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  1. Another simple one. Now that we know we will have 2 firsts and 2 seconds going into next years trade/ draft period does it give him more enthusiasm for that draft and how does he rate it at this early stage?
  2. Maybe we are looking to put Petty forward?!
  3. My two big hopes for next season is another flag and for Kossie to sign a new contract.
  4. Cal mentioned that GWS pick 15 is gettable and that we would be keen if we can’t get a deal done with the bombers. I think I would prefer that. Gives us a staring hand this year and next. Wonder how confident the club is on Kossie staying beyond next season. If they think he’s off I wonder will that play a part in who we select. Might make Brayden George more appealing.
  5. He also said that Sydney would be open to trading out both their first round picks for future first.
  6. When you’re looking to trade in or up the draft you always pay overs so future first and 37 seems about right. We are only using one pick this year anyways. The fact that we are willing to trade out a future pick for 19 says to me that we do rate this draft as we clearly think there will be a quality player or players still available at that pick. JT often sees things a bit different to other recruiters and pundits and if he thinks there will be a good player for us at 19 then I’ll be stoked if we make the move and get someone in a year early as we have in previous years.
  7. Poster in another thread that Jefferson has put on 6kg and is now at 84kg. If he continues to put on muscle at that rate then he may have an impact in the first team before 2025.
  8. @IvanBartul13 HS phantom is the second phantom that has Sydney taking your man Josh Weddle the pick after ours. You think we are a chance to pick him up in front of them?
  9. @Debbiedowner36 really hope he signs before start of next season. We should know what we can afford to offer him now that the trade period is over.
  10. Yeah maybe. Or future 2nd for GWS pick 31 and then 31&37 for 22.
  11. Given where Cal has Alwyn Davey Jnr at 17. Essendon's pick 22 could be available.
  12. From what I have read Jefferson is going to take years to develop. I think we need to draft a player that can have an impact in the next year or two with at least one of our picks, preferably 13.
  13. Given that he hasn’t really been mentioned in any of the phantoms or in the top 30 prospects, if we were keen on him would we not be better to trade up from pick 37 into somewhere in the 20s and grab him or another key position. Grab a good midfielder if one slides to us with pick 13 if not grab a good lockdown/ rebounding defender to cover the loss of Hunt and a replacement for the pig. I’m keen on us getting a good defender with a strong body that will be ready to play next season. Could also allow Bowey to play further up the field.
  14. I tend to agree with you. I think some posters are overrating our draft hand next year. Let’s all hope Freo fall down the ladder and their future pick will be inside the top 10. But they have a very good core of young players that will only improve. There’s every chance that our draft hand next year will only be a late second rounder better than what Sydney (14,17 and 42) is this year. Nobody is raving about the great draft position Sydney is in this year. It all depends on how JT rates the talent in this draft but I’d be surprised if we don’t at least improve our second pick this year.
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