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  1. Happens to every club when you get this good. Decent players get squeezed out and hes probably only got 2-3 years left tops
  2. I'm very much against it. What makes it special is its scarcity. If you wanna give everyone at the club a ring or a watch for being involved in the season, sure go for it. But let's say something is created or they decide whole squad gets a premiership medallion, would the AFL then go and retrospectively hand out medals? The amount of medals would be farcical.
  3. I wonder what position Angus Brayshaw would have played this year if we had got Isaac Smith.
  4. He's played 3 games. Settle down Shaun, he doesn't "deserve" it more than any other player on the list.
  5. yeah its so much nicer, used to be a [censored]. I just love being a couple stations away from the MCG, thats the best part
  6. LOVE this one, Absolutely burnt into my memory that one. I think this goal was important in terms of creating confidence in his goal kicking: Big Maxy's chenana snap from the boundary against Gold Coast this year Chefs kiss
  7. Never been so excited you go tops off? I live in Footscray and I've seen like two in the last year on the streets, but then again I don't leave my house much with that whole stay at home order covid thing. I have three friends that are dogs fans around my age and they are ok. Only seen the one flag, got a little lippy but nothing untoward like richmond fans. they got put back in there place pretty quickly.
  8. Huge signing! Getting good kids at picks 18+ shall be vital to staying at the top for the next decade
  9. What gives me confidence is we learned a good lesson when we got smashed for those 5 minutes against the cats in round 23. Since half time from that game we have set up a bit more defensively in the middle at center bounces, since then we have won more of the midfield battle. I heard on SEN today we were the best contested team over last 4 games in the comp.
  10. He has played last round so I would assume so.
  11. well we've won 19 games so far this season, so with two weeks to kill it looks like ill be watching a game replay a day and two on Sundays
  12. 6 Gawn 5 Viney 4 Petracca 3 Oliver 2 Langdon 1 Salem
  13. The best I have ever seen the Demons play in my life. We are into a grand final and I am overwhelmed with pure happiness. Drink it in Dees fans. Drink it in.
  14. Tom Sparrow is built for finals, tough as nails.
  15. I think this is the best team we can put out at the moment and that is fantastic for us. Feeling confident
  16. I don't understand why this isn't on the 12th or 13th to give the media time to focus on the brownlow winner. Anyway I think the top 5 will be: Wines Oliver Bont Steele Petracca
  18. Haha, Jayden has absurdly long middle fingers https://fb.watch/7TZ8ykaRhe/
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