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  1. Mr Cochrane. Your team is currently 14th on the AFL ladder. My advice, sort out your own “Hopeless situation” before throwing stones.
  2. She will be looking forward to the bye… Wow what a win! Shout out to the Coaching team for creating a winning culture and getting the best out of our players. Keep believing MFC all.
  3. If it’s the decision of the NT Government not to allow the game to be played Friday night in the “Alice” do we get our $700K? If we played there, most likely there would be no crowd permitted to attend. If they agreed to a fly in fly out game in Alice Springs would we be contractually obligated to do it? Sydney is the most likely outcome. Get there local Dee’s Supporters.
  4. No problem. My thoughts re: Doggies Game is, getting well past this lockdown. Danners deserves a a Big, BF7!
  5. If this game is moved interstate or played with no crowds. Postpone the “Big Freeze at the G” to a Saturday night, for our Home Game V the Doggies?
  6. Can you still make 50c bets? 🤔
  7. At seasons end, I hope the players with few exceptions get a swift kick in the Annus horribillis.
  8. I would be happier if the news was about the imminent re-signing of Frost tbh.
  9. Melbourne has the worst forward line in the AFL.
  10. One would hope the club wiIl have Colin grace the “G” in the Red and Blue one last time.....on the big sceen. Round one 2019. Then a minutes silence. RIP Colin Sylvia 😞
  11. Will be interested to see what happens with the Big Freeze on QB. Now it’s not our home game. I assume it will still happen. If we play well the club could make some serious coin.
  12. This year bought hope along with it expectation. Mine was, round one versus another 2018 top eight team. We didn’t get it I move on. However I am entitled to give an opinion. Your entitled not to agree with it. Your positivity often helps me balance out my negativity. Cheers.
  13. We will have more night games for sure. I was expecting to play another top eight side. That’s all. I can express an opinion, your entitled not to agree with it. Also I might add that as I am getting older I would prefer day games any day of the week.
  14. Port Adelaide. “Yawn” at least it’s a home game on a Saturday at the G. Thought we would have got repaid better than that for making a Prelim,. Oh well.
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