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  1. Great news In line with term I heard rumoured Flip side of those rumours was who was a likely exit from the midfield group. Will have to chase some more mail and revert
  2. No surprise here. Unfortunately wasn't up to it
  3. Have heard strong rumour Jack is staying, as reliable a source as any others' on here I'd say (... so 50/50 I guess? 😉)
  4. Spot on One fumble and the opposition has opportunity to clear away with a quick tap or handball, and we've proved fumbling is a core skill of ours
  5. I've just tuned into this... FkMe🤦‍♂️ Did anyone hear if Gerard had anything to say on Sports Today on 3aw?
  6. Harley Bennell was obviously best placed to know what Freo would offer up Hence him giving up on our finals chances earlier
  7. Honestly this is more painful than watching Melbourne
  8. I knew it was Gil's fault Thank you for spelling out the details
  9. Lost the game off his own boot today... Perhaps he could've fitted right in! We'll never know
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