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  1. BT sounds like he's about to burst into tears. Delicious.
  2. Good, so it should have been. Given that list of reasons i stated that's a no brainer. Still doesn't mean there shouldn't have been an even bigger showing with nearly 30k tix still available. so with 45k+ members already paid up, a portion of MCC members that aren't dual members which doesn't count to that tally- the moot point that everyone needs to drop $200 to go to the footy doesn't apply here.
  3. Wonder what it's going to take to get more numbers to our games. The team literally cannot do any better or play a more attractive and hard-nosed brand of footy. 56k attendance is pretty disappointing all things considered (unbeaten, ANZAC eve, Jones 300th, our home game, Richmond being our biggest test of the year etc). At best the crowd was 50-50 but i think there were more Richmond supporters from what I gathered? Maybe i need to make peace with the fact that we will always be a small (albeit passionate) fan base.
  4. Absolutely ropable about this. Pathetic showing, does nothing for our reputation as pea hearts. Anyone that could have gone today but didn’t i’m calling you out specifically. FFS We’re still the laughing stock
  5. I really hope standing at the back of the terraces is allowed, i have trouble... 'supporting' in seated areas around the more sophisticated than I (aka everyone).
  6. Goody was filthy at the journos that presser... Finally
  7. I know his press conferences are always much of the same- but wow if this press conference wasn't the most inept i've ever seen. Boggles the mind how apathetic it was, absolutely patronising.
  8. How's this under 10's blazing away, bombing it back to Freo crap
  9. Two absolutely soul crushing clangers from Jones, again
  10. Garry Lyon needs to be excommunicated from the club completely
  11. No. We sit in a cupboard with the lights off with our fingers in our ears picking a specific club legend to harbour a grudge against? Making unbiased observations is paramount. Try it.
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