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  1. No I didn't realize it wasn't him, I don't follow twitter
  2. Georgiou seems like a real [censored] posting stuff like that, first he is part of a distasteful mad Monday stunt and then he posts that as some sorta joke??? It might be time to lock this thread or even delete it until after tonight. A lot of shite being flung which may prove to be unwarranted
  3. Could not give a stuff pal, hardly annoyed. I am just pointing out the elephant in the room
  4. I think you are missing the point, I am not sure he actually had depression.
  5. Click the photos to see the comments. You may have to follow him if u arnt already
  6. Since he has blocked me I can't see his Instagram, perhaps someone could screenshot the entire thread of comments
  7. I didn't have a go at him, it was a mere statement, I didn't call him names or make accusations. I didn't demand answers. I said it would be nice for him to make comment. Yes, some [censored] called me a 'weenie'
  8. I just said that he had upset a lot of people with the news leaked by his manager and that demons fans felt let down. He then fired back at another poster who said much the same with "don't comment on stuff you know nothing about". Then I said that it would be nice for him to deny the reports of Ralph then and maybe he could make a statement. After that he deleted and blocked me. Pathetic, you can read the thread if u go to his Instagram, look at his most recent photo
  9. I asked him a few questions on Instagram and then he blocked me, what a liar and a [censored] bloke this bloke turned out to be
  10. Barrett also been snooping demon land for info on Mitch Clark but then just making up that other clubs are in with a chance, god I hate that c...t
  11. Gawn just posted on Instagram that no problem with ACL and that he will be back training in 10 weeks
  12. Correct, no reason at all. Red would work for most of our supposed 'clashes'
  13. it is terrible stuff, but not surprising really. The AFL have NFI on these matters. Why are the Bulldogs allowed on all red jumper and yet we are told we can't?
  14. What I mean is it is not a jumper the Power have registered with AFL. Given the AFLs strict rules on these jumpers I see this as policy on the run.
  15. It's not even their jumper, the port magpies are another club, mind boggling
  16. I am not sure, but yes the white training jumper is better, looks like an mfc jumper and not like Sydney. I still think we should be permitted to simply invert our colours. Just announced by AFL on Facebook that Port will now wear their Prison Bar strip. Making policy on the run. Seriously, how does that even resolve the clash,? It's still black.
  17. I have a problem with the AFL mandating that the MFC wear an All White clash strip! That is what I have a problem with. See we were one of the first clubs to accommodate a clash strip, it was all red and avoided clashes! However, the AFL re-invented the colour wheel and deemed red dark colour. What a joke. I hope PJ fights hard over the summer to lobby for a return to all red. The white jumper looks like Sydney, at least add more blue. Welcome to the off-season
  18. Exactly right Hellfish!! Coz it's the MFC it becomes another opportunity to stick the boots in and make a story of it. Nothing to see here, move on
  19. Dunn finally having a role of his own And Owning it. Could surprise a few with a Bluey
  20. Not a troll at all. You really think missing a target and coughing up a goal in the manner he did is acceptable AFL standard skill level? Truly? I said that I like his attack, but I don't know why we rushed to sign him.
  21. Even commentators see what I saw, if u can't kick you can't play at the top level. James Magner also had a big heart. It only gets you so far. I like Riley but he must improve his skills and eradicate his propensity to hesitate. It's frustrating to watch him be so indecisive
  22. Just putting reality out there. We could all put the rose colored glasses on and support the boys, but then we would never progress and continue this path of habitual losers
  23. A good idea watch the last turnover kick across goal. A disgrace
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