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  1. That's one interpretation I guess... Yes, it's an old design but I think he did well to incorporate it. I also think a version using the 90s demon (from your avatar) would be interesting to see. That was easily my choice of the modern logos.
  2. Some variations created by 'The Count' on BF, incorporating the 70s demon to the new logo...
  3. I'm not fussed either way. However, if they were hell bent on changing it I see a subtle opportunity by replacing, "it's the emblem for me and for you" with "it's the emblem for you and for me" then following it up with something like (purely an example) "it's the emblem of the team we love, the team of the old MFC". Yes, I know, this is potentially cringeworthy to some but remember we have just moulded our new logo around the MFC monogram. Anyway, this is just thinking out aloud. If they do change it I hope it is as subtle as possible otherwise leave it alone.
  4. There's more to it than that. Yes, our skills are deplorable but we don't play the percentages. Our players get in each other's way, we don't kick to space, we don't have any discernible team rules up forward, players are always hesitating what to do. We have no fluency or understanding between players. We don't know how to efficiently chain and carry the football. We don't instinctively run to the right spots to give the ball carrier the best option. Whilst you've commented on these facets I think you underestimate how reliant a lot of them are on the game plan. Our skills are so deplorable though that we tend to have an either/or debate on this. It is a case of compounding problems. How our skills could be this bad though beggars belief. It boils down to how they train. Add to that that we look sluggish more often than not and our match day fitness and conditioning also has to be looked at.
  5. It's more likely to go backwards than upwards at this stage.
  6. It goes beyond terrible commentary. The guy's an absolute oxygen thief.
  7. Traffic lights? lol If electronic communication is allowed by the AFL then a led time board similar to those used in the Premier League by refs is the most simple.
  8. I think this is very well summed up. Those "other messages" are the crux for me though and more of the learning from this instance needs to be off the ground than on, as poor as the players were. The players will learn because they feel it the most but it should never have come down to a coach screaming with 40s to go to virtually an empty phone. Simple procedures, simple 2 minute warning. Miller running around giving general messages with 2 minutes to go had a dire consequence. I dare say if a club tried to introduce an electronic time board like the ones used by refs in the premier league the AFL would outlaw it.
  9. I genuinely believe Bernie Vince when he said he thought they had more time. He could have just said we didn't man up or get numbers back and that would be the end of it. He didn't look impressed either when interviewed. Just one player but still. This notion that Roosy took one for the team to protect them only reinforces how soft they are if anything. After he had a chance to speak with some of these guys he may have realised the stuff up. Unfortunately [censored] happens. Mind you the fact that we lost the final centre bounce is on the players regardless of their time perception.
  10. I won't be around by the next time we make finals unfortunately.I'm in my 30s.
  11. To wait until 40s to go to get the message across of remaining time is unforgivable. The players should have known with at least two minutes to go of the remaining time. Massive [censored] up by Roos/assistants/runner.
  12. This loss is like an episode of "Seconds From Disaster". The problem wasn't that with 30 or 40 seconds (after Howe's goal) to go the message didn't make it to the players to get numbers back The [censored] up came long before that. With 2 minutes to go the runner should have been telling every player so they had an idea. Surely they would have been smart enough to get numbers back on their own accord if they knew how much time was left. For Vince to say we thought there were a few more minutes when the Saints players knew exactly what the situation was beggars belief. They left the message way too late. The moment the runner went out with a few minutes to go and told them every kind of useless crap other than what they needed to know was the moment we lost this.
  13. Spot on. He's so slow in reading the play and getting to position. The amount of times he's just a split second too late to lay that tackle before an opponent handballs/kicks is astounding. He has NFI how to make an impact in games or exert himself in the play and even do the simple things at contests.
  14. He was utterly [censored] all over the ground.
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