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  1. Anyone with a pair of eyes and half a brain for football can tell that Jesse is a supremely talented footballer who is already pretty damn good. If Jesse played in those two games we would have won by more. It has been a long time since our midfield gave the kind of service it did in that Hawthorn game.
  2. Reflexively, I hate this. But one of the Scott sisters made the point that most people wouldn't realise there are 4 less players on the ground, it's just a bit more open - worth a trial imo. More to the point I think the way the game looks has more to do with the ground it is being played on. The most aesthetically pleasing games are played at the MCG and Adelaide Oval. These are very different shaped grounds, maybe it is just a tv thing. Unfortunately, Docklands seems to throw up bad footy - whether that is slow dour football, or the kind of 'fast deck' crap that we have had this year.
  3. Will panic once the CBA is finalised...till then, should all cool our heels
  4. after reports he told freo to go fish about a month ago, we decided he was ours, now we think that he's left because of some poor performances?
  5. Jetta not being in the squad is a joke. Its an all star team - not an attempt to name a realistic lineup.
  6. Because it's VFL finals...The only importance they hold are in development for AFL. sure, but it can mean anything unless there's some standardisation of the data. Melbourne v Geelong 2015: Win 2016: Loss Melbourne 2015 > Melbourne 2016 team Likewise, you'd be silly to say "the Demons with Nathan Jones are a horrendous team...just look at the years 2007 to 2016"
  7. It would be madness to bring in the guy that leads the team for goals and marks inside 50. Hogan for Pedersen. easy, no brainer. This isn't to dectract from Pedo. Hawks are lucky Hogan wasn't playing with the kind of fwd entries we were getting. Too many get distracted by aesthetic stuff that doesn't matter. Independent of potential, he'd be picked in the seniors for every single team in the league on form. I know people like barracking for the underdog, but after decades of Dees footy, I'm gonna back the superstars.
  8. Yeh, best young forward in memory is superfluous. Silly...when we win premierships we can start thinking about this rubbish. Keep it in perspective - the win should be a stepping stone, and hogan is essential for the future. And can we get over the up the ground stuff, he's a CHF, he'll be a multiple time AA because doing that stuff while kicking 70 goals a year
  9. If he signs on till he's a FA under current rules, then it's a 5 year (or 4, don't think that 17yr old season counts) contract...I'm happy to roll the dice on that kind of time period.
  10. If Jesse was not such a bad**s everyone would recognise him as a CHF. Plays the position in the Carey mould, good with space in front and behind him (on that note, anyone notice the Pagan's paddock employed in the first half vs Crows?).
  11. Neville Jetta. Seriously, among the top few small defenders (as opposed to backman) in the comp. You could find guys to make it an argument, but no one is far and away better than him at his role. It's an entirely subjective measure. Play in a couple of prelims and suddenly we'll have players with 'elite status'. Most would say Jake Stringer is 'elite' and Jesse isn't there yet, but if they swapped teams undoubtedly it would be Jesse getting called elite. [if stats are your thing, it's Jesse hands down this season]
  12. hope he has a speedy recovery. From a football perspective, reckon he was really key for us when he's been playing this year. Provides a defensive capacity that I'm not sure Wags or OMac quite have yet + flexibility to play tall and small. One of those guys that can pull the team through during periods where confidence dips. Best of luck to H.
  13. As others have said, there's very little evidence to support headgear use. It's also true that the AFL have been fairly proactive in regards to instances of concussion in games. It is taken seriously, and the power is with the medical staff. This is good. But I have serious concerns about the league's approach to concussion across careers. While some players have opted to give the game up as a result of multiple head knocks, the league hasn't (I believe) taken much of a stance on the cumulative impact of head knocks. I'm particularly thinking of a case like Joel Selwood. I can think of many instances, and there are surely many more hidden instances, of Selwood having been concussed. Over time, head knocks of lesser severity can result in concussion. Selwood has certainly been dragged from the ground after copping what have been pretty innocuous looking hits. I would feel quite uncomfortable if the league started forcing the retirements of mid-career players, but there are a few guys running around who I am scared for.
  14. Thought Salem was terrific. Often shows ability to play that role, but think it's the first time he's had a sustained impact from half back. Surprised he only had 17 touches. With Lumumba and, at times, Stretch providing some speed from behind, thought salem was able to contribute.
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