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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. Crows blatantly playing for frees Eat a bag of [censored]
  2. Odd timing to drop a puff piece after he stank up the G last weekend. . .
  3. If I barrack hard enough, could both these teams lose this game?
  4. Essendon winning all the stats, except the important one
  5. Fox footy running with: ‘Should’ve driven him to the airport’ Petty's form horrible and his demeanour wreaks of c.b.f'd
  6. A real 2nd tier contest here Bulldogs getting mauled by a B-grade side
  7. Petty What a complete waste of [censored] space he was tonight Pathetic
  8. We are very predictable at trying to ride the first contact Brisbane clearly prepared and came out with a plan to tackle hard and stick the tackles 83 to 52 +31 tackles when they also had +12 contested possessions and +50 uncontested
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