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  1. They are completely different players for completely different roles. I watch him closely, as I do every player
  2. It blows my mind that you think Jack Viney can't play footy. We missed him the entire time he was out.
  3. Wouldn't a shorter game = less goals = less commercials = less tv rights money for the afl?
  4. We will not lose all 3 of those games
  5. NBA is far superior, but of course they have a lot more competition for spots and don't seem to obsess over having ex players on their panels. Marv Albert who is retiring this year is unreal. I got into the NHL over the playoffs and thought their commentary was fine. What I notice the difference is, is that they are way more focused on the play-by-play commentary rather than trying to be a jovial, funny bloke or point out dumb [censored] like what BT does.
  6. ^ exactly what i was gonna bring up. Anyone over 75% DE is superb
  7. He did and basically ended Oscar McDonalds career at Melbourne
  8. I understand the smaller forward line is intended to chase and pressure the defenders to lock the ball into our F50 however, that hasn't happened for quite a few weeks. The ball comes out way too easily with the smaller forwards getting outnumbered and out-marked in our forward line. Whilst were a high pressure side, the tackling doesn't stick or are at the level of other clubs, therefore I would prioritise good ball movement/foot skills and contested marking skills to maximise our chances at shots on goal. I'd rotate Jackson/Gawn going through the ruck, forward line and bench with Melksham/N-B to rotate through the middle and with Spargo/Picket/Fritsch as his kicking to a leading target skills are sublime. I'd have Jackson in the Ruck and Gawn in the forward line when either Brown or Tmac are on the bench, but then we also have the option to stretch a backline with height on a dry deck. Ben Brown also then takes the best defender and makes backlines worry and double team him, he will open up Fritsch and Tmac as better targets, Pickett will have more influence on the game with him as a target. Fritsch T.Mac Spargo Jackson B.Brown Pickett Bench: Melksham, Neal Bullen
  9. Anyone know of where to watch online?
  10. I really hope Ben Brown kicks a bag tonight
  11. Just came here to ask the same thing
  12. nice try buddy, enjoy your day being angry at everyone else for no reason
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