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  1. Apparently that's why they want the 14 day gap between PF and GF to give the MCG every chance. They will be happy with 50 000 at the MCG but I'm with you and cannot see it happening. Perth would seem to be the favourite, Adelaide's chance harmed by the Olympic quarantine farce.
  2. Friend of a friend who knows someone related to a taxi driver who reckons he knows someone who works for the AFL tells me the bye will be after the preliminary final to keep all options open for a Grand Final full (ish) house.
  3. Gerard Healy did make the point last night that we have somehow slipped under the radar despite beating Dogs and Lions in recent weeks. I was amused by David King's assertion that the Bulldogs are on the verge of a dynasty. I'd have thought you'd want at least one cup in the trophy cabinet before contemplating dynasties.
  4. Spot on. Top four competition is coming from Dogs, Brisbane, Geelong, Richmond and Port. I'm not at all sold on Port.
  5. An English teacher! An English teacher! My kingdom for an English teacher.
  6. This might just keep him in next week.
  7. Love your work joeboy. Hard to quibble with anything there but I'm sure some will find a way?
  8. You'd think so. He was stiff to miss a nomination last year.
  9. Blicavs and Cam Guthrie are out. It feels so wrong wanting the Pies to win but at least someone will be barracking for them. Every Collingwood supporter I speak to wants Buckley gone and fear a couple of meritorious wins will save him.
  10. Same here. Such a weird feeling not stressing over what could go wrong.
  11. That' the problem with omitting Jake Melksham. I'm really looking forward to the next three weeks. Get over Adelaide then back to back against the other two form teams of the competition. Bring it on.
  12. Mothers Day. Travelling like a busted a#@e. Interstate opposition. Welcome to the world we inhabited for so long. Only thing missing will be the predictable Caro piece banging on about our attendances.
  13. I think Judee joined the Dr Who ticket for the attempted coup. Fond memories of TGR, Rono, The Great Rono and whatever else he wanted to call himself taking on all comers re Jeff White who he just did not rate. Pretty sure he (TGR, not Jeff White) posted here for a while too after Demonology effectively went under. pure Witches Hat
  14. Saw it on the replay. It's a bump in the first quarter that slides up and grazes Franklin's chin. $3000 fine is a farce. Payback for Fritsch somehow getting off?
  15. If ever there is a year where the Anzac Eve crowd tops Anzac Day this has to be it. We got close in 2017 with 85657 as opposed to 87865. It will come down to the State Govt and whether or not they increase capacity. 14th v 16th on Sunday arvo or 2nd v 5th on Saturday night? No brainer.
  16. Of all the "expert" predictions prior to the commencement of the 2019 season he was the only one who didn't have us playing Finals. Just sayin'.
  17. How on earth did I miss that? I'd also have Garry Baker comfortably ahead of Kelvin Templeton as the best from Footscray.
  18. My bad on Wilson. Forgot he came via North. He replaces Icke and is replaced by Kelvin Templeton. Phil Read is a great get.
  19. With all the forum speculation on who we should pick up from other clubs I thought I'd trawl my memory (and AFL Tables) for the best from each. Broken up into pre and post 2000. Only criteria is that they must have played senior footy before coming to the Dees. Andrew Leoncelli and Brett Lovett don't qualify. Adelaide - Anthony Ingerson (121 games), Bernie Vince (100 games). Crows are by far the most fertile breeding ground. Brisbane - Nick Carter (3), Joel MacDonald (44). Very limited for choice! Carlton - Philip Pinnell (28), Jeff Garlett (78). Collingwood - Peter Moore (77), Chris Dawes (50). Essendon - Ray Smith (27), Michael Hibberd (72*). Honourable mention to Ken Roberts (12) for chasing Terry Wheeler down the ground at Footscray to belt him after being on the receiving end of a squirrel grip. Fitzroy - Marcus Seecamp (89), Nil. Fremantle - Jeff White (236), Viv Michie (21). Geelong - Nigel Kol (28), Brent Moloney (122). Gold Coast - Nil, Stephen May (25*). GWS - Nil, Dom Tyson (94). Hawthorn - David Flintoff (31), Jordan Lewis (55) North Melbourne - Stepken Icke (78), Cam Pedersen (64). Triple premiership hero Ben Brown to assume this mantle in 2024. Port Adelaide - Nil, Byron Pickett (29) Richmond - Laurie Fowler (140), Ben Holland (66) St.Kilda - Carl Ditterich (82), Nil. Sydney - Jamie Duursma (33), Nil. Western Bulldogs - Brian Wilson (154), Daniel Cross (39). West Coast - Darren Bennett (74), Nil. If I get time I'll do one for players going the other way. I'm scared it will just make me depressed.
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