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  1. Zorko sooking it up makes me happy 😊
  2. Disgracefully umpired game both ways Paid half frees of a normal game, was twice as intense with heaps more frees payable than normal
  3. Did the AFL change the rules during the week??? High tackles, Throws, Trips all OK
  4. Happily give him a go ahead of Hunter. I'm so over watching Gunter butcher our momentum
  5. Halle [censored] lujah Maybe the penny has dropped at MFC Hope to see Tomlinson as regular starting KPD especially if Petty's somewhat successful experimental swingman thing turns into a regular event
  6. Then will be handed out free to school children all over the country
  7. GWS v Brisbane in the GF at the G would be funny for mine Thousands handing back tickets..... Wonder what the crowd # would be??
  8. Prefer the 🍊 🌊 give them an early exit
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