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  1. All over. Reckon Lever has money on us to miss the finals. No professional can be this bad. [censored] him off.
  2. Carlton and Gold Coast are in the brave effort Grand Final.
  3. Can anyone confirm if they get 4 points in this scenario.
  4. Hope it was touched, makes it even sweeter. Even if it was a point, Trac would’ve intercepted the kick in and kicked a goal anyway. Kane Cornes looks like chewed bubblegum.
  5. There should be one of those video fan screens for Melbourne fans to boo Rhys Mathieson.
  6. Geez there are some dodgy calls on the back of one game. Viney does the hard yards every week and has performed against good teams. There’s a reason he gets first dips on his position. Angus has also done well against good teams, but he’s gone missing equally as much. His 2nd half last week (4 days ago, can you remember back that far?) shows they can function in the same team very well. They’re good players and good players should be able to adapt, the onus is on Gus for mine as he’s a more versatile player. Spargo was really clean, excellent score involvements, didn’t look as rushed
  7. What is it with us? Do they hate us? Trac tripped, that [censored] was holding the ball and Goldstein ducked. All blatant. This is [censored].
  8. Most meh 8 goal win I’ve ever felt. Shame it feels like that but that’s how it is. Positives obviously Oliver and Viney. They didn’t have much to beat but they smashed them, not just beat them. This leads to Brayshaw, when Viney and Oliver are laying that sort of foundation he needs to have that 2nd half impact every time, not once a month. I really like Jackson. Wondered about drafting him. I wonder no more. That [censored] commentary team really didn’t help me enjoy the game either. Couch coach extraordinaire David King, we don’t give a [censored] what you would do, we
  9. I’m interested in Crocker’s tattoos and Seedsman being unlucky to be moved on.
  10. This Collingwood documentary is really interesting.
  11. Close. The only way we’re taking Cameron out of the game is by taking Cameron out of the game. May on Stef Martin revisited.
  12. Smashing Hawthorn makes the apocalypse feel way better. Oscar has come in and said listen [censored], don’t listen to what Simon says, this is my world and this is how you’re setting up. Petrecca is something else. The balance and movement plus explosion stands out likes dogs balls in an era of ugly footy. Really bringing the joy back for me. Gawn took the [censored] all day. Oliver and Viney were a driving force. Bullies. Brayshaw half good half awful. Which one is really him? Jackson played a better game than Tomald has for 12 months. Promising stuff. Benn
  13. With or without concussion issues he’s just not very good, at all. Would be absolute desperation and madness to even consider it. I expect to see him sign next week.
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