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  1. So sports fans, feel like nominating your sure thing for the weekend? Pick any sporting event in any sport ... whether it be Footy, Soccer, Rugby League, Union, NBA, NFL, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Cricket or whatever takes your fancy. Just your best sports outcome ... 1 pick only will do but if you've got 2, go for it. Depending on how many outcomes are put forward we can collate them all together and perhaps scoop the pool. With these types of things there's always one sure thing that can jump out at us. And by combining our thoughts, we might just do ok.
  2. There will be enough sad/brutal (but accurate) 'three word' summary posts for 2019 (mine is 'we went backwards'), so to keep us in good spirits for what should be a better year (it has to, right!?), I thought I'd focus on some of the positives (it shouldn't be hard to list them!) What went right? What do we salvage from the wreck of 2019?? For me: - Another fantastic year from Maxxy. I know the commentators gush over Grundy, but we have the #1 ruckman, no questions. True leadership material, hopefully he figures more in this regard next year. - Fritta (who was finally playe
  3. Who's going tonight!? Who's watching from home? Share a pic of your game gear! I got myself a new guernsey (I had an old Tooheys one) because I wanted to mark the start of a new era. I'll be at the G tonight. Don't think I'll be able to work today haha. So excited! We've got this. Go Dees!
  4. Hi Team, just wondering if you could help me. I am looking for Greatest Finals Moments in Demons History. More specifically some play that an individual Demon pulled off that is so memorable, that when I said the greatest finals moments it was the first thing that popped into your head. Thanks guys interested in what you guys think!
  5. Saturday’s match kicks off at 4.35pm AEDT and will be broadcast live nationally on Fox Footy from 4.30pm. Melbourne AFLW team: round seven Backs: Jasmine Grierson, Mia-Rae Clifford, Katherine Smith Half Backs: Daisy Pearce, Laura Duryea, Richelle Cranston Centres: Harriet Cordner Half Forwards: Karen Paxman, Alyssa Mifsud, Lily Mithen Forwards: Sarah Lampard, Shelley Scott, Cat Phillips Followers: Lauren Pearce, Mel Hickey, Elise O’Dea Interchange: Emma Humphries, Maddie Boyd, Aliesha Newman, Ainslie Kemp, Brooke Patterson, Deanna Berry Emergencies: Pep
  6. 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Competition – Round 6 Adelaide Crows v MelbourneTIO Stadium, DarwinSaturday 11 March, 5.40pm Gates Gates open 3.45pm CST Access and Ticketing This is a non-ticketed event. Entry is free from 3.45pm! TV Times The match will be broadcast live nationally on Channel 7 and Fox Footy from 7.00pm EDT. Social Media Keep up-to-date on game day with our live coverage of the game on Twitter (@melbournefc) and follow the hashtag #AFLWCrowsDeesGet a behind-the-scenes insight into the day by following us on Instagram (@melbournefc), liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/melbournefc) a
  7. NAB AFL Women’s - Round 5 GWS GIANTS v Melbourne Friday, March 3 Blacktown International Sportspark 5:05pm JLT Community Series - Round 3 GWS GIANTS v Sydney Swans Friday, March 3 Blacktown International Sportspark 7:40pm Gate Opening: Gates open from 4:30pm. Tickets: Entry is FREE to both games for all 2017 GIANTS and GIANTS AFLW members with game access, simply present your membership card at the gate for entry (subject to capacity). You can upgrade your membership to ensure entry in to this game by clicking here and entering your barcode. Gen
  8. NAB AFL Women’s Competition / JLT Community Series double header NAB AFL Women’s Competition – Round 4 Melbourne v Carlton Casey Fields Saturday 25 February, 11.35am EDT JLT Community Series – Week 2 Melbourne v Carlton Casey Fields Saturday 25 February, 2.05pm EDT Gates Gates will open at 11.00am. Gate 1 is for membership scans, entering with pre-purchased tickets and those tickets purchased on the day and Gate 2 is for membership card scans and pre-purchased tickets only. Access and Ticketing Entry is free with a Melbourne Football Club membership. If you are not a membe
  9. NAB AFL Women’s Competition / JLT Community Series double header JLT Community Series – Week 1 Western Bulldogs v Melbourne VU Whitten Oval Saturday 18 February, 4.40pm EDT NAB AFL Women’s Competition – Round 3 Western Bulldogs v Melbourne VU Whitten Oval Saturday 18 February, 7.40pm EDT Gates Gates will open at 2.30pm for the men’s JLT Community Series match commencing at 4.40pm. Access and Ticketing AFL and Club access members have free general admission entry to the men’s JLT Community Series match. However, as access to the venue is subject to capacity and not guaran
  10. Game is on this Sunday out at Casey Fields @ 5:05pm. Free Entry too, hopefully it's a good turn out. Can't make game but I'll be watching from overseas as the game will be broadcast live on Fox Footy. Good article about the side here - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/aflw/melbourne-has-plenty-of-quality-midfielders-and-defenders-but-keen-to-create-new-avenues-to-goal/news-story/7fe074da4828d88522d79ec7d1f65f2d Player profiles here - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/aflw/melbourne-demons-aflw-player-profiles-for-2017-season/news-story/bbb832ccee571c018e14d8cabd7d3
  11. Watched a bit of this online last year and it's only gotten funnier this year. Absolutely leaves most current Australian comedy for dead, plus it's all footy. Thankfully the dees aren't too much the butt of the joke this week. http://m.afl.com.au/fridayfrontbar
  12. http://m.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-clubs-are-desperate-for-a-womens-team--heres-one-reason-why-20160408-go1vab.html Bastian EBA chief executive Jack Watts said companies in the insurance and finance industries in particular were interested in sponsoring women's sports, because women often made the household decisions in regards to their products. Many women's sports did not yet have the audience reach to justify potential sponsors' investments, although that was changing, he said. They're out of assets to sell," Watts said. Watts said clubs would not see a women's team
  13. I remember watching last years Fox Footy season predictions and Melbourne was predicted a couple times, possibly more, as wooden spooners. Was great scrolling through the list and seeing nothing but Bummers, Carlscum and Lions as finishing on the bottom. Until I saw this...
