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  1. East LA gang leader. Cam Guthrie - couch surfer, reeks of other people's weed. Joe Daniher - suspect in multiple serial killer investigations, always let go because he's too dumb. Mitch Brown - dirty cop. Kozzy - James Brown impersonator. Tex - replacing Eric Bana in Chopper 2: Hepatitis Boogaloo. BT - shower curtain rings salesman.
  2. Probably doing them a big favour. List management and recruitment has been pure [censored].
  3. Dunstan is so far below our standard it’s painful.
  4. Down his throat? Come on, you’re coming across as someone who’s never seen him play for more than five minutes. He launches at everything and often plucks it when he has no right to. A fair chunk of this seasons goals have come from crumbing, quite a few on his opposite foot. His biggest knock is set shot accuracy. Again he’s 22 and improving. Every single team in the comp would pay overs to get him.
  5. This new Geelong attacking gameplan is really frightening.
  6. Great thread. Clicked into gear in the finals and I think has gotten even better. Just seems so controlled in all aspects of his game. Instinctive gives, smooth kicks to advantage, slotting goals when he gets a shot, less reckless at the man and rarely if ever caught holding the ball this season. A joy to watch. He seems so zippy too. So happy for him and all of us. I thought his foot was cactus.
  7. As long as Lightning doesn't bob up and throw us off our game again, we'll be right.
  8. Get to the back of the line, Clarko. There’s a new sheriff in town.
  9. Brodie Grundy played his best quarter in 18 months after doing his. Now he’s missing 10 weeks. Not saying it’ll be that bad but looks can be deceiving + mfcss = never play again.
  10. Does Dermott watch football or just waffle on. He just said Max King needs to be a match winner to take the next step “kick 3 in a quarter when the game is on the line” He just did against Freo and Richmond.
  11. How can you get a rising star nom when you’ve played 300 games?
  12. Healy wanting King to be like Luke Jackson. Sure, sounds easy. Why doesn’t everyone just become like him.
  13. Do Geelong know this isn’t a final?
  14. Geelong must have diarrhoea again.
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