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  1. T. Mac will surely go ruck and pinch hit around the ground. Considering he's our 2nd best contested mark at the moment wouldn't be a bad thing to sit him infront of McKay
  2. 6. TMac 5. May 4. Oliver 3. Brown 2. Spargo 1. Salem
  3. As Nev mentioned, 6 clangers 60% disp eff from a 7 kick 24 handball game is not super.
  4. Spot on. And look i'm not against Harmes playing again next week (not my decision) and i will support when in the team. I hope he evolves, but he really didn't do anything the Sparrow couldn't have done tonight + Sparrow was better for Casey than Harmes was and was stiff to miss.
  5. Fantastic? I'm not saying he was the worse player just the most replaceable considering we have used Sparrow and Viney will be available soon. It's like people saying drop Brayshaw. Who are we bringing in to play as a winger? Baker was awful against North and just middling along at Casey.
  6. Brayshaw is a winger who is their to be an outlet. Harmes maybe could do the role, but is it really worth experimenting with?
  7. Yes, from going head down and bowling Nibbler over who had a clear run at the ball, to trying to feint his way through 3 sydney players instead of releasing a handball over the top to a running on goal Pickett, to Running 40 metres with the ball without bouncing instead of releasing when he had the first handball option he plays a contested, selfish brand. I will never doubt his commitment, passion or contested ability but he plays the wrong way for us at the moment. Sparrow would match his endurance and defensive efforts just fine in my eyes.
  8. Sparrow for Harmes. I'm sorry, but apart from 2-3 good moments in that game, Harmes was doing everything we shouldn't be doing. He just plays like old Melbourne.
  9. I feel like this our best chance to get one over Sydney at the G despite the injuries and the spectre of Franklin looming large.
  10. Harmes? my lord, if we lose my agenda is going to go off the rails.
  11. Gawn, McDonald, Viney, Salem, and Trac all lifers 😭 so happy
  12. Also gotta think Jones, Nev and Hibbo are potentially on the outer... but then you have to consider the bumper deals that we will need to offer Fritsch, Spargo, Kozzy, Rivers, Jackson.
  13. No Merret then. Rest of the coin being saved for Clarry in 2years.
  14. https://imgur.com/a/UjFeOuI Fritsch is very low, Powell is actually falling into the tackle because he had Petracca push him in his back. I think it's unfair to say his elbow is at shoulder height when both players are so low. I think if Powell isn't falling that's chest height and perfectly legal. This reminds me of Viney's bump where he and his opponent got pushed into the contest and Viney hurt the guy with the bump. https://youtu.be/P1Ax17RHH9A?t=206
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