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  1. Thanks for sharing clip. I wonder how much contact(relationship building) we have been having with Mac over the past few months. Apart from Richmond who other posters have pointed out already have lots of project rucks it’s mainly interstate clubs who are being linked with him. If we already have a strong connection with him there has to be a fear from interstate clubs about the go hone factor. In two years time he could be out of contract and yet to play much AFL footy which would surely put us in a strong position. Having Maxxy and Jackson to learn off should also be a big draw card.
  2. Yeah I agree 23 I’d def out of our reach as there’s no doubt Richmond would have offered the same deal they offered to Pies if not better. Our only move now would be to try and improve 37 to a pick in the lower 30s. Perhaps our old pick back off Adelaide.
  3. Maybe not the best place for him to start his AFL career. But that might make it easier to convince him to come to the Dees in 2 years time.
  4. Yeah your right. I must have gotten them mixed up with another club. Have changes post now.
  5. Lamb said on trade radio after we got pick 17 that we were still trying to move up further. Don’t know if he was talking about 17 only I’m assuming they would be open to moving up from either 17 or 37. The Saints trade would make sense but Lamb also said that we are now in a phase of bringing through a second crop of quality draft picks though around the same age so I’m thinking they will be keener to pick up draft talent this year to complement the likes of Jackson, Pickett, Rivers, Bowie and co.
  6. Pretty sure they just need to have the points to match on their farther/son pick. Think they already have enough points so we may need to offer a future pick along with 37 to get it done. Think every team has to pick 3 player in draft/drafts also.
  7. Dogs pick 23 and pies pick 27 are still up for grabs. Think pick 23 is out of our reach but I’d be surprised if we are not making an offer to the pies.
  8. Wonder will we look to pick up pick 27 from Collingwood now.
  9. This!! I think it’s a pretty easy sell from the club to get him here. Lots of our players have spoken about how much Chocco has improved their kicking which sounds like it’s his biggest flaw. Coming to a new clubs who’s current culture and player development is the gold standard can only improve his game. Given how well he polled in the Brownlow it’s not like he doesn’t have enough quality to start with. We could also be looking at giving Sparrow or JJ a bit of a different role next year to help their development. Consisting we have lost Jones and Vanders and he is costing fa I’m only seeing positives.
  10. This is dangerous. Just woke up with another hangover. After deciding to have a quiet Friday night and only a few beers I put on the replay with 10 mins to go in the third. Before I knew it, all the beers had been drunk, I had watched post game show, AFL 360 and on the couch and it was 2am. 😬 Still get way to excited every time watch replay. I’m still noticing different little pressure acts each time I watch it too
  11. I didn’t really get a tear in my eye until the following day I don’t think. I prob went a bit too hard to early and was pretty bananas by the time Oliver kicked that goal at the end of the first quarter. At that stage I knew we were up going to win and I went into full celebration mode. So much so that I got weird pains in my arms, chest and stomach in work on Monday. At first i thought I was becoming unwell but then I realised it was from doing full body fist pumps( think of Jones celebtartion after his finals goal) for the last 10 mins of the third until the final siren.
  12. Yeah just heard that. SOS was agreeing with him. They both seem to be of the opinion that Jackson isn’t all that great either.
  13. Agree. If we want to improve our draft hand this year I think we need to talk to the clubs that are in a better position than us to obtain the Dogs first round pick. Perhaps package up picks 42,54 and next years second rounder for a pick in the early 20s.
  14. Yes a massive thank you to Jason Taylor for his amazing work over the past lot of years. I was a bit surprised I didn’t hear his name mentioned more(if at all) in the post game interviews over the past few days. Keen to see what he does over the coming weeks.
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