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  1. Like it Jordan move yes, Harmes tags Neale, Brayshaw more time wing Smith is a bit of a Hail Mary, but if he's body and match fit then I'd take it, and hope enough smalls and 2way run
  2. The wining score differential is about 2 goals We need to win with a margin and Saints to challenge Swans and clear us 2+ goals
  3. Why is there a problem with having a preference? When I go to the Pub I'll eat anything... But it's perfect OK that I prefer an Eye Fillet over a Parma
  4. If Pies win, we are likely 3rd, but FW final at the G against Coll if we beat Brisbane But Sydney look a lot better
  5. Looking more and more like our FW Final is either Sydney in Sydney - if we beat Bris Carlton or Bulldogs at the G in a knockout - if we lose to Brisbane
  6. He got pushed clean in the back 3 times last night When the "hands in the back" interpretation was relaxed it seems the push in the back rule has also been relaxed a lot
  7. Are we better off if Collingwood beat Sydney? 1 and 2 almost locked and both Melbourne teams Or do we prefer Sydney win a close game? Can't see either losing Rd23, reckon Carlton will be spent and StKilda won't help us Almost irrelevant if we lose, unless Freo and Sydney lose last Rd If we win, it's difference between Coll or Syd at the G in FW1
  8. The 50 wasn't for the acting unfortunately, but it should have been. Melk cleverly fained running around and a Carlton player was in protected area and lunged in towards Melk instead of moving away as he should have
  9. I thought we got a good run in general What pisses me right off is the difference in the HtB calls last night vs Coll game - last night was much more reasonable, last week the Umps were far harsher, 2 goals to Coll in particular Last night's non call on Silvagni, vs last weeks call against Jordan
  10. I'm concerned at a deeper level than this Lowering the eyes won't help when there's no one there to kick to Seems everyone is concerned with getting into defensive positions and we struggle to get fwd again then hit up a lead, so even on a fast break we end up going for an unlikely kick over the top to Fritta who's outnumbered and easily spoiled, then opposition walks the ball out with numbers Watching Jordan cover a couple of switches was frustrating, just refused to close down the player - zoned off and gave time for hard runners to provide options
  11. Yep Part of Brayshaw's contract negotiation I presume
  12. Thought we looked totally out of sorts in and around the contests We won the hitouts well, no surprise. We lost clearances, and even many of our clearances were scrappy, while Carlton seemed much cleaner Something has changed. One obvious thing is Brayshaw in there... ? Has that messed up the rhythm and ball movement?
  13. Got up to leave after the Carlton goal Luckily walked around inside of the ground towards Richmond station and rejoined standing room to watch the goals
  14. Watching the Kayo mini Carlton had the ball bounce nicely, or fall into their arms quite a few times Jack Martin goals are a worry, we'll have our work cut out keeping Charlie Cameron quiet next week
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