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  1. Would mean nothing. I wouldn’t have felt fulfilled if we win last year. Full season, full quarters, full finals series. That’s a premiership.
  2. 1. They have all kicked a football. 2. They all have hair and skin. Easy.
  3. Garry Lyon 3 times over the years. First when I was kid playing for Bentleigh Juniors he took training. I was the only Demon and felt like I got all the attention. Again when I was on a school excursion in China Town, I was copying same lettering and he and Jimmy came and had a look at what I was doing, it was at that point I wished I’d put some effort into my work. Then as grown person at Crown cinema, saw him grabbing some Skittles and went and had a chat. Then sat behind him in Rush Hour, it dawned on me I felt like a stalker playing the long game. Jimmy again at the footy a few times, nicest bloke. And just a hello to Mr Flower which was awesome. My younger brother was crossing Nepean Hwy one night in his mid teens, Trapper pulled up to the lights in a taxi, hung out the window and yelled “Get on the cones!” and that’s my favourite footy anecdote.
  4. It’s the behinds per second rule.
  5. Geelong play the worst footy, I cannot understand how they’re top 4. Im not sure what Carlton are playing.
  6. Imagine if Goodwin played Lever down back for 4 minutes, then in the ruck, then tagging a defender then on the bench then in the ruck again for no reason at all.
  7. Did it on the opposite wing too. Not to mention Petty looking like Usain Bolt in a race to the ball with him.
  8. I’ll watch every other quarter through the mirror on my ceiling then.
  9. Was talking about this last night. We used to have talked up embryos coming in to save the team under all sorts of pressure. This round we saw Jimmy Toumpas getting subbed out with zero touches in his day. Now they play when they’re ready, with pretty much zero hype outside of MFC. Come in and not only play well, they’re all important parts of the team. Warms my heart. Absolutely love Jordon.
  10. Best defence in the league, mate. Don’t need an out of form forward thrown down there just to see if there’s a spot for him. I understand the thinking behind it. But this is not the season for it.
  11. Yeah play him in defence, sick of seeing Lever, May and Petty clunk marks. I need dropped marks in defence back in my life.
  12. Are Brisbane tanking? How can you possibly win without your barometer? I was looking forward to Steven May putting beast mode into sleep mode. Not optimistic about this one. Langdon is huge, not only the solid 20 possessions and 100’s of metres gained, but the assistance and bail out he provides the defenders.
  13. He’s over the hammy issues He has pace, he gets 40 touches a game, has AFL experience. Dream pick up. But he can’t kick.
  14. If the clubs were having a bbq and needed a butcher.
  15. You are kidding yourself and don’t watch those teams closely enough. Motlop, Charlie Cameron spent half of last year and the start of this choosing when to put in, Gary Rohan... basically every team has em, and people forget how hard forward pocket is to play consistently. Look at Rohan and Cameron or Betts or Papley when they have a bad game, they all look like stinkers, comes with the position.
  16. And we’ve got Stkilda and North to look forward to! Electrifying sports entertainment.
  17. On fire at the G! 3 goals in about 35 minutes, exciting stuff!
  18. This Geelong side have played some of the worst footy I’ve seen this year. How they are 3rd I’ll never know.
  19. Haha is that all he wants Lipinski to be. Wants one of the softest wingers to become Oliver. No worries. A preseason should do it.
  20. I can’t believe this lockdown. I’ve been looking forward to going to North v StKilda for weeks! Damn you covid, damn you!
  21. The lesser likes for me. Harmes, Spargbol, ANB, Jordon. So clean and hard and don’t stop working. Really good from those 4 plus Brayshaw shutting down a wing. Oliver is head and shoulders above their much lauded midfield. Great win in a weird to watch game.
  22. What a petty, hate filled thread. I love it. 1. Dangerfield. Flops around, always limping when it’s time to chase. But worst of all, tries to be funny when he clearly isn’t. 2. Selwood. Absolute champion that’ll leave the game with a reputation of a diving, throwing, sore loser sook. 3. B*tch mode barometer Mathieson. If you’re running with the name Beast Mode, probably better to not need 5 senior players injured before you get a look in. 4. Lynch. Goofy lookin velvet tack hammer. Can’t believe it took that long to get a Richmond player in the gun. 5. Papley. Wombats excrement is cube shaped. He’s a cubed shaped piece of human [censored]. 6. Dylan Grimes. Coz Rance retired. 7. Taylor Adams. One of those Sam McLure lookin heads that no one wants or wants to look at. 8. Nat Fyfe. You’re not that cool mate. 9. Joe Daniher. Yuck. 10. Those few Port kids that are all talented but I can’t tell the difference between. All cocky and celebrating and stuff. And their stupid pregame song. No. *If he didn’t play for us Jake Lever would intercept one of my spots.
  23. Kicked a goal then mimed ripping the shirt open like superman and stuck the forehead and his massive underbite into Baker.
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