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  1. My bad didn't know there was already a thread, thanks someone for fixing that.
  2. Would we want him? Is this preposterous? I feel like something would be wrong in the world if you saw him in anything other than a Geelong jumper…but what if???
  3. I hate Brodie Grundy :( (not really...but like the kid in Love Actually hates uncle Charlie)
  4. Stay Brodie, the club is going to be better for it and I reckon you'll be much more valuable to the whole team than you realize.
  5. Would love to see him give it one more season, I think we'd be able to make something work. This year has been a bit strange, not a fair test for Grundy/Gawn in my opinion. Give it one more year fellas!
  6. Loved this news, love the Milkshake, so important for us next year and he's just a banger of a bloke and player...cheers Jake can't wait to have you back!!
  7. Sad way to finish career, thought he would have got the call up to senior side near the end there if it weren't for injury. Thanks Luke, wished we'd seen more of you.
  8. These commentators are just ex players, they aren't experts, they're mostly just mugs with a microphone. I do understand why heaps of people seem to be giving it to Melbourne more than other teams though. On paper we looked like we should have been in pole position all year to win the whole thing again, but we continued to squander opportunities and butcher situations in games that a team with so many elite players like Melbourne shouldn't have been butchering. It didn't make sense, and I don't think it's just Melbourne fans that are angry at Melbourne for letting this happen. Injuries aside, our kicking was shocking and we still could have won way more games if something so fundamental was being done better. People are angry with Melbourne, lots of people, what they did this year looks wasteful and I'm sure to some it even looks like their attitude in general is quite poor considering they are well and truly in the premiership window and it still looks like they just aren't working hard enough at being the absolute best they can be while in this window. I'm sure most footballers would kill to be in a team like Melbourne right now, and if they see them appearing to not work hard enough and squander an opportunity like this I'm sure that would make them pretty mad because they know how hard they'd work if they were in that situation. Think 2021 Melbourne...they were hungry, there was a drought to break...something has happened since then that isn't good and we all know it. We need to get it back because it's still there somewhere. One game of bad kicking and poor decisions and discipline is one thing...but it wasn't just one game was it. Most of the pundits are just mugs and are basically just a couple of blokes talking in a pub, apart from Gary Lyon maybe, and not just because he's ex Melbourne but he is very measured and you can tell he's a clever considered professional. Melbourne deserve way more heat than any other team right now, because they should be way better than most too but have managed to squander it. We know it, the mugs with the mics know it, and the Melbourne players know it too. It's just kind of sad because we all know they should have won both those finals and so many more games this year. I firmly believe 2024 will be a better year, but it seems like there's something at the club we're all missing, maybe even a work ethic or culture issue that crept in after the premiership win, who knows, but something isn't quite adding up as to why we aren't consistently kicking more a$$.
  9. Surely this is number one, two and three on the agenda for training...it's really the only reason we didn't win so many games...fix this and we're golden!
  10. Totally agree, baffling we let him go. GO GIANTS!!! Hell yes on their bandwagon, few ex dees players I'd love it if we still had plus they're playing great entertaining clean fast footy, the type I wish Melbourne were playing more of this year...plus they can kick straight!
  11. Completely agree, I've winged a bit but really we've done pretty well considering how much adversity we've had to overcome this year. We did squander the chances with poor kicking though, that aside we were in a position to win both finals games. Practice kicking over the break, and the young players with more experience will be better for it after 2023 and I firmly believe 2024 will look much better than 2022 and 2023. We are in a good position for next year.
  12. No forwards leading out, just look at Hogan with the Giants, would love to still have him playing the way he's playing now. Got to lead, and most importantly need to kick more accurately, can't win games without kicking goals.
  13. Salem is great, silly people. Practice the goalkicking FFS we kicked 17 points, would have won by multiple goals if we'd kicked a quarter of those properly! Oh and don't give away dumb frees, discipline please, DISCIPLINE!!! That goes for all the young kids, especially JVR and Kozzie. You are part of a team, don't forget that please.
  14. Kozzie needs to grow the F up, he's great but he's immature and could be 10 times better if he was mentored right and just stopped trying to be a rock star every time he gets the ball. I get letting him just do "his thing" but seriously, grow up, the team needs you to grow up and become Kozzie 2.0. Big fan of Spargo, he was excellent and showed maturity and really had me questioning why he hadn't played more this year. He's more of a team player than some of the other glory hounds and very important in my opinion. Enough of the stupid stuff, if Kozzie continues to give away stupid frees and reversals that can ultimately (and did ultimately) cost you big games, don't put him in the side until he's got a lid on that, don't want him!
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