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  1. I was just about to give this answer... some time next year
  2. Paul Prymke? No no it was good ole super boot Bennet - but he was quickly surpassed by a certain number 13 Paul Prymke is another reminder of up and coming players cruelled by injury - oh what could have been in the mid 90s
  3. I ordered the number 9 guernsey too - then the next year Alan Johnson retired ... I considered painting a 1 next to the 9
  4. That must be how the ice got into Bailey Smith's veins ...
  5. He ate Lion for breakfast, Cat for lunch, and Bulldog for dinner
  6. Just get a texta and give him a temporary one
  7. There are some links (apparently more later) where the audio has already been synced: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/the-melbourne-replay-archive.1144478/page-14 at the bottom of the page obviously - you can watch online or download and keep
  8. I'll have to admit I didn't cry at all - I was just laughing - laughing and smiling - I think I've gone a bit mental.
  9. Why is everyone so hysterical on this site? Did something happen? Are the doggies leading at half time or something ?
  10. I haven't seen or tasted those in almost 8 years - I can find vegemite though - even tried vegemite noodles... I don't recommend
  11. You don't need to sleep - just skip it and you will feel naturally drunk and therefore delirious no matter what happens - surely nothing could go wrong Why did Gill prolong this?? :\ It's like a pregnancy that lasts 5 years
  12. I think I share your feeling to be honest - every time I payed attention live to the game we played this year we didn't do so well. You guys in Japan and HK should swim over here to Taiwan - there's no sharks - the locals swear. What's the best way to see the game live that the international community recommend?
  13. ooh none of them have appeared on Gus & Gawny - I will graciously accept the gold medal now
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