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  1. On a side note, has anyone heard anything about our new logo? I know the club had hired a graphic designer to. Work on this. The current department hate the cluttered shield which is a nightmare for embroiders and apparel purposes. I think we will see a new demon
  2. Is he cleaning the bathrooms at AfL house
  3. Look how depressed Mitch is...what a [censored] [censored] artist
  4. I started going to the footy with my dad in 1987. My first jumper was #2. When I would play football in the backyard by myself I was always Robbie. He was the most gifted footballer I have seen. Evasive, slight of foot, graceful, exceptional reader of the play and a real gentlemen off the field. RIP Tulip
  5. I thought he was making his mind up yesterday? Must of been good weather for some cityscapes ! Honestly though, I don't think he has any intention of getting decent compensation for Melbourne. Absolute [censored] this bloke. A liar and a fraud
  6. Good sunrise pictures from Frankston for his instagram
  7. Yep just reported he is now down at Geelong, this bloke is a real turncoat. I wish nothing but the worst for him
  8. Simon Godfrey will be remembered as a better player.
  9. I would love to see the MFC sing Dublin Jim before games in honor of the great man. Thought about this a bit this season on the back of Port and their soccer still singing. I don't know if people all remember the song, it featured on a VHS that came out the year of his brownlow win. I goes like this "Dublin Jim you've done us proud, flying high above the crowd, your countrymen from near and far salute you, Dublin Jim" there is more to it, but I reckon it arouses the emotions and isn't a novelty gimmick like the rediculous trumpeter. I would love to see itbsungbwith passion to remind the compet
  10. Yep [censored] him, if Pies wanna dish up a third rounder, let him walk into the PSD, pretty sure Saints have pick 1. He can take some shots of Seaford for his instagram
  11. We will get nothing from Collingwood knowing the way the play in trade week. Prob a third round pick. MFC get f,.;d again. Clark is a [censored] and a massive pretender!
  12. Sylvia and Moloney the two disco boys often seen out straight after games in matching scoop neck tees celebrating another loss with a plethorora of rum and Coke No wonder they never made it
  13. Nathan Jones should be on the front foot, but given his friendship with Mitch it is unlikely he will comment
  14. Definitely the most unrealistic post I have read on this forum
  15. He was over visiting Nathan Jones today with his partner, lucky his gf hasn't blocked me from Instagram hahahah. Hopefully Nate talks some sense to him
  16. Can he change his name back to Harry O'Brien ? Easier for the old boys in the MCC to relate to. Harry is a strong Grammar name
  17. Honestly don't know if the bigger clubs are interested. Prob has a better chance at a lower placed clubs. Hope we at least put a bid in. The show is sponsored by Collingwoods athletic label 'Star' they probably manipulating the whole thing
  18. He sucks defending, just a hack that runs fast then tumble punts it long to no one In particular
  19. I would love us to take a serious look at drafting this bloke from the recruit. Good size, great speed, burst runner, elite acceleration. Not sure if other 'Landers follow the program but interested to see what others think
  20. I think MC would love to be at the Dees in 2015, as long as we bend over and fill his pockets with more cash and pay him what he was on before. That way he can sit on his arse and take photos of the skyline and plot his studio opening. I think that he has demonstrated really ordinary moral values. There is no way going to a big club pushing for a finals spot is going to be 'mentally easy'. If his shrink advised him of that then his shrink is Dr Nick from The Simpsons. He will be heavily scrutinised for walking out on the Dees and under the microscope every time he plays, best thing he could of
  21. Clark is a fool, he will be universally hated. I doubt the genuine-ness of his depression. Sounds like he was having a hard time, played it up, saw opportunity to get out of contract and did the dirty. Sorry if he was really suffering, but having a fair amount of experience with depression, his symptoms and recovery time don't lend themselves to depression. I hope he is booed every game he plays. Highest paid photographer in Australia. What [censored] me off the most tonight was when his manager said he did the MFC a favour by retiring, [censored] you idiot. Could have been put on LTI , helped
  22. do u know what I wrote to him? If u knew which account was mine you'd have no problem, how is it personal when it's a public account. Dill
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