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  1. In my initial post I was talking about members with reserved seats.
  2. Because its the same seat as on your plastic membership card, If you don't have a reserved seat you would go through ticketek/ticketmaster
  3. Frawley's contract amount pushed that pick to be compensation in the first round after our first pick. Completely agree about your comment on management and coaching. Good management fixes clubs first.
  4. Email from the club said the plastic membership cards cannot be used to gain access. You still need to get your barcode through the melbourne app using your ticketmaster account on your phone. And it seems this has to be done individually per member
  5. Oliver Petracca Viney Harmes Jones Jordon Sparrow Brayshaw Melksham Pickett ANB And you could still throw these guys in the middle Jackson Hibberd Spargo Bedford Baker I think the midfield depth is fine
  6. He aint going anywhere. Why would you leave a club you've been at thats finally competing and will for the next 5 years? One injury to either Jackson, Brown or Tmac and he's in
  7. I think Burgo has this covered. Jog on David King
  8. My MFC top 5 1. Melksham 2. Weideman 3. Ben Brown 4. T Mac 5. Salem
  9. not worried in the slightest. I feel sorry for fellow supporters that worry about this kind of stuff. Enjoy the journey not the worry
  10. Right next to an even bigger statue of Peter Jackson
  11. He is the number 1 ranked small forward on champion data in 2021
  12. I hate Mark Neeld, but he did two good things. He brought in Jason Taylor and made some moves to get Jesse Hogan
  13. I think its between Trac and Lever too, both just ooze leadership
  14. Someones been a bit cheeky on wiki with his middle name
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