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  1. I’m more stressed after that first quarter than I have been for past few weeks. Enough swearing and shouting to send the dog retreating to the bedroom. 😬
  2. Yup. I’d say we out number North supporters 10 to 1
  3. At the waterfront hotel. Beautiful day, sun is shining and beers flowing , hopefully very soon dees are winning.
  4. We’re really do find ourselves in a great position. 6&0 playing some great footy and with a full healthy list to pick from. If we can keep a healthy list and play like we did last night we are going to be a big threat come the end of the year. I’d start to look at managing players game time over the coming weeks. We won last week without our best performing forward and back. I don’t mean mass changes just a couple each week to reward players playing well at Casey and keep everybody fresh and get valuable time into players not in the team yet. Four games coming that we s
  5. Put Jones forward for last 5 mins
  6. Tough call. How well did we do out of that draft. Well done JT
  7. Best game I’ve seen us play. Keep it up for one more quarter boys. Go dees
  8. Game will be played in Hobart folks unless this outbreak really starts spreading. Checked the tas-gov covid site and it’s only from certain hotspots not all of Perth. Friends have a Perth friend arrive today and did not need to isolate.
  9. Game on. Have to think we are a massive chance now
  10. I hear what your saying but if there’s a player that we really rate and we have to trade up to be sure of getting him I don’t mind it. Mahoney has said we would look at trading up. I’d also be surprised if JT doesn’t pulled some rabbit out of the hat that nobody is expecting with one of our later pick. Agree that trading on the night probably makes more sense. No point in trading up before draft night if the player we want is already gone.
  11. If he gets past Essendon and Adelaide I wonder would we pull the trigger on a trade with North? Thoughts ?
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