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  1. Could not stand him and I’m glad he’s gone. Saddest part is footy commentary will be even worse without him, that’s how bad they all are. Lingy’s 4 minute nickname anecdotes should get some more airtime. So we’ve got that to look forward to.
  2. I liked the bit where the score went over 90 points. Lever, Trac, Oliver, Spagbol, Chandler all quite good. Decent hit out with no injuries, can’t ask for much more.
  3. If JFK had Fritsch’s hair he’d still be with us.
  4. The classic 4 up in the marking contest. It’ll work this year you’ll see.
  5. I’ve seen enough. Is the granny back at the G this year?
  6. It’s amazing that people that have posted on here for 10 years expect a kid in his second season to extend longer than 2 years. Especially one with star potential.
  7. I’ve been checking in mate, but haven’t had the enthusiasm for footy that I usually do. And avoid checking in when we lose which there’s been plenty of. Not enough for Baker to be a walk up start you’re right, but I think there’s a player in there. Got the skills and pace, add a tank and we’re good to go. Worst case scenario Langdon plays both wings. He’s everywhere anyway.
  8. Seeing a lot about not picking up a wingman, and not a lot about Baker, am I the only one that was impressed with what he did with his opportunities? Very happy with Big Bargain Ben Brown. This probably sounds stupid, but I think he was a better fit for Geelong than Cameron is. They can hit a lead up forward, Brown is an excellent lead up forward. Cameron isn’t. Far too often he prefers to lead away from the ball carrier. I think Geelong sold the farm when there was a cheaper and possibly better option, and only 5 months in age difference. Could be medical but what would Geelong k
  9. All over. Reckon Lever has money on us to miss the finals. No professional can be this bad. [censored] him off.
  10. Carlton and Gold Coast are in the brave effort Grand Final.
  11. Can anyone confirm if they get 4 points in this scenario.
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