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  1. I did see Simon Godfrey and Febey at Melbourne games recently - I was only mnaking the observation as it seems we have a lot of players from the Daniher era that are involved in other clubs
  2. hahaha, Gary Lyon there's a good one..i didn't say anything about the coaching staff being MFC ppl. It was a general comment. Remember that Dunstall and Brereton remained heavily involved in Hawks recently. Yes, we had Healey and Leoncelli, but the latter half of the Daniher era got shafted and a lot remain disinterested in the footy club. McDonald, Yze, Green, Bruce all spring to mind.
  3. it'd be nice if all our past players considered themselves 'Melbourne People' but sadly this is far from the case. We seem to have burnt an entire generation of Melbourne players and now see very few having much to do with the club or showing real support. The ones that come to mind that are involved are Robbo, Miller, Viney and The Ox. The rest just seem to have lost touch with the club. I find it very sad that players seemeingly don't feel a connection with our club. Hard to build a culture if there arn't past players around to teach it. I know there are some that will say that the previous
  4. Those in the media and here on DL that beg for the return of Howe to the forward line really need to look back at his kicking at goal. He is not a reliable set shot and too often does not finish his good marking work with scores. I believe that is why he was first moved to the backline. Really needs to work on his kicking to become an elite player. Its all well and good to have the flair but you have to master the basics too.
  5. This is one of the stupidest replies I have ever read on this forum? What is relevant to what I have said, how does your conclusion that I know nothing about what it takes to be drafted and remain on a list have anything to do with the point I made about continuing to support these blokes who break their contracts relate? In a normal job if an employee breaches contract and quits, does the business continue to provide financial support and emotional support? I hardly think so. The result of what we have done is that we have had [censored] thrown in our faces, first Jurrah and most recently Cla
  6. I will be honest and expect to cop some flack for my view, but I am sick of the MFC saying they will continue to support these players that walk out on the club. Jurrah, Clark and now Barry. I know it is probably all about being socially responsible and player welfare but I am getting sick of it. This generation of players are a bunch of fragile pea hearts who have no loyalty and are all looking for the easy ride to success. End Rant
  7. Has he nominated Geelong or Hawthorn as his 'club of choice' yet. I agree with all who say the draft age needs to be raised. It is too young and not only do kids not know what they want out of life but clubs can't reasoanbly predict if a player will make it at AFL level. Bodies havent developed, its a huge step from schoolboy/TAC level footy...i would make it a 21 year old draft age and create a legitimate u21 state league.
  8. Besides the 'Port Looking' strip (may also be referred to as the Sydney Roosters' design) this woul be my preference. If the shorts need to be white, so be it.....
  9. hahahhaa...I thought I would throw it in there
  10. I like the MFC monogram 1000 times more than the stupid Schwabby shield. The shield looks ridiculous on apparel. I was hoping that we would do something about bringing back the demon into our logo
  11. I don't like playing AWAY against sides who have made Etihad their HOME (ala Carlton and Essendon). Correct me if I am wrong, but haven't we had AWAY Games at the G against these sides last year as well? I can the see why the AFL do it, trying to make up for our lack of HOME games against high profile clubs at the MCG but it annoys me as we don't receive the gate. The MFC should come up with some strategies to make money off of these games in any event, the Dees fans do show up in big numbers at the G whether it is home or away. Just coz we are not the HOME side we should look at alternate way
  12. should we now turn our attention to Taylor Hunt? Has officially been delisted by Geelong
  13. Yeah he sounds lik our usual draftees, injury prone and unlikely to fulfil his potential. Also struggle to play seniors this year. He is a shoe in
  14. School finished at three p.m. mate, that's a whole four hours to get to the game, unless you are comming from Albury I can't see how a Thursday night game is hard to get to and you have all of Friday for your children to sleep in and do sweet f.a. As opposed to a Monday after a weekend when kids get home at 6 hyped up and have to be ready for school the next day as Queens Tuesday isn't a holiday. I am certain that a King's Birthday game would replace Queen's Birthday, it is unlikely they will scrap QB holiday, even Canada still have QB holiday. It would be highly offensive to the monarchists.
  15. IF we lost it the AFL would compensate with another 'blockbuster'. So what if it's not on a public holiday. I would rather it be on Thursday night before good Friday or ANZAC eve. That way I can enjoy the game and celebrate after, Monday isn't that appealing to families
  16. Spoke to one of my very good mates at a wedding over the weekend who is very close was a recently retired Collingwood player (I know it sounds like the Judd's grandma's baker's son srtory, but I am legit), anyway, said friend had a night out with H recently at said former Collingwood players wedding and his impression was nothing like the media portrayal that has been out there. He assured me that H was one of the best blokes going around and that he was a bit of a lad that does has fun. Although he can hold his own in an intellectual discussion. The two have remained friends since their meeti
  17. Mitch Clark is a [censored] and I wish him nothing but injury and misfortune for the rest of his career. He made many of us believe in him and that he cared about the MFC but as we now know his whole personality is a fraud and he used his "depression" as an excuse to get out of the club and move on elsewhere. Whether we wanted him on the list or not is besides the point, Clark should of put his hand up to be on a rookie list and work hard on the off season to prove he deserved a spot in order to repay all we did for him. Instead he packed his suitcase full of cash and [censored] off to Geelong
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