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  1. Appreciate the sentiment. Obviously, I'd also prefer we stopped this happening and think we definitely have to stop it happening with the same regularity. But, for balance sake, the times we got on runs must be considered (as fans of opposition clubs would lament their own side's defensive lapse). ROUND 1 Kicked 10 in a row from the 6 minute mark of the 2nd to the 8th minute mark of the 3rd. Won by 30. 2 Kicked 7 of the last 9. Won by 22. 3 Never really got a run on (of goals) Did kick 3.4. in a row. 23 scoring shots to nine in the 2nd and 3rd terms. Lost by 29. 4
  2. Some of you cats are joking, aren't you? I'd be disappointed if they weren't sledging like this.
  3. I just can't see us losing any of our important players to another club.
  4. I hope he gets the support and care he needs.
  5. Now that it's been established there's no interest, can someone please clearly explain to me what's so wrong with Rockliff?
  6. A few years ago Demonland sponsored Jasmine Garner. Glad to see she got picked up...unfortunately it was to the Pies! Hoping for a cracking league.
  7. I think we'll know a lot by quarter time. With their more defensive playing style this year I think the dogs will enjoy the rain. They have only lost one game by over 25 points this year and have won the last two against Sydney - both up there. Obviously it's hard to go past Sydney but if the dogs are in it after quarter time I think momentum could do a lot for them.
  8. Praise Bevo! Geez I hope the Dogs get it done tomorrow.
  9. Had a photo with him once. He turned to me and casually quipped "come on mate, stand up." Needless to say I already was!!
  10. Hope for it to take off and will definitely give it time but expectations should certainly be tempered. 6000 for an "all star" game with free entry should be kept in mind. Those saying that that's the best talent in the land, however, are forgetting how many potential stars there are out there that haven't entered the fray for whatever reason. Many more skilled girls will pop up soon.
  11. Considering the blokes he plays on and at the standard of midfield protection in front of him, that's pretty good. Not to mention it was probably 34 after 21 games...
  12. Can't help but feel I disagree... 2013 Quarter Statistics Quarter W D L For Against % 1st 7 1 14 52.49 (361) 87.80 (602) 59.97 2nd 2 0 20 52.58 (370) 105.81 (711) 52.04 3rd 6 0 16 50.50 (350) 1
  13. "Pedo's wins": GWS, Collingwood, Richmond, Gold Coast, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide "Pedo's losses": Essendon, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs I agree that the occasions he was left out had me baffled.
  14. Now you're getting it. Although, after today, you'd have to argue that if we'd have kept him we would've been top four.
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