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  1. Cal and Barrett both reported that Melbourne said they think he will train in the next session.
  2. Positive news, all the players were out there. Still the club would not leak anything if the players were under the weather because your basically raising the white flag.
  3. God damn it, for whatever reason i thought this was next week. I had planned to go and everything. Although i'm a bit under the weather today so it's probably best i don't show up.
  4. Neal-Bullen has been the unsung hero of the final series. If we win, Jake Lever and Christian Salem will have the biggest game of their lives imo.
  5. I'd be more annoyed if the AFL told us to wear the red back shirt over us choosing to wear it. It would be wrong for them to force us to change because a) The AFL let the doggies wear their home shirt full well knowing there is a slight clash. b) Officially announcing both teams would wear their traditional garb and c) we are the home team, doggies can wear white.
  6. Why? they win on points, which is what they need
  7. Anyone reckons we are a chance to get 38 from North for Weid? Then we bundle 33, 38, 54 for Doggies first rounder? Dogs want the points, we want to be top 20 for any trades / mac andrew
  8. We don't really need him, he would be icing on the cake in the same way that Maynard would be icing on the cake. We may need a key forward though.
  9. Bailey Laurie in the middle or do you reckon we target someone else? I feel like if we don't get Cerra we will just reset our draft hand, maybe try secure some future picks off other clubs to give us more bargaining power next year. We really don't need anything and have some reasonable players tied to the club we can nab for lower picks that can take the rookie spots. It will be a big show of faith for Sparrow, Jordon, Bowey and Laurie if we do end up cutting a few of the older heads, it means there position is more secure.
  10. In 131, had no troubles with the queue which is odd, i just re-queued for a laugh and there's only 12 people in it? Have these sold like hot cakes or are there just that many seats left?
  11. I didn't want it to be Lyon but i mean Mark Neeld can present it if we win it for all i care. In 2018 and earlier this season i had pictured Barassi and Danniher as a duo doing it. I also pictured winning it in a packed MCG. Lyon is logical choice as he is in WA. I think Gary has shown some humility the last few weeks on fox and is self aware enough to not
  12. Jack Viney might actually murder a doggies player for the win.
  13. Without trying to sound cheesy "The harder the fight, the bigger the prize." Dogs have been as good as us all year until a 3 week blip. This will be our hardest fight. But i'm confident we will knock them down.
  14. Just want to thank M_9 who sorted me out with a prio 1 code. As i can't edit my previous post anymore, i figured i'd leave a follow up reply.
  15. Dogs on a wide ground scare me but if May gets up i think we have their forwards covered. As much as Gawn won't play a game again like last night, Mitch won't play another like tonight. We really need to show up at the contest though. Everything is built from it, the Dogs have A grade mids on their wings and bench. Take courage from 2018, Eagles and Pies smacked their opponents before playing one of the best Grand Finals you will ever see.
  16. The one team i did not want to face, the bulldogs... To be the best you have to beat them i suppose.
  17. Long time WA demon fan with current prio 3 access. Willing to pay for prio 1. edit: or donate to a charity / the club
  18. I couldn't even get a ticket in the members section for myself so ended up settling for a group of 3 in a section our the wing. WA is a footy loving state, and i'm seeing a lot of neutral support for Melbourne. The boys will be well supported.
  19. Im taking 2 more neutrals who will be Dee's fans for the day.
  20. What do you guys think we will genuinely get for Weid if he does go? Do we take a chance and move on a player like Harmes? Hearing rumours of Sparrow to the Crows, what pick would we get in that deal? Neale being in play for Freo means they will want Cerra out asap so they know what they're working with to get Neale in. Only thing we currently have is a future first and no team would realistically gamble a future first for a team that could be top 4 next season. On Cerra as a player, i haven't seen a lot of him so i can't say i'm excited about potentially losing a tough kid in Sparrow to potentially make room for him. Especially if he comes in on 600k + when he's 21 into a side that could be premiers. I do like however, is that he's 21 and played 76 games. Sparrow is 21 and played 26? Granted one was a pick 5 and went to a team that was in a complete rebuild and the other was pick 27 and came into a team that made a prelim. However, Cerra is hitting an experience level peak that Trac, Oliver, Salem all hit 2 years ago. Getting a 21 year old in who clearly we rate if we are after him and his demands are 600k + who could be entering a boom period in the upcoming 1-2 seasons is very smart recruitment.
  21. If i'm Sparrow this is logical, he is far better than their kids are currently. Only problem for us is Sparrow hasn't cemented a spot in his 22 so we can't really get a high pick in return. Would be sad to see him go, he is developing nicely and isn't on huge coin.
  22. Inc pick 6 from Carton for Cerra. Freo offer 6 and 8 for Neale and Pick 14 from Brisbane. Brisbane drop pick 8 for T. Mitchell from the Hawks (maybe some later pick swaps). ------ This gives Carlton Cerra, for a deal that was looking expensive for their singular first rounder. Gives Brisbane currency to stay in the draft and a high pick to nab another star mid (Parker and T. Mitchell on market). Hawthorn get their draft currency. This deal values Cerra as a Pick 6 (overs for now). Neale as Pick 4 (he is a brownlow medalist and star mid for Brisbane while being under contract). And T. Mitchell as pick 6-10 (pending later pick swaps).
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