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  1. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1196608/aflw-live-stream-watch-the-practice-match-now
  2. Out of all the names mentioned in those two teams I consider Roughhead the only genuine KPF on those lists.
  3. Just off the top of my head Bulldogs in 2016 only had Boyd Hawks 2015 only had Roughhead.
  4. Max swings his hips when running in then pulls his leg across his body mid kick. His ball drop is not consistent action either. Ratten says he works on it all the time, even on his days off but he's being doing the above since I first saw him play in his debut. The have Jarryd Roughhead down there working with him, but I have not see an improvement. kicked 47.41 for the year.
  5. Like Christian Petracca almost drowning himself in a pool during training?
  6. What a way to recycle a headline. They have been off since pre season.
  7. Hmmm... the names left off the list are so perplexing. I would have expected May (winning defensive 1v1s and spoils) and Brayshaw (2nd in marks) to be there based on this years form. Maybe even Petracca (Most Goal Assists) but his kicking efficiency has let him down a bit in some games. From the other clubs: Jack Steele, Andrew Brayshaw, Callum Mills have all had elite seasons so far and are not there. Its also missing the man leading the Coleman in Charlie Curnow, and I rate Harry Mckay higher than him. Yet Taylor walker is there and isn't even in the top 20 for the Coleman. What The?
  8. His nickname at the club is Rick and we traded two first round picks for him
  9. De Goey not due back at the club until Wednesday... The media today: "De Goey No Shows At Training Today"
  10. I wouldn't worry about that one. He has another year to go on his contract and his best friend at the club (CP5) is signed until 2029. I see him as a one club player.
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