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  1. Regarding Max's wife giving birth, I am pretty sure he's mentioned that she is due in early November. During the Spring Racing carnival time.
  2. Shot in the dark, 'Spida' Everett.
  3. I just checked your link and it had last year (2020) as the Season chosen. Here is this season for tackles and clearance.
  4. It's a Suns home game. They were scheduled to play Hawks there earlier in the year but were forced to play at the SCG during the Vic 2 week outbreak in Rd 11. This is their replacement, not ours.
  5. The full back line reference to the Black Crowes (Robinson brothers?)
  6. According to http://www.footyjumpers.com/melbourneS.htm, seems Drake at 6 continuous years between 1985 - 91 are currently the longest serving principal sponsor, with LG & Mayne Nickless at 5 years. Zurich would be close to the longest sponsor if they end up renewing again after 2023.
  7. 6. Oliver 5. Salem 4. Jordon 3. T Mac 2. Lever 1. Langdon
  8. 6. Oliver 5. T Mac 4. May 3. Jordon 2. Harmes 1. Spargo
  9. There were definitely QR codes up for Check in the Stadium. I scanned one outside the MCG Shop near Gate 3 to check in.
  10. There was interview uploaded as video yesterday, as well as highlight video as below Was promoted on socials as well.
  11. He did. Chandler played against Sydney in a late season Friday night game. Had 9 tackles.
  12. Premier: Brisbane Runner-up: Port Adelaide Wooden spoon: Hawthorn Moving up: Sydney Set to fall: Collingwood Brownlow Medal: Jack Steele Coleman Medal: Charlie Dixon NAB AFL Rising Star: Luke Jackson Best new Demon: Ben Brown Demon All Australian: Gawn, Oliver, Petracca Demon B&F: Oliver Big call: Clarkson to resign at end of season Ladder prediction: 1. Brisbane 2. Richmond 3. Port Adelaide 4. Bulldogs 5. West Coast 6. Sydney 7. Melbourne 8. Geelong
  13. Managed to get a seat a row back from where I usually sit in the Olympic stand. Realised when putting the order through that you can 'double click' to select the available section on the left hand side of the page, rather than get the pot luck of best available.
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