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  1. Not having any Harmes defending tonight. Who was he tagging tonight? because it didn't seem like he was close to anyone. Watch Bont's two plays in the last quarter and look who is standing next to him when the game got restarted. Now Harmes isn't the sole reason we lost, fair few passengers tonight. Also [censored] poor infront of goal again. Exact same scoring shots and yet it felt like we were only in it for about 10 whole minutes tonight.
  2. Sparrow must have parked in Goodys spot. How he is racking up games as a sub when James Harmes continues to stagnate bewilders me.
  3. It's [censored] hilarious the luck the dogs have had with the draft and (under previous rules) fairly playing the system. And don't get me started on the Swans. Apart from Viney this is our first player who we've actually got ties to as a club and they change the rules on us the very season he's eligible for the draft. No, i'm not implying a consiparcy against us but [censored] me do we draw the short straw a lot. Can't wait for F/S to be removed right before one of White's boys comes thru.
  4. Stupid, just give everyone their Bye now and be done with it.
  5. OUT: Langdon IN: Sparrow Push Nibbler to the wing.
  6. Agreed, for all the times i've critised him this season and last his game was brilliant tonight. I hope for more of it. Lever B.O.G for me being mindful i missed the first quarter.
  7. In hindsight, the Brown out was a bad decision. He went to the two's and did the less then Weid did against the Crows. Lockhart for Jetta is the only one up for grabs, just hope Viney and Salem are fit.
  8. No, but i don't see how that changes anything i've said. What Nicks said is hardly ground breaking. Every team in the league knows kicking a high long ball to a contest is death vs Melbourne this season. Why? Lever, May, Gawn and Jackson are always playing as a loose behind the ball. Gawn's presence behind the ball is the same as Lever's. The Crows knew what to expect when kicking it long. Lever had more Intercept marks and spoils and more a ton more intercept possesions.
  9. Two of his dropped marks led to Adelaide goals. Lever gets killed if he makes one mistake. I'm not saying Gawn was bad. I see a lot more positive performances then most here, but Gawn literally gave up 2, maybe 3 goals due to errors. His overall influence in a positive sense is hampered by those costly errors. Isn't that the point of a forum for discussion? In my eyes i'd rather Jackson who i can't recall doing any major errors leading to opposition goals and competed well all night.
  10. The Crows were chipping it short the entire game when they weren't running through the middle with handballs. Just saying they weren't kicking it long because Gawn was down the line is disingenuous, they were as scared of Lever as the 3rd man because they didn't have a tall to man mark on him. End of the day you're pointing out stats but like i said, i felt Gawn was all stats little influence. Jackson had a 5minute window in that 3rd were he rucked and it swung momentum. How is Gawn against an awful ruckman not giving us first use but Jackson is?
  11. Re-watch the momentum swings in the 3rd and the last. Jackson was rucking and winning us clearances.
  12. 6. Oliver 5. Petracca 4. Langdon 3. Lever 2. ANB 1. Jackson I cannot fathom giving votes to Gawn. He was up against one of the worst Ruckman in the league today. His game was all stats no product and to top it off, he made 2-3 mistakes that led directly to goals for the crows. Not good enough for the votes.
  13. North killed us for a half, they couldn't miss a target.
  14. We haven't got our match ups right. Tex is winning on the lead vs Petty but it's a win for Petty in the one on one. May has had one effective spoil all game on a 5 gamer. Lever has the small but Crows don't mind that as they are fine taking the short option and or trying to rove the pack. Langdon and Hunt are the keys for us to win this game. We need speed to match them as they are breaking very easily.
  15. If we could stick a tackle and keep a track of the matchups when running back we would be 3 goals up. May has had an awful game reading the incoming ball so far.
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