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  1. He's already had two seasons in which he's kicked 40+ goals. That's insane for a 21-year-old small forward.
  2. He's off his head. Langdon was exactly the kind of player we were lacking when we recruited him.
  3. Oh well. Weideman's career at Melbourne hasn't panned out in the way we hoped but he'll always live with that Elimination Final.
  4. Oliver's football resume to date: -3× All Australian -4× Best and Fairest -2× AFLCA player of the year -Premiership player It's insane to think that this guy is barely half way through his career.
  5. Sickening to watch Geelong play well. And a comment on how we let things slip up.
  6. We've only woken up when it's too late. Infuriating.
  7. Imagine if all our players were as accurate as Fritsch.
  8. He must be livid about tonight's result. He almost carried the team in the third quarter. He's an absolute freak. I don't know where we'd be without him.
  9. Oliver's will to win is off the charts.
  10. Spargo's been on fire this quarter.
  11. I'm glad thad Fritsch's season has been recognised. I'd go so far as to say that he's been the best medium forward for two years.
  12. I honestly won't be bothered if we end up playing at our first final at the SCG. I always back us to win big games outside Victoria.
  13. What a win! Without a doubt that was our best performance of the year. I knew from the opening bounce that we were on. Our forwardline finally clicked. Brown, Melksham, Pickett and Fritsch can all take a bow. Bring on the Swans. If we play like we did tonight, we'll have them covered regardless of where we play.
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