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  1. Hopefully just a couple of weeks
  2. Colm

    Ladder Watch

    Yeah I saw that with 3 at the Gabba and only one at the G so hopefully they are right. Swans have tough games over the next 4 weeks but capable of winning them.
  3. Colm

    Ladder Watch

    I’m not sure I’m happy that the lions dropped points. I’d rather see them in the top 4 come finals than the Swans. Think lions would be a much easier game at the G than swans I think. I know that to go all the way to a flag you have to beat the best teams but I think if we get the double chance and win our first game we will win the flag as it means we will be better rested and fitter than any other team. If we lose first week of finals and have to play second week we might lose a bit of of fitness edge against a team that had the extra weeks rest.
  4. Colm

    Ladder Watch

    Play vanders in the first game to rough them up.
  5. Thanks you Tmac. Two massive goals. Let’s get the the first goal and finish them
  6. I haven’t been following the footy for long enough( because I immigrated not because I’m young) so haven’t got the deep hatred of certain teams of fans that normal dees supports have developed. But after tonight the Bombers can go and get stuffed( for want of a stronger word). The dirty cheating shower of cheats. Their fans were awful tonight. How about you cheering on your own team instead of booing the opposition for the whole game.
  7. You were right. Any chance of a more optimistic prediction?? Please?!
  8. Well done Tom Sparrow. Big goal
  9. I’d love it if we put these [censored] to the sword
  10. Booing is getting old. Shows their class or lack there of
  11. Nice one Trac. We had two similar set shots before that we should have scored before bombers scored two.
  12. Lucky to be in front really. But fancy is to sort it at half time. Harmes needs to do a job on Merrett second half and our forwards need to lift. Come on dees
  13. 10 disposals to Merrett already. Need to shut him down
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