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  1. Sounded that way to me too Sue. Feels like our chances of keeping him are decreasing by the day. Going by the AFL article sounds like Nic Nat is in his ear too.
  2. Nah I don’t think that gets it done. Freo made it pretty clear last year to Carlton that pick 6 had to be part of the Cerra deal. I think if West Coast watered down pick 2 we would wake away unless it was for two top 10 picks.
  3. If he decides to go( hopefully he won’t), what do people think is a fair deal for him? Just had a look at the Jeremy Cameron trade. Cats gave up picks 13, 15 and 20 (article says they were all first round picks)and got back 2 second round picks. If he goes to the Eagles it’s pretty easy pick 2 and another first round probably gets it done. I have no idea how it might work with Freo. They must clearly be willing to move a player or players that have some decent value. Thoughts?!
  4. I hate to lose him and watch him develop into an superstar over west. But given that how late it is in the season and he still hasn’t signed on I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that him leaving is a strong possibility. What are peoples thought on how we should try to recruit with the bounty we would have to get if he leaves? Do we go to the draft with highest pick we can get?This years draft is meant to be full of talls but they can take a few years to develop and we just picked JVR. Or do we try and pick up a established player that could help us win another flag in this premiership window?
  5. Cracking game to watch. First time I’ve watched cats play in while. They didn’t look like a bunch of old men this evening.
  6. One of the first thing Goody said in the presser last night was that the team has been working incredibly hard in training for the past 3/4 weeks and last night was the first time we got the benefit of that. Maybe there is something to all this talk of loading?!
  7. Agree. Having Max out gives us to have a different look at things that could be very beneficial to the rest of our season both in the middle and up forward. He has always played taller than he is but is now playing bigger than he is. Hard as nails. MCcuggage gave him a bump and a few words after he missed a dribbler from the boundary last night. By the end of the quarter he had poleaxed two of them. Don’t mess with fritter!!
  8. What a leader. Inspirational performance last night. Definitely his best game that I have seen. Clearly his tackles were awesome but that’s always been the case. It’s the other parts of his game that have gone to new levels that have been truely impressive. Busting out of pack, and then hitting a target, always seems to pick the right option. Getting more involved away from the stoppages too. His fends offs are getting dusty like. I think now that he is over his foot injury (wasn’t this his first uninterrupted preseason in year?) has enabled him to be the best physical version of him we have seen. He seems to be even stronger now while also gain a yard or two of pace. He also missed a game or two this season which I think helps him keep that level of intensity.
  9. Yeah I agree with your reasoning. We need to get more run all over the park. Weid or M Brown aren’t good enough up front so let’s constantly rotate one of Jacko, Max and Trac through there. Brayshaw back to the wing( but not against himself and JJ rotating between wing and going in the middle). I’m happy to bring in Rivers and Dunstan to but not sure who goes out. Really don’t want to face the Lions without Max but we may need to rest him. He’s pretty banged up at the minute and if he goes out for an extended period our season is done. Is Daw fit?
  10. Not sure he has the frame or boxing skills just yet!!
  11. It’s also a bit of the chicken or the egg. Which came first?! Didn’t take been beaten in GF well so went out parting to drown his sorrows. Made the decision to go a step further and hit the powder. Anybody that has taken a bit of powder in their time knows your mental health tends to suffer afterwards.
  12. And Griffen a few years ago. Bevo has lots of form playing this card.
  13. Bulldogs will pull the mental health card and that will kill the story quick smart.
  14. How does the process work with an AFL investigation? Can we appeal in same way we can with normal suspension arising from something that happened during a game? It would seem a massively unfair for DeGoey not to receive any ban but May gets more than the club enforced week.
  15. Time to think about putting petty forward ?
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