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  1. Bang! Appears to be a good atmosphere down there Bring on Tracc contract!!
  2. Also a highlight was Kozzie giving him lip after he gave a free to KP. There was something left hanging from half time siren Champion footballer, butalways gives a hard-done-by display which is rich for a bloke who's professionalised the art of getting soft frees He lacks the humility of a Dangerfield/Ablett Jnr who show much more respect when beaten
  3. Was excellent coaching and good execution by the players Not sure who negated Guthrie in 1st Qrt but saw Jones playing tagging fwd role in 3rd and 4th on Tuohy and others. ANB, Spargo, Pickett, Sparrow all played great defensive roles Viney and Tracc smashed them in the guts and Oliver did his bit while fending off a hard tag. Even Tmac had a good contested game The pressure from everyone was the massive highlight for me! I am pumped to see us grind a good team, particularly when they had a great 10 minute stretch to narrow the gap
  4. Great win boys Pressure, run, "connection" and a team effort I love it!!
  5. Booooooommmmmmm Even the umps can't cheat us out of that one!!!!!!!
  6. Guthrie getting plenty of it They are defining the flow of play
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