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  1. Brayshaw uses his non preferred the most but it’s rarely a good kick. Kozzie is the best on his non preferred.
  2. Just waiting on the origins of BH’s name, if there are any acronyms, abbreviations or initialisms involved before I decide on whether or not he’s a good pick.
  3. Robbo for his game down at that Geelong [censored] hole alone.
  4. Is that his name? You’d think it was Ron Barassi the way he gets mentioned any time he touches the ball. Annoys the [censored] out of me. Anyway great news, always been a fan, couldn’t be happier.
  5. Hewy’s Cooking Adventures has trimmed down a bit.
  6. lol jesus, that’s your concern? Don’t bother Or wear your sailor moon buns so everyone knows it’s you.
  7. Makes perfect sense, needs someone to put out all his spot fires.
  8. He is more like Dangerfield than Dusty, but simply stronger and a tad better. But ultimately the big games set Trac and Dusty apart. They thrive on the big occasions whereas Danger tries too hard and his class drops (which he lacks sometimes anyway). I still find it hard to believe I’ve finally got champions on my team. For years I’ve talked to mates about them having Pendlebury and Buckley or Hird or Robert Harvey or more recently Dusty. I’ve been envious. I had Stynes growing up but even that isn’t the same, he was a workhorse. Having Trac and Oliver and Gawn in the headlines week after week. Mates talking me about being jealous of our midfield and how good x or z is….it’s a foreign feeling, it’s about time and it’s awesome.
  9. Each to their own but Richmond were/are horrible to watch for me. Annoys the [censored] out of me when we get compared to playing like them. Defensive set up yes, everything else, no. That rolling maul slap it on and anywhere style Richmond had with the ball was ugly as [censored]. They looked good when the skis got to the downhill part and Dusty was one out. Since 3qtr time round 23 we’ve been more exciting than any team in recent memory. There were glimpses during the year. But that was a finals series for the ages. Good luck halting this momentum.
  10. A bunch of us did this years ago on here. I only mention it because I went alright.
  11. Adelaide got slightly better. Carlton got better (shaking in my boots). Apart from that, sweet [censored] all. Successful trade period by us even if we did absolutely nothing. Oh I forgot Max will need a huge preseason to combat the 80 point gap Geelong just closed by obtaining Ceglar.
  12. Dumb by all parties. And I love it.
  13. I herd he was going to Adelaide to play with Billy Frampton.
  14. Me too. Big fan of the new rpfc [censored] on the graves of these former powerhouses.
  15. I’ve been baffled by this [censored] since the succession presser looked like an ISIS hostage video. Blowing up the club for Sam Mitchell? Sorry, what has he done in coaching again? Goodwin did his full apprenticeship under Roos as he lay the foundation. Was never a guaranteed success, but it was a well executed, professional plan. What sort of [censored] bizarro world am I living where the club who’s success and professionalism I’ve envied for years is a mess, while we’re the toast of the town.
  16. Just a reminder that we played them for 6 hours this year. They were better than us for a whopping 10 minutes.
  17. Line up a schoolyard pick and Gawn goes top 5 on this years performances. Easy. Fritsch gets a caning on here anyway so I’m not surprised people don’t rate him at 16. 60 goals for a forward pocket, some key forwards don’t even get a sniff at that these days. Every coach will kill for that. Dusty wasn’t great even when he was playing. Missed with the kidney, Hibberd didn’t let him touch it and missed the next game so there’s another 2 he was absent. Decent list from the buffoon. And this Brownlow mindset has got to go, it means [censored] all.
  18. They’re hardly going to show him slinging it into the hotdog stand in a highlights reel now are they.
  19. Isn’t it great having a trade week where none of the available players are better than what we’ve already got.
  20. Let’s not forget he missed 1 game with a fractured eye socket. Soft. Returned 13 days later and destroyed the Richmond forwards on the big stage. Gold Coast must seem like a lifetime ago.
  21. Could you love this bloke any more? I just watched the ANZAC eve match, incredible in shocking conditions. Had 38 and a goal, yet it didn’t hold a candle to his Norm performance. To be already back at work shows the elite mindset. I can’t believe one of the very best is on my team.
  22. I’m not convinced yet. Seems a bit selfish winning Rising Stars and Premierships at 20.
  23. If you think a system that has worked for a year and a half, that’s now absolutely smashed home a flag, and has had no cogs removed is suddenly going to fall apart and miss the finals, you haven’t been paying attention. Winning a flag didn’t give you any relief at all, did it?
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