned Trac's milestone in the team changes article on the site. I also expect there will be a bit more about Trac in the 'Before the Bounce" vid they post about 2 hours before the game.
  7. Past: Jimma, Wiz, Neitz Current: Viney, Clarry, Jones
  8. The last time we actually beat Hawthorn 3 times in a row in H&A was from Round 2 1994 - Round 8 1995. That doesn't include finals of course as we didn't play another final against them until the SF in 2018.
  9. If there are changes, I'd expect Brown to come in for Melksham or Hannan with Fritta to be the 3rd tall and OMac to come in for Smith as a knockdown on Reiwoldt or Lynch. Lever to play as the floating defender. Jackson and Spargo emergencies
  10. Not to derail the thread, Red but Mama Told Me not to Come was written by Randy Newman and covered by Three Dog Night, Wilson Pickett and many others.
  11. @gOLLy Was it this game in 2004? Absolutely bucketed down in the last quarter:
  12. Demonwiki is a great source of Melbourne FC pictures. David Neitz Gallery is at http://demonwiki.org/gallery216. Hope you can find what you are looking for GCDee.
  13. Yes, it must be 2013 or 2014 pre-season as David Rodan and Sylvia both in the picture and they were gone by 2015.
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