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  1. For me, this could be my last chance to see one. I doubt I have another year left. Not to be a downer, just giving it some context. It’s all I want see in life, so it really is everything to me. My earliest memory was getting a Demons jumper off my uncle. It probably fit me 2 years later. And was my prized possession. Just my luck it was Melbourne, gotta do everything the hard way. Only knew one other Dees supporter in all of my schooling, none at footy training, and no real Demon supporting mates until the Internet came along. It was me and my uncle v the world. He’s not doing too well either and it sucks that we won’t be watching it together tomorrow (but superstition says it’s great because winning percentage is through the roof when we aren’t together). I converted my little brother from a Richmond supporter, so I owe him a flag or 3. I went to all the games in Melbourne from the mid 90’s to 2012, when I basically went straight from Richmond belting us at the G, to ICU with pneumonia. That’s [censored] dedication! And stupidity. I’ve had to take life easy ever since and never went to another game after that. So it’s been a hard team to follow, but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. We need it. I need it. Let’s get it.
  2. I’ve just learnt he received zero Brownlow votes. Either bin that [censored] award or rename the coaches votes to the Brownlow. It’s a joke.
  3. One of my all time favourites. I remember way back when he and Bennell were being written off, I could see something in Nev, and absolutely loved the career he carved after getting rookied. As CB said. Should’ve been AA. If they actually picked lock down defenders. That last quarter he played a against Carlton a few years back, winning one on ones all over the place then the n in the final seconds v Kade Simpson. The height of his powers. Surely he stays on in some capacity.
  4. Lucky it’s in Perth. There’s no way we could rebuild the G by Saturday.
  5. Carlton have nice top end talent that’s selling a dummy to people thinking it’s an easy fix. If Voss does Stephen Bradbury his way into the job, it’s too bad McRae took what Voss really needs, Leppa. Carlton lack any defensive system, combined with or because of a lack of 2 way runners. That is going to be no easy fix, you reckon Teague wasn’t aware of it the whole time? They're wasted money on flankers as others have pointed out, instead of hard workers to compliment what they have going for them. Cerra would be a handy addition to their (any) midfield, will he make a big difference there? I’m not convinced at all. The other problem Carlton have is the teams around them will get better. They finished on the same points as Hawthorn ffs, in a pure development year for the Hawks. Essendon, GWS will hold if not get better, Freo should improve, and they’ll drop points to teams falling down the ladder that are better than them, Richmond, West Coast, Geelong… Apart from Geelong it’s a pretty vibrant top 8 that may take a fair effort to crack into in the coming years.
  6. Doesn’t bother me. I learnt a long time ago to enjoy what I do have. Don’t worry about what I can’t have. But I genuinely feel for those of you that are feeling it and not getting to witness it in person. You’ve done the hard yards and deserve full enjoyment. Take heart that this team looks like it could give you a couple more chances to enjoy it in person.
  7. I need to sleep for 24 hours. I’m more nervous about this [censored] thing than I was about the prelim.
  8. My news is a 3 way trade Clark to Freo Cerra to Melbourne Ron Barrassi to Geelong
  9. Absolutely medals for anyone that played during the season. If the Melbourne Football Club wins a premiership then the players that represent the club won a premiership. “Cheapens” nothing. If anything it’ll add more pride to the players playing for their mates that didn’t make the 22 on the day. The players on the field on the day have that memory and archive footage for life. Jones, Jetta, Hunt/Jordon getting a medal won’t change that.
  10. Last week he learned us that the Cats beat you up inside, nothing surer, it’s their DNA, it’s what they do. Next minute, they don’t lay a glove on us, in a bruise free prelim. Him getting it wrong is my favourite media watch.
  11. Hope he goes to a rival club that needs good forward tackling pressure. I kid I kid. Good luck to him. Kinda serious.
  12. Caro wants us punching on outside kebab joints like Sydney Stackhat and Cassius Coleman-Jones.
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