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  1. Look at Turner, smaller than Barry, kicked three. Competed
  2. There I said it. Watched him closely tonight and he does mot wanna get near it when it's hot. Providing nothing as a small forward. Seriously not ready for AFL level football
  3. Yeh I went to the game last night and he is cooked. Not even worth looking at.
  4. Agree jnrmac I would be looking at delisting 15. The 'we can't delist everyone' argument is what worries me. Our list needs to turnover 60-70% not a handful
  5. As I said, I hope that is the case Titan..coz we ain't going anywhere with those three in our 22. I don't know what you were confused about in my post, coz I never said the Strauss' or Bleases were going to make us better. I said that they haven't played this year so the players who have are more responsible for the disgraceful performances. Therefore when Roos laments the shocking skills and says you can't be on an afl list who is he referring to exactly? Exactly who from the 22 who faced gws are facing the axe?
  6. But all the names being mentioned as being delisted haven't been involved in this season. So the ones responsible for the crap we have dished up in the last two months will still be at the club. Terrific. God only hopes they are being retained as depth. If this ship isn't turned around over the next year the MFC is beyond repair. I still come back to the fact that Roos has said that if you can't kick or mark you won't be on the list, yet here we are rewarding those exact types with new contracts before we have even looked at what is on the market. To me that is staggering
  7. So basically every player involved in that loss to GWS Keillor be on the list next year? So Roos slams their skills then rewards the same clanger merchants with new deals. I don't understand why we have jumped the gun and signed the likes of Matt jones, Riley, bail and Terlich . No other club would be remotely interested in any of these blokes. If we don't add 7 to 9 players to our 22 next year we will be exactly the same as this year
  8. How many times has he missed targets or kicked it out on the full, gimme that stat
  9. Can kick a good goal on the run? Hahaha, how many does he miss that he should kick . Lost us a queens birthday game four years ago . Do people actually watch bail every week?
  10. P.s. I like you avatar, not sure where u found it, but I designed it haha, perhaps just from photobucket
  11. I don't want any of those you mentioned and none of Terlich, Riley or Bail. I would have been happy to axe the lot. I would also trade Watts, let Frawley go. Offer up Grimes.
  12. So the unconditionals are conditional now? As long as you are giving your all you are ok to have [censored] skills. I don't get the message here
  13. Like others said, what doesn't make sense is that Roos said that basic skills were fundamental to remaining on the list and then goes and gives deals to two guys that have been worst offenders are screwing kicks, getting caught and butchering the ball. FFS
  14. If u stalk his Instagram and look at his girlfriends you will see that she is at uni in Melbourne away from Mitch ATM. Also that her bridal plans are all being done from a place in Elwood, what does that all mean? Probably nothing, but interesting to note that his partner has stayed here for uni and mskybe he plans to return once he is well. Grasping at straws really, but just hoping there is a chance he returns. I think he had taken up some photography opportunities in Melbourne also
  15. Your bother sounds like a typical North [censored] trying to pot our supporters. If I am not mistaken our players were booed off. Hardly applauded, we may have been guilty of being content with mediocrity in the past but I think fans are disgruntled and disgusted by the skills displayed by our players
  16. Yep. They have more passion as a group and would be harder at the contest
  17. I am telling you the three best non AFL listed VfL players are better than those three. Port Melbourne would beat our team ATM. They have a better list tan our bottom 15 of 22. Our basic skill execution is that bad
  18. Rohan bail is a turnover king! Has the poorest foot skills, so what IMF he gets the ball, it constantly results in a turnover. Looks like the massive clean out we were all banking on wont come to fruition and we will persist with the same group of duds!
  19. I like Wagner and the Jackal. Another thing I was thinking bout the other day, we the success of Hanley at Brissy, should the mfc look at another tilt at the Irish Experiment? Roos seems a fan of it. Reckon we should look at it again. Be a nicevtributevto Jimmy too, could set up a scholarship type scenario
  20. I agree Chook, even if we take him pre season draft or late pick or trade for him, I reckon his leadership and experience would be a serious asset to us.
  21. Same age as Judd and Hodge, interesting that everyone thought Judd's body was cooked a month ago too
  22. Reports coming out of Collingwood that Bally is being pushed out of the Pies but has said he wants to play on. I know when he left the Saints there was some talk about him coming to Melbourne as we controlled the picks in the draft. Anyway, wondering whether he could be a target for us at seasons end. He is a brilliant leader with a very strong work ethic. Premiership player, captain - I reckon he fits the bill. Interested in the thoughts of others
  23. Guys like Mckenzie Blease Evans Nicho Strauss may not have played yesterday but clearing those guys out and bringing in some actual talent may squeeze out a few blokes who played yesterday or at least create competition for spots. Something has got to give and as far as I am concerned a mass clean out is called for
  24. I am still seething after what can only be described as a deplorable effort yesterday. Like a few others on here, I seriously think that a majority of this current list need to be turned over. The untouchables for me are Nathan Jones, Vince, Tyson, Michie, Gawn, Hogan, Dawes, Jetta, Dunn, Viney, Salem, Cross and Howe. in all honesty, the rest can be shown the door, I would rather go to the WAFL, VFL and SANFL and get ten blokes on the cusp of AFL that really want an opportunity to play for the MFC and would show desire and hunger for the contest, right now wee have a bunch of blokes just happy
  25. I feel that we must find a genuine crumber in the forward line. Our talls need support. We gave up so many rebounds out of our own fifty last week. Also, who gets Crameri? He flogged us last time.
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