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  1. I think our only chance of getting Mckercher is if North want Sanders and are happy to trade back to get him. I wouldn’t rule it out as he seems a better prospect than Humphrey and we offered 3 first round for him last year. Two of which are currently pick 5&13. Big issue with making a similar move for Mckercher might be the Tassie factor. If we trade up and pay overs to get him we are unlikely to get back what we invested should he return to Tas.
  2. Gotta be close eh. I know they are wanting Curtain but they need a heap of new talent. Might be better to take O’Sullivan and 2 others
  3. Both teams now have a great hand. Dogs pick 10 might still give them the upper hand though. They could split it for a late first round and future first or a slightly better first round this year and a future 2nd. North May also want to use those picks to trade for players not draft talent. Watson’s recent form hasn’t been as good as the champs and the dogs may not be as willing to over pay.
  4. I wonder how keen North are on him and would he fit well into their midfield? Would he be a better fit than Mckercher? Mckercher might offer more on the outside but they have Sheezel coming through for that. Given he’s likely to be available our pick 5/6 wonder if we might target their pick 3. Pick 5/6 and 24 for pick 3, which is what we originally gave for Jackson.
  5. I had hoped at the start of this season that we could manage both of them well enough to give us the equivalent of one fit forward. Unfortunately neither of their bodies held up and it proved to be very costly for us. If we go into next season needing to get a good return of games out of them then our season is already starting to look like them- cooked. At best I think Tmac might be able to come in and play 5/6 games when we are stuck. Considering Grundy will be gone and Pig has retired we will have cap space and unless we are bringing in a gun that we haven’t heard about perhaps we are happy just to let them see out the last year of their contracts. No need to push them out the door if we are not spending the money on somebody else. Both have been great servants to the club.
  6. He’s the one I’m hoping we go for. May replacement. Can hopefully have an impact next season. Could be potential swing man next year if Petty goes down injured again. Next year is meant to have few KPP so a good time to pick up one. In a perfect world we’d also get pick 4 and take Mckercher, Watson or Duursma but if we cant get pick 4 then O’Sullivan and Wilson or Windsor would be nice.
  7. I think this makes real sense for us. Won’t play most weeks but worthy of decent contract as cover for Max and maybe ruck coach afterwards. We might have to guarantee him a certain number of games but given Maxxys age that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Great number 2 while we bring Verrall along. Him learning from Max, Goldy and Grundy can only be a good thing. Also allows us to cash in on Grundy and spend the profits elsewhere.
  8. Any of our draft watchers seen much of Will Dawson? I only saw him play to games in defence for Vic country and was impressed. Tall, big body can intercept. I’m just wondering if we don’t manage to get O’Sullivan who else we could target as a KPD. The 15-40 range seems very hard to predict this year. You would have to be confident that JT could find a gem in that range. I’m hoping we hold onto our early second round pick.
  9. Given he’s probably getting his info from the people making the decision I’d be surprised if he’s wrong.
  10. It’s a ridiculous amount to be given them. They can now get Harley Reid and still manage to have 2 top 10 picks this year if they trade well. Picks 2 & 14 for pick 1. Still leaves them with pick 3, 11 and two future firsts. Crazy. Can you imagine they could pick up Reid, Duursma and O’Sullivan from this draft. With your point about trading out of this years draft and into next years- they( gettable)did have a quick run down of the top draft prospects for next year. 90% were midfielders. I’ve been very keen on us trading out our future first and getting pick 4. But given the capital other have to throw at that pick will push the cost up and given how compromised the pointing end of this draft has become we might be better to hold onto our future first.
  11. Cal all but confirmed on Gettable that North will get pick 3 as compo, pick 11 and future end of first pick as a hand out. Won’t get access to Sanders
  12. North are really going to shape this draft eh. If the above does happen they would be in the box seat for the Suns pick 4. Package up 10&14. Giving them 2,3&4 Alternatively they could split 3 with us and still get Sanders. You would think they would be keen to bring in some established player rather than 3/4 first round picks.
  13. With regards to a trade with Sydney. A future second and pick 41 is prob about right and would probably give us the upper hand in getting pick 4 from the Suns.
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