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  1. Trac is looking good! Paying $13 for the Brownlow. Think I’ll have a bit of that.
  2. @Gawndog98i see in your latest draft you have the Gold Coast passing on their second round pick ( currently pick 27) due to their free pick ups. Just seems a waste surely they will swap it out somehow. I see Cal Twomey has GWS as a possibility to taking Hawks academy player Downie at pick 20. What’s your thoughts on a 3 way trade involving our pick 19 going out along with pick 50, we get 24&27 and GC get hawks future 3rd? ( Hawks have already traded out their future 4th so I’m not sure if they are allowed to trade another future)
  3. If Essendon are thinking of picking McInnes( and I hope they I hope they do) would it not make sense to do a trade with GWS. Pick 13 should be good enough to pick up McInnes and they would also get another good pick from GWS Edit Just read on Cals December update that Adelaide might be interested in him too so might pick swap with GWS may not make sense. Still good news for us though.
  4. Herald sun reporting that North will hold onto pick 2. Given they are thought to be after multiple draft picks it might make their pick 11 more getable.
  5. Relocated to Hobart area almost 3 years ago. Great city to live and work in. Real good work/life balance. Has heaps going for it in terms of restaurants, cafes and culture. Only gets 50mm more rain per year than Melbourne. Zero traffic compared to Melbourne. A case could be made that if a young 18 wanted to sow some wild oats he would have more option in the big city, but don’t clubs try to discourage that anyways. Loved living in Melbourne and I’m not saying anything bad about it,and there clearly must be reasons the AFL has not put a team in Tasmania yet. I just don’t see that quality
  6. I like that the footy department is backing themselves to find talent in this draft. The next 3 years should be the time for this team to peak. Drafting talent a year early like we did with Pickett last year allows talents coming through to add further quality that’s ready to go when the majority of our list is at their peak. I think most demonlanders would have Jackson, Pickett and Rivers in their best 22. If we could pick up 2 players in this draft that would be in our best 22 by the end of next season I think that would be a massive result for us and have us in the “ flag window” if other
  7. I guess it all depended on how JT sees things. Mahoney has talked about us moving up which has me thinking there’s someone that they might have their eye on.( maybe Cox). If we are keen on a player that would probably be gone before pick 18 then perhaps 18&19 for 11 & 32. Even if we throw in 50.
  8. Cal Twomey's article has freo wanting to take 4 picks in the draft. They only have 2 inside 55 at the min(11&32). If we trade 50, 28 and 19 for picks 32 and 11 it may be a great deal for all parties. The points work out exactly the same. Even if we make it 18 instead of 19. We get a much better first round, still get our end of first round/ start of second round and our 3rd pick in 32 is still a very good pick. They still stay in first round or start of second, improve their second round pick and get an extra pick (50) to help them fill list spots. Winner winner.
  9. Cal Twomey is of the opinion that we will only use 3 picks. Given that we have 3 better picks at this stage maybe not. Wonder if pick 50 is of any value to another club?
  10. Didn’t we split a top 10 pick into 2 later picks last year. Which we then picked Pickett and Rivers with. We liked Pickett and he wasn’t going to go too 10 so by trading we got Rivers as well. Doesn’t seem that silly.
  11. Yeah that’s a fair point. Going to be much more difficult for us to move up the order this year so, but given the amount of pick swaps we have pulled off over the last 2 drafts it would surprise me if we have finished swapping now. Will be interesting to see how the next 3 weeks play out.
  12. Picks 50,28 and 19 add up to 1898 points which is equal to pick 5. Anybody think that would be enough to tempt Essendon to part with pick 8?
  13. Overall very happy and excited by our draft picks. I like that we got on the front foot and traded out next years first rounder to get pick 8. Like others I feel if we had of waited until draft night to split 8 we would have gotten better value for it. Having said that it looks like we were always going to pick Pickett with our first pick after Jackson and I’m happy with Rivers as he comes highly rated and fills a need for us plus with little extra bonus of been good mates with Jackson. Overall I give us a B+. Job well done, over to the coaching stafff now to get their bit right.
  14. Given the player we have brought in during the trade and draft period I suppose you could make a strong case for us bringing in the player with best kicking skills at 28. Thoughts!
  15. 7 picks before us yeah?! That is an exciting list to pick from and going by the couple of bolters at end of round 1 you would think there will be another few bolters before our pick.
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