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  1. Interesting point. I am going to email the MCC today that all supporters (not just Melbourne) deserve to know what the process will be before the big weekend. They should look to delay the ballot until the Sunday following prelims for people to apply. The thought that if someone applied, got a ticket and couldn't be bothered going if there team doesn't make it, makes me sick. No walk-ups restricts supporters as they are the only ones who bother doing it. Would be extremely disappointed if MCC didn't give a clear benefit to the supporters of the 2 teams in priority for GF tickets.
  2. Two things for me: - he was much better when the ball hit the ground then I gave him credit for. He isn’t Luke Jackson but he isn’t hopeless. Much better than anything Weid has showed this year once the ball hits the deck - he was fantastic with palms and touches when he felt he couldn’t mark the ball. I’m going to say at least 5 times when out of position he did either punch or deflect the ball to the crumbers to a dangerous spot. he did get out marked a few times but a number of times our mids simply put it on his head and he was nudged under it. If you’ve ever watched BBB his strength is running and jumping at the ball, not sitting under the high one. I thought he was much much better then his stats and so glad to see he made us a better side
  3. Have a work exemption to travel to NSW as spend every second fortnight there - thinking might try and do some work on Monday in Sydney and slide into the game
  4. Wow thanks for sharing. The game against Gippsland his delivery into I50 was exceptional and from the highlights must've been close to BOG - a real difference with each possession. I often find these videos being nothing possessions from accumulators but this was really impressive. Great find Adonski, would be thrilled if I saw him name fall to us at one of our picks.
  5. I'm shocked people go in expecting anything different. Players can't even answer questions these days given how clubs and the AFL media train them to say nothing human. I thought the interview was insightful given what we typically get. Anyone going to listen to a podcast and expecting the President to come out to a bunch of guys on a podcast and say 'we're disappointed in Simon & at the end of the year, we'll be re-assessing his contract if we don't make finals' - two weeks before the end of the year with the club locked up together lives in a different world to me. I read between the lines and take it that Pert did not unilaterally back Goodwin - that in itself gives me an important answer. Tick. The soft-cap moves from 9.5 million to 6.5 million. We need to remove 33% of our operating expense from the business (which is near on impossible in any business) in one year. If the contract doesn't have an out, there is quite literally no possible way we could fire him & hire a new coach under the cap without sacking everyone else. That doesn't mean the club is happy with his performance but COVID was not to be expected. Perhaps they are having private conversations with AFL in the event we terminate a coach, could that money not be included in the soft cap? My reading of the situation is even if we finished dead last, it would be extremely difficult to move him on this year. I think he will get 2021 as a prove it year and following another disappointing year and some more financial security - we would be in a position to make that move. I'm impressed with the podcast & appreciated the more reasoned approached from Benny from memory. Irrational, emotional ramblings are simply going to be battered away by Pert and administrators of that ilk. Come armed with information, supporting evidence & get him to speak to it... no s**t the supporters are [censored] off, I don't think he needs to recognise that on a podcast for us to understand. Well done to the Deebrief crew, I really liked it. Would also like Bartlett on as I feel like he may be able to be cracked open a little more than Pert who did this all before with Collingwood and knows very well where to draw the line.
  6. La Dee-vina, I just did my update this morning. You need to log into the MCC portal and pay through that. Click on renew my membership and as you've already paid for your MCC (I imagine) it will allow you to get either a MCC premium or just exclusive membership. That should work. Good luck & Go Dees
  7. Trade period has provided alot but this is by far the worst post on Demonland.
  8. He won't be over the life of the contract but as we're getting him in contract - we need to pay him the last year of his GC contract which was over-inflated just to keep him to stay. Melbourne aren't offering him big $, he'll be on less than Lever - he is coming to win a flag.
  9. I had dinner with a friend last night who's brother is in the list management team at Freo. He was adamant that Freo and Jesse had commercially already agreed to terms and all that was left was Melbourne and Freo to do the deal.
  10. Agree but should we win for mine he's straight back in. Joel Smith is in purely to cover the fact WC play 2 huge forwards and will have either Vardy or Lycett deep resting. We can't afford to lose Hibberds attacking ability in playing man coverage on them so we had to play Smith. If we win, neither Tiges or Pies have the same lineup and I'd say there's no spot for Joel so I hope he keeps his head up - he's in my GF team should we be good enough to make it....
  11. Whilst I’d traditionally agree with this Poita, I’m a MCC/MFC dual member and the ‘membership’ is nothing more than a donation. Get no access to any games or anything other than a scarf. Given we’ve never played finals, I’d never encountered or thought about the fact it wouldn’t give us access to grand final ballot but given I’m only a restricted member I’m now stuck because I can’t get into MCC nor can I get a ticket through MFC. I’m a 10 year member who has sat through Gold Coast spanking us at the G, Geelong spanking us in the 150th year game and all the spankings between them. Worlds smallest violin and all that jazz but it’s hit me in the last few days that if we win, I’m next to no chance to go. At 28, it’s a somber thought that the I was 10 at the 2000 and couldn’t take it in and I’m sure all the rich & elite that have jumped on the bandwagon will get tickets before me through corporates or mates in the coming days after we get it done over the Eagles but probably a good life reminder that sometimes life sucks. Im rambling now but just remember not everyone who is asking for a favour isn’t a member or hasn’t been on the same emotional journey as you for as long as they can remember! go Dees
  12. Unfortunately with a winning team, they always seem to lose one a year. Generally, it's always lower teams paying a reasonable amount for them too.. I can't count the amount of Tom Gillies, Shannon Byrnes, Viv Michie's we've picked up over the journey expecting quality and getting realistically what we always thought. I think it's naive to think we won't lose someone this year and for mine, Hunt could well be that player. If a lower 6-7 team came with a second rounder for him (picks 24-28), I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's not to say I don't like Jayden but players do become currency and his traits are excellent but his all-round package is a player who runs so fast he really can't do anything other than blast the ball high and long. Let's watch this space!
  13. Drove past the line at 4:45 and they know set up cow herding barricades so people can't cut in like they used too but had it been a straight line like the old days it would've been at the Pullman. The line gets considerable from about 3:30 onwards so given you are lucky and can knock off early I'd suggest getting there around that time (3:00-3:15ish) and you'll be maybe 500-1000 back and a certainty for a pick of Level 1, 2 or 3 seat depending on your preference. The moment you get your seat at 5 and get your card you can bugger off to the pub or for dinner or head home for a while depending on location and arrive 2 and a half hours later ready to rumble
  14. Not even, I was at the game and the supporters were thrilled. It’s just that Demonland is the sookiest place on earth.
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