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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. i just wanna play finals. Do that this season and i'll be happy. The season after that (2019)...well that's another story...
  2. deserves everything and anything positive thing that this football club and the football world offers him now and in the future. Has been the soul of this club for 5 years now. Will retire an absolute legend of the MFC, but geeze it would be nice to see him get to 300 and raise the premiership cup!
  3. Hogan has had scans today, according to mark stevens. Precautionary says dees officials.
  4. i struggle to see a role with him except now as a depth player if melksham/hibberd/jayden hunt go down. shame, i had great hopes when he debuted against the suns and kicked that rippin' goal.
  5. I actually saw Trac in Bali. Had a Bali dart (ciggy) tucked behind his ear too. Bit of off season fun, so i wouldn't stress.
  6. and no mentioning the following forbidden cursed words: will be elite
  7. Ummm. Why the holy hell would we get rid of Jeff Garlett?! He is 27 years old and kicked us 29 goals this year. Wasn't his best year but will be better for our inclusions and anothe year into the young blokes.
  8. J. Lewis features in quite a few of them. Glad he plays for us now.
  9. Fine by me! I live in geelong but I'd prefer to play them in Melbourne. The game last year was depressing.
  10. Very happy with the Dees draw. Only get one Friday night game, but get 3 Saturday nights, a queens birthday and Anzac Day eve. Play the firs 7 games in Melbourne, the last 3 in Melbourne. Have no etihad stadium home games. Only play two of last years top 8 sides twice, and one of them is north Melbourne. We also randomly play Geelong at etihad stadium and it's THEIR home game. Very good chance of us winning a bunch of games early in the season putting us in good stead for a crack at making finals.
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