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  1. A quote from Kane in the article “The stand rule did nothing to improve the game, it made it harder to watch, you got sick of the umpires yelling ‘stand’ and you’re requiring teams to play with 17 players instead of 18 which is a joke." Isn't that the point/award/advantage of kicking the ball more than 15 meters and taking a mark? so the player opposed of you has to man the mark and be at a slight disadvantage? I think the AFL got itself in a hole when it started to allow buddys "natural arc" which is just rubbish, run in a straight line like everyone else
  2. Thank you both for elaborating on your points, I couldn't see Petty working at all forward so thats why I was seeking more from you. Definitely got nothing to stress about, (other than whatever injuries we cop in 2022) :)
  3. I understand that but Petty has always been a defender and IMO he is on par with Tomlinson. Tomlinson only lost 1 one on one and that was against the Cats after May went down with a fractured eye socket Our forward line only really clicked in the last four weeks and is pretty damn potent with Fritsch, Brown, McDonald, Spargo, Neal Bullen and Kozzie with Jackson coming off the bench. Who would Petty replace if playing there? Our backline has Lever, May, Petty, Salem, Hibberd and Bowey with Rivers coming off the bench. Who would/should Tomlinson replace? Im curious as to what makes either of you think Petty would show more potential as a forward?
  4. Why oh why would either of you want to take a 21 year old premiership defender out of his position he held down for 19 games and an entire finals series with no problems? It's Tomlinsons problem now to try and break into a premiership side
  5. Macrae got crunched 4-5 times hard in the first quarter. In the first 5 seconds Viney absolutely impales him, then Salem spears him like Goldberg about 75 seconds later. I don't think its coincidence they both went in hard on the same player. I think it was a directive to tackle him hard and rattle him. He had his second lowest disposal count for the year (by 1), I think the hits had an impact on him physically and mentally. I watched a lot of bulldogs games this year and he never got that sort of attention from opposition.
  6. We are the best team in the comp so I'm happy to play anyone. Don't mind playing the dogs round 1 but I'd love to see us vs Geelong round 1 at the MCG on a Friday or Saturday night. Save the grand final replay for round 3/4/5 when that can be the big feature of the round.
  7. I was sitting on the couch with my arms crossed hoping we weren't done and got this text message from my mate. I thoroughly enjoyed texting him back
  8. This play is one of my favorites of the game because his choices directly affect the Oliver goal after it. Daniels is playing on Sparrow, He leaves him to put pressure on Oliver (as Trealor is not going to impact or pressure his disposal at all) but by the time Daniels gets to him, Oliver loops the handball over to his man Sparrow, who is only on his own because Daniels chooses to leave him as Trealor can't catch him (who was having his own mental battles at this time, drops his head a lot). His actions (the shepard half bump) to me seem like a kind of "giving up" moment. He knows he's left his man open behind him. The very next play, as Oliver is streaming through a rattled Daniels doesn't leave sparrow to put pressure on since his previous decision gave Sparrow a goal just seconds ago. This split second decision Daniels makes to not go gives Oliver the space to go BANG BANG BANG BANG Man, I love footy
  9. Here is the reason why, I set the link so when you click it, it goes right to where Rick tells the story
  10. Any chance of Marty Hore getting on the Casey list for 2022?
  11. We almost took Billings, Roos rated him over Kelly but we got the Tyson deal done and took Salem
  12. By great I mean like GEE GOD BOY WOW. I enjoy a stupid fun call like that when the right energy in the game is there and at that stage of the Hawks prelim it was PTD, Party Time Dees. All your points are on the money and really well articulated. He is the most distracted caller out there yet dominates the call, I think have him with JB creates a bad unit, they are too good a mates and the call becomes way to relaxed rather than proffessional. I really liked it in the grand final when it suddenly dawned on him to give uninterrupted Daisy some airtime. She's fantastic
  13. it was his questions that got to me.. Oh boy he is such a great player, Isn't he? WOW what a play that was, wasn't it? I have a lot of respect for Bruce, I think he's in the same echelon as Dennis Commetti but I think it was time. Both those BT gems are amazing calls, up there with JB's Bang, Bang Bang Bang. The thing I've noticed about BT is that he is a bit of a downhill skier of a commentator. When the games great, he is great but when its a bit slow, contest to contest footy game; he is the worst commentator to listen to (excluding Kelli Underwood who is just the worst all the time). There was a Dees game where he couldn't stop talking about how quiet the crowd was. The crowd was silent as the gameplay was kinda slow at that stage of the game. It was pretty obvious but he just couldn't focus on calling the game. I just wanna hear about the footy
  14. Not sure about the tattoo, but he 100% is/was a Dees fan
  15. https://loader.to/en21/1080p-video-downloader.html I use the above website, just change the format to mp3 :)
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