  14. Doesn't let up, does it? We convincingly beat a side who's the clear favorite to win, while Hawks get spanked by Richmond. Yet, there's still Hawthorn morons online paying out on Melbourne!! Seriously thinking Hawthorn may replace Collingwood as my most hated team, purely because of the obnoxiously arrogant supporters.
  15. Interesting read... http://www.sportsfan.com.au/burning-questions-for-2016-melbourne/tabid/91/newsid/186672/default.aspx?cid=SF_LOWDOWN_AFL_article_burningquestionsfor2016melbourne_260116
  16. With the tragic events of yesterdays results now well and truly sunk in and many questioning their faith I thought some reflection and confessions might be in order. I get on demonland to connect with fellow sufferers/supporters because quite frankly I don't have too many demon supporting friends. Thats just how it is. grew up that way, went to school that way and its still that way. But you know what, this team got in my blood, got in my soul and became a part of me I can't let go. So I don't care where we are. Im a demon through and through and I believe you guys and girls are too. In the ho
  17. On tonight at 7.30 if anyone is interested in hearing 1 Melbourne fan facing off against 2 rivals (a Saint and a Tiger)...especially after our shocker on the weekend. Also: a very tall...very lofty...very beardy guest will be on the phone...so if anyone wants to hit him up with some questions, go for it.
  18. Looking at future free agency targets. We still for sure need another group of players to complete a solid best 22. We have money in the cap, What targets and how much money would you throw at your targets? For Mine, Dan Hannebery is the player we need. One of the best two way runners in the comp. One of the toughest in the comp. Skills certainly improved and are now elite. What would be people worries/concerns? Thoughts/comments??
  19. I'm very interested to see how Brendan McCartney goes at the Melbourne Football Club. I think he is a man of great character who is highly regarded in AFL coaching circles. Specifically in his role as a development coach. It must not be forgotten the brilliant work he did at Geelong from 2000 until 2010. He was instrumental in helping to change Geelong's culture. The only issue is his unfortunate tenure at the Western Bulldogs as the senior coach. The questions need to be asked? Will he get along alright with Daniel Cross? Has he learnt from his player relationships at the Western Bulldogs?
  20. Congratulations to Michelle Cowan given the gig again to coach the Melbourne Demons female team! Hopefully they get a lot of support this year, great crop of players! http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2014-03-14/cowan-excited-to-coach-demons-again
  21. This Tumblr page hasnt been updated since the GWS match, whoever runs the page really should go back to posting on it. Its too funny not to be updated. Heres a link for those who haven't seen it http://beingademonsfan.tumblr.com/
  22. I believe the Dees are in need of a change of president, someone in possession of a lot more charisma and influence being my preference for the job. It's obvious the club president has an important role and is an essential part of a good team (Koch's takeover of port and their subsequent re-vitalization being an example of this). So my question is, Who's an ideal club president? Matt Damon is apparently a dee's fan, as is Ana Ivanovich, could they be the right people for the job? (Since they'd definitely be interested in the position).
  23. rpfc

    Josh Toy

    Junior star set to quit Suns for Victorian club Likely to be traded. What say the people who saw him in juniors?
  24. Hey all, i'm an American footy fan, and last year, I decided to support the Demons. Partially because I am a fan of Hamish and Andy, and heard Hamish was a Dees supporter, but more so, because of the rich history of the club, Jim Stynes, and a few players I really liked. I was so pumped to watch my first game as a Dees fan, I woke up at 3 AM to watch Melbourne get thumped by West Coast, haha not a very good start to me being a Demons fan. So at the time I became a fan, I sent an email to the Demons, asking a question about something related to the club. Anyway, I never heard back from them, ti
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