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  1. It's Carlton, so no surprise there, as unbelievable as the decision is. Double standards.
  2. Their record could easily be worse than it is too - Brisbane, Richmond and Freo wins all coinflips and somewhat dubious. Agreed re their D, which definitely needs to lift if they want to go far.
  3. From memory, he was also part of the Freo exodus when their cap was impacted by Jackson's move.
  4. He has certainly improved in terms of kicking and execution since the latest move. The error in q2 where he made a poor decision and then executed poorly, kicking straight to a Geelong player for a goal, was the sort of stuff that was always the question mark over his game in previous years and would have been concerns for teams taking a look I'm sure. Speed, fitness are strengths.
  5. Well it lasted all year in 2023 - picked up some undeserved wins, especially the gws umpiring rort in the early rounds, and continues throughout the year especially late season and finals. Curnow and McKay have long been beneficiaries of flopping frees.
  6. To anyone who doesn't think umpiring influences games, lol
  7. Most predictable thing ever is Carlton getting a phantom free for a goal to take the lead late in a game.
  8. Daicos just an embarrassing cheat and diver. Win a hard ball. Protected species.
  9. Wow. I won't even touch on the Gus aspect of this, other than to say he kicked a football and it isn't his job to look for charging airborne objects heading toward his head, you would never anticipate such unusual late contact. The main thing I want to highlight is that what you have said is factually incorrect - Maynard did not go 'straight up', and it's as clear as day on multiple angles, so it might be worth giving it a rewatch if that's what your assessment is based on.
  10. Exactly this. It shouldn't matter what the demand in the system is. The window of ticket availability for members is there, and we are entitled to our rightful allocation rather than having tickets reallocated within the first hour of availability. Why even bother having the allocation if they are going to do this? One part of purchasing a club membership is the benefit it gives you in terms of finals tickets access.
  11. Didn't see clarry there today either. Anybody have any info on why?
  12. I am all for ensuring rules are as clear as possible to ensure the players and umpires know where they stand, and I like the spirit of your post. There will always be some grey, however. The Maynard case though is unusual because, while the media has jumped on this being a 'football action', his 'smother attempt' was so far away from what any typical smother attempt looks like. Even if you remove Maynard's actions once in the air in terms of whether he turned the shoulder or not, the very fact that he launched forward into the air at high speed towards a player who had disposed of/was disposing of the ball and would inevitably result in late contact is problematic. If we allow players to do that so long as they make some sort of attempt to avoid shoulder to head contact such as having arms stretched wide as in your example, it would still be quite foreseeable that you could concuss the player who has disposed of the ball by knocking them heavily to the ground and having their head hit the ground hard. Yes, ramming his shoulder into Brayshaw's head was a terrible action. But jumping forward at high speed into an opponent to inevitably cause contact at high force where you are coming down on them is dangerous regardless of what part of your body you hit them with and can result in injury including concussion. I am not sure we really need to make the rule clearer, because if the Tribunal does its job they will find that Maynard's actions were careless and therefore outside the rules.
  13. Absolutely. This was not a typical 'smother', and there were many other ways he could have reasonably attempted to apply a smother, which is what you usually see players do. At best, this would have been a free kick for collecting an opponent late after disposing of the ball - which is not a football act. At worst, you get what we did with a concussion being the result.
  14. I find it unbelievable that anyone is defending Maynard. I cannot recall ever having seen a player attempt a 'smother' in that manner on a defenceless and open player. He left the ground heading straight into him. The reason I haven't seen it before is because it's so obviously a dangerous act. It didn't even look like an attempt to smother as much as just jumping straight into the kicker. No surprise it happened in Q1 of an elimination final with a known thug being the culprit. If he gets off (which he probably will), should we just employ this tactic next week to take out some folks? Appalling. The Collingwood fans' reaction was just as bad. Cheering on the concussion of a guy who has an extensive history of concussion in an era when we know as much as we do about CTE.
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