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  1. Wind it up BT. I remember a game half way through the year, when he was being typically negative Melb :- the other commentator asked, “what will it take for you to believe in the Dees Brian” he replied, “I won’t believe in them until Max is holding up a cup” well, time to admit you were wrong and have a long holiday Brian!
  2. Plus we don’t want to restrict games at our new home away from home - Optus Stadium
  3. He has played some vfl forward, and a handful of his early AFL games were as a forward. showed promise. Natural leading patterns, and could take a mark :- even though he was pretty skinny back then.
  4. Think you may be missing the point. we acknowledge that Petty is likely a better defender than Tomlinson. But Petty potentially has more flexibility to be able to play both back and forward, where as Tomlinson is likely to be significantly better as a backman vs other positions. ie not saying Petty will be a better forward than back :- just saying Petty forward may be best for the team sometime in the future. Hence at some stage, if Tomlinson gets back to his best, the club will most likely trial Petty as a forward :- even if it’s just as a backup, or as knowledge that they can pull that move to gain a match-up advantage. Don’t stress yourself out :- we are talking about a great problem to have, re flexibility and optimising team balance.
  5. Because Tomlinson didn’t lose a 1 on 1 defensive contest in any 2021 game he played - that’s why. Petty & Tomlinson both gun defenders, but think Petty more potential as a fwd. your point is correct though. Don’t need to even think about this, until Tomlinson bangs down the door again.
  6. Agree with you Dee. assuming Tomlinson gets back to full fitness, definitely think Petty could be left field competition for Brown/TMac/Weid
  7. Even though Nev has gone and worked for the pies, I would be highly surprised if he would spread mis-truths on the topic. When he says "we could have lost Koz, if it wasn't handled delicately" (ie if he was forced to come back to training early), then I take his word for it.
  8. Nev, just explained that the club wasn’t keen on having Koz interstate for 1 month + at a critical time in the pre-season. But, Nev, Whelan and Maysie explained to the club the importance of the grieving time, and the need to support and trust Kozzie while he was interstate, and away from the main group.
  9. Sorry if already been discussed, but just slow-mo’d Trac first goal :- definitely not a mark, hence the smart decision to play on quickly
  10. Sorry Darkhouse, but I will choose to believe N.Jetta's views over yours. Listen to his 18 mins interview on SEN if you haven't already.
  11. "We could have lost him" but now we got him for life. Thankyou M.Whelan, Jetts and Maysie
  12. Every time after we play Geel the next few years, win/loss or draw, we should leak out that the players had gastro a couple of days after :- to just take the [censored] out of them
  13. Let’s hope minor elements of the grand final, such as “who ran past for a handball receive for Melb at the 13 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, on the right half forward flank?” come up in trivia nights we are at :- otherwise I am starting to judge/doubt myself re the amount of times I have watched the replay. Am not done yet either. It’s still not boring.
  14. Don’t stress bing. increasing media stories of anti-vaxxer deaths, will over-power this young ladies attention seeking efforts.
  15. Thurs night vs the dogs Touch the dogs up again & let Rich/Carlton know we are the new big dog on the block
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