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  1. I never understood why he copped so much criticism in the home and away season. When players return from foot injuries, it can take some time for them to get back to their best. His performance during the finals showed why the club rates him so highly. He was easily in our best 3-4 players across the entire finals series. We're clearly a better side when he's in the team.
  2. As he should have. His only season that was well below par was 2019, when the entire team was struggling. He actually showed glimpses in 2020 but kept getting dropped after one or two ordinary games. I think 2021 gives the best indication of how good he really is. He was excellent.
  3. Oliver's 2020 season: AA squad and top 10 brownlow finish Buckenara: "Oliver is replacable." Petracca's 2020 season: AA midfielder and top 2 brownlow finish Buckenara: Lists Petracca as a b-grader I get the vibe that this guy has never watched Melbourne very closely.
  4. He was one of my favourite players. He was easily the best small defender in the competition during his peak years (2017-2018). He was one of the most brave and loyal players we'll ever see and his field kicking was elite. Jetta and Jones retiring in the same year feels like the end of an era.
  5. Fritsch is a star. Had an outstanding year. At the end of last year people were critical of his inaccuracy in front of goal but he addressed that issue very quickly. 59.24 is a great achievement. Also worth remembering that he kicked 12 goals in our three finals games. You couldn't really ask for a better finals series than that.
  6. Brayshaw was simply inspirational in the third quarter. His composure on the wing was a major reason why everything started going our way.
  7. Um... yeah he's the right guy. Anyone who questions a coach whose team has just won a flag by 12 goals is simply losing the plot.
  8. Words cannot describe how amazing this feeling is. We are easily fielding our best team in decades. Petracca is an absolute superstar. He's been incredible the entire finals series. Langdon and Brayshaw are surely the best wing duo we've had in a long time. Fritsch has become a genuine star forward. We're just a great team.
  9. Those were probably the best 15 minutes I've ever seen from the club. I'm really proud of the way Brayshaw has come along lately. He's really starting to become an excellent wingman.
  10. Seriously? He kicked 6 goals in the first two games of the finals series. He was poor this quarter but to say that he's been poor the whole finals series is just wrong.
  11. "What a success story Tom Mcdonald has been. On the trade table at the end of last year and has come back firing." "They could use Hunt's run and carry from half back." "The ball magnet Jack Macrae." "What a comeback story the dogs have had. Coming from fifth on the ladder and putting themselves in a position to hold the trophy."
  12. How Fritsch only got one vote in that game is beyond me.
  13. Tonight is really showing that Salem and Langdon don't get as much attention as they deserve. There have probably been three games so far in which they both deserved votes.
  14. It would certainly mean a lot to me. The period in which I've supported Melbourne hasn't been pretty by any means. I started following Melbourne in 2009 and since then we've only made the finals twice. It took me such a long time to see what success looks like. I'd consider this the first year where I've actually had the chance to watch the team be dominant on such a consistent level, so winning the flag would be the icing on the cake. Losing the grand final this year obviously won't be the end of the world, but I think most of our supporters have been waiting long enough for us to break our drought.
  15. Yep. If Goodwin and Yze are isolating then none of our players should get sick, so I don't know why people are predicting disaster just before we finally get the chance to play in a grand final.
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