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  1. Since the bye Jackson has come in from $15 to clear second fav for the rising star - so clearly some people think he has been playing ok.
  2. what is your view on the timing of these extra training loads? ie loads done, and now ease back trying to peak for this last month + finals? or more weeks of higher loads? our ladder position, our fitness boss’ history, and our fixture all lead to the conclusion that the past month or so would have been a pretty ideal time to increase the loads (and I am sure they accept that you likely have to sacrifice a loss or two for the benefit of peaking at finals time)
  3. Brown is a lock for the rest of the year. we need a key forward to play that role, and Weid has proven beyond all doubt that he can’t be trusted for this year at least.
  4. Pretty simple. - which team is undefeated against top 8, and which team has struggled in most of their big contender games this year - who convincingly won the last game the 2 teams played in a strong 4 qtr performance - Who has no injuries, and who lost one of their best players to a Covid isolation this week - who has responded very strongly after their 3 losses this year, and who just got over the line to a weak bottom 8 team, that they very easily could have lost the odds are pretty spot on IMO
  5. Goody has a weakness for tough inside midfielders that torch the footy. We know they are his fav’s :- hopefully Chocko + oooze are helping him get over his obsession.
  6. It’s fascinating isn’t it. I wonder in history if there has ever been another inside midfielder finishing ~ 3rd in a Brownlow at a young age, who then basically never plays the same position again?
  7. Brayshaw back to defensive wing, Jordon back to primarily midfielder. Viney starting defensive half-forward flank, with occasional run in the middle. This is what has consistently worked - be pretty disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Harmes in the half-fwd flank, midfield rotations - depending if he has a tagging job.
  8. Maybe or maybe not. compare the pair:- 1 coach is undefeated against the top 8, the other coach has lost to most of the major contenders (Melb, Geel, Syd, Rich) Dunkley is looking like a big out. Can see their overly tall team back-firing.
  9. WOW 8/9 games, 0 assists......surely not? Surely he even mis-kicked one to an un-suspecting forward? how many assists Petracca and Oliver? (if you can find it easily)
  10. No doubt many of the views in this thread are harsh on Jack - reality is, a midfield needs a complimentary mix. Unfortunately for him, he is a poor man’s version of Petracca/Oliver. I am sure he would be a much more effective midfielder for other teams where he could compliment outside class. this is where the responsibility is on the coaches to identify the issue and not expose him (and the team) by playing him in the middle, with 2 other similar but better players.
  11. I will acknowledge his desire for the ball, tackling and pressure acts are impressive, and highly appreciated. Maybe selfish is the wrong word......but how else do you describe him getting in the way and cutting off Petracca/Oliver when they are in better positions to get the contested ball? And then Jack hurting the team by leaving us exposed on the outside Petracca/Oliver very rarely, if ever get in each other's way. Jack needs to urgently learn about cohesion, or hide himself on a flank....If I am wrong, happy to hear about it? but i just feel this has been a constant issue for a few years now
  12. Great post Dwight - and this will be even more accurate if we knock off the dogs this week (like I suspect we will)
  13. Oliver and Petracca have MASSIVE other strengths to offset their occasional kicking woes. Jack just has additional liabilities (gets caught too often, dumb, selfish) Don't want him traded, but do want him out of the middle. His role earlier in the year worked, why change this??? Oliver, Petracca and Jordon or Oliver, Petracca and Brayshaw are 2 midfield mixes that have been successful. Oliver, Petracca, and Viney has only very very occasionally worked. Great post Half Forward Flank - Spot on.
  14. Imagine being a forward knowing the bloke kicking to you has next to no chance of hitting you on a lead, if he is aiming for you
  15. Happy to stick fat with him, if he is used in a different role. Not in the middle. Instead, 10-15 possessions a game, mostly handballs - 5-10 tackles, and high pressure acts. to have someone playing 90% on the ball, that could reliably turn the ball over via long dumb kicks, was such a large asset for the Hawks. Not to mention the turnovers via being tackled when he didn’t play within his limitations. last night went straight back to 2019/2020, when Petracca, Oliver and Viney all played for themselves and looked like they were competing with each other to be best player - Viney is not smart enough, and constantly got in the way (and then left a free hawk in a dangerous spot)
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