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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Colm


    I like it in its current form and length. Fits very nicely with the amount of driving I have to do on a Tuesday. You can always play it at 2x if that suits you better.
  2. During the same report that Ralph said Petty was likely to stay at the Dees, he said Adelaide are keen to trade in a player and that their first two picks are on the table. I think they have a F/S pick this year that is likely to go in the first round so they will be happy to trade out their first couple of picks and bank a lot of late picks for points. If Petty doesn’t resign we have another death ride. Really hope he signs soon
  3. Must be the lifestyle, maybe the cheaper cost of living or perhaps the farm they though in.
  4. Has Max Holmes resigned with Cats yet? Great player, I’d love to see him in the red and blue.
  5. I could be mistaken but think from memory injury and covid stopped him from playing any footy in his draft year. JT liked what he saw in the under 16s.
  6. This would be an awesome outcome imo. Let him pay it himself. Paying over that sort of cash might make him think twice about it in the future. missing games doesn’t seem to work. He had a late bump late in the game to that could have cost us a shot on goal as well.
  7. Where’s Goody’s presser? Waiting up for it and fox never showed it.
  8. Had a look at the odds for the Coleman pre game. Fritter was paying 34-1 and only a goal behind the lead. Should have snapped it up.
  9. Agreed. I don’t think we have anything to complain about. If anything I think our draw this year is outstanding. 5 day break is a pain in the bum but having both games as away games in the one city eases it. Also we have an extra days break for the game next week and the lions are away from home on consecutive weeks in different cities. To top it of when then get a 2 week bye afterwards which I think is probably the best time to have our first bye. Gives us an advantage over all other clubs bar Richmond.
  10. I also thought the Crows would be moving up the ladder this year, they were hard done by to not reach the finals and I felt they were one of the fittest teams at the end of the home and away. Think had they made finals they may have won one or two. I haven’t seen much of them this year but I wonder if the Burgess fitness factor loses its edge after a couple of years?! Our fitness certainly dropped off the year after he left. Perhaps that was down to that fact that his hard running/train through injures type of training is hard to maintain for any longer than a couple of seasons. Selwyn Griffith was questioned in his first year but perhaps our drop in fitness was more to do with a Burgess hangover.
  11. I’ve noticed this in both his games this season. Seems to be playing with a bit more mongrel in him. Quick to defend other players and seems to genuinely enjoy getting in the face of the opposition. Gee I hope he signs another contract with us.
  12. Came over from Ireland about 15 years ago.After learning about Jim Stynes and all he had done on and off the field it was a pretty easy choice to follow the Dees
  13. Agree we need to get games into younger players. I think the club will have looked at what happened with Bedford and be keen not to make the same mistake again. If we don’t get games into young players we run the risk of losing them. It was interesting to hear JT suggest that we drafted for needs to an extent this year and that our two first round picks are our in his opinion are the most likely to debut first this year. Drafting for this flag window and also for the future.
  14. Changes won’t come in until after the Lions get a second top 5 father and son pick next year. Typical AFL reaction. Allow it to massively advantage some clubs and then shut it down.
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