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  1. Posted on Instagram as well. Declared this is his last weekend in Melbourne before heading home to Perth. You can rule out ever seeing him in red and blue again I think. Expect the Dockers to make a play for him next season.
  2. Hi Giles, Not sure were you leave but there is a footy memorabilia shop on Smith Street Collingwood that sells old woollen style replica guernseys. If you can get there its worth it. I think they are about 40 dollars at most. I have several. here is a link - http://www.memorabiliaonsmith.com.au/ suggest you call and see what they have mate
  3. One simple change "It's Melbourne's Grand Old Flag, Its the towns high flying flag, it's the emblem for you and for me. The emblem of, the team we love, the team of the red and the blue....."
  4. hence my initial point. we need to stand up on this issue
  5. Amazing that Collingwood have been allowed to wear their predominantly black jumper against Carlton tonight. AfL have.rules for some
  6. Thanks everyone..got the smart player to work. Annoying size like people said but still enjoyed it. Yesterday was a great day.
  7. Cheers Pennant..i did go to the AFL site but it said i needed a pass
  8. Anyone know where i would be able to download the replay online? Unfortunately still waiting for foxtel to connect me..taken 4 weeks...would love to watch it again. Cheers
  9. Can anyone compile a list of teams we generally wear white against?
  10. No thanks..i would rather wear white
  11. The only thing missing here is if you read into what he posts on Instagram, he seems very content with the opportunities he has in Melbourne. He seems to love all the creative people he has met here. He has rented studio space here in Melbourne. I don't think there is a go home factor so much.
  12. Oh sorry Stuie..I misinterpreted you..I will see on other thing on that particular head though, it is rather aggressive and demonic...i don't know that it is exactly kid friendly..overall i like the layout though
  13. Stuie the only problem with the logo you have submitted is that you have stolen that Demon head from another sporting club. Copyright will prevent us from using it. Why not try to do something with a demon head like the one we used in the early eighties
  14. Here are two emblems that if given a modern twist would be great shields that would incorporate the demon I would replace Redlegs with Demons, eliminate the 1982 and replace it with 1858 and lose the Redleg logo to be replaced by MFC monogram Same to apply to the above
  15. where is the demon link in the current logo Stuie? The stupid Trident?
  16. Again, the same could be done with something like this...
  17. I don't currently have the time, but I could knock up a modern variation on this logo that would look 100 times better than the 'shield' we are using. .
  18. Honestly, I agree. The logo that Schwab came up with looks crap on merchandise and on television. It is overly complicated. I hate it on the jumper too. Looks like garbage. An unnecessary stain. Here is a better logo that we already use for the business community that would be better than what we currently use
  19. Rumour has it that Roos and Co were not impressed with Dawes' attitude to his footballing life and he was told to pull his head in and earn his spot back. No actual injury...
  20. I know that many think this topic has been flogged to death..but this clash Jumper situation needs to be fixed. On Saturday we wore a predominantly white jumper. A jumper that looked more like st kilda ..we incorporated a colour that clashed more. I then sit down Sunday to watch the Eagles v Dogs and see that they are wearing all red. The same all red the AFL supposedly banned us from wearing as they deemed it a dark colour. I realise nothing can be done about it this season but we need to get firm on this issue. We are the team of the red and blue..i dont care if its red with blue yoke or blu
  21. his 'missus' and the mother of his daughter are two different people to my knowledge. So not sure how accurate that is.
  22. Just wondering whether if we had of retained Lucas Cook he would have been getting a game this weekend? I am sure I will get shot down by many on here for the mere suggestion, but with all our 'star' forwards injured we are calling out for someone to step up. Were we premature in letting this kid go? i mean we used such a high pick to draft him and after 2 years he was gone. You hear so much in the media about how bigger bodied KPP's take longer etc etc..did we pull the trigger too early? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/lucas-cook-out-to-prove-melbourne-wrong-and-forge-an-afl-career-at-a
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