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  1. Brilliant back-head falcon spoil to drive the last nail into the Geelong coffin in FW1 2018
  2. I've been out of the loop, busy What happened to?: TMac Omac ANB All staying I presume?
  3. We need to find upside in our depth players and i think Hunt provides this Hopefully strings a few games in a row a performs like he did late this year
  4. Again wafty concepts like "Connection" and "Score Generation" are both baseless and subjective terms that can't been measured or compared And as for your observations. The one you outline for ANB is a shocker and simply contradicted by the objective facts, let alone any sense of "vibe" from watching on "Athletic endurance without skills" Disposals: Spargo 8.1 / ANB 9.0 Disposal Efficiency: Spargo 70.8% / ANB 74.6% Score Involvements: Spargo 3.4 / ANB 3.6 Pressure Acts: Spargo 10.8 / ANB 16.6 Tackles: Spargo 1.4 / ANB 2.4 As for the
  5. I meant the use of Footy IQ as a justification for giving a barely average footballer a two year contract It's carries about as much weight as using Caled Daniel as a comparison based on the fact their both short a~ses Spargo's performace doesn't provide an objective basis for a two year contract. Hence a requirement to draw upon baseless garbage to justify it. 2018 stats* 3.1 tackles per game (above average) 14.4 pressure acts p/g (average) 2020 stats* 1.4 tackles per game (below average) 10.8 pressure acts (below average) * AFL App
  6. The bloke bet on a game he was playing in... Honestly, if that didn't confirm he is a complete dead-s£it then I don't know what would? 🙄
  7. Jack Higgins played around half the games this year and last, a drop off from his 2018 performance, and missed both the GF teams He's reported to be leaving Richmond this year... I see the parallel you draw ET
  8. Watch the R18 Essendon game. And more specifically watch specifically the highlights of the R17 GWS game (2nd Qrt with 5:38 remaining) - Hunt and Picket start a chain of play deep in defensive 50 and 18 seconds later Hunt palms off a tap in the forwars goalsquare for Pickett to goal. Speed endurance and getting the ball I'm not trying to hide the fact Hunt has being missing for a good part of last 2 years (mostly due to selection) And ANB started to imapct this year, MRP aside (ffs), coincidentally same age a Tracc who had a breakout year But those two have Spargo covered twice
  9. Just because they're both short doesn't mean there is any reason to draw a comparison between them With a two year investment, I hope I'm proven wrong, but I've really not enjoyed watching Spargo in our team. Sure, he's had a few good games and been a part of some good passages of play. But he's more often been completely ineffective and as you call out needs to: - build endurance and strength - get to more contests - stick more tackles Questionable "to-do list" for a 3 year player being extended for 2 years (and quite surprisingly to be frank) Concerns
  10. Listening to Daniel Andrews this morning... Nothing excites me about 2021 😡
  11. I agree with you somewhat, but, out of 8 on the board of a Football Club, I don't mind there being someone who has a strong background in Football to provide perspective on football operations and a bit of Heart and Soul of the club doesn't hurt either. Brendon Gale is probably the most successful administrator in the game at the moment and he falls squarely into your category of "past players being involved in football or administrative operations". His resume did include a stint at the helm of the AFLPA but otherwise largely comprosed his 244 games at the Tigers before taking over as CE
  12. The Caro story referencing a group of former players and the board is too much of a coincidence for me. Green and crew represent some big, truly Melbourne names from a relatively successful time and they carry some sway.
  13. A Caro Wilson article of September, said a group of former players were making calls to find a challenger to Bartlett on the board as they were unhappy with direction of the club. Fair chance a few of Green's contemporaries were a part of that group and potentially Green's appointment is an olive branch to that group.
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