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  1. it was your first post too. What a way to kick things off
  2. he destroyed the team that Paul Roos took years assembling. There was an upward trajectory over Roos' years, then Goodwin had two years of luxury on the back of Roosy's work. We peaked in 2018...he turned over half the list and put his stamp on things and we have been pooh ever since.
  3. fwwwaark, I have read some shocking posts in my time, but this takes the cake. The time and effort that went into it too. I hope there is a degree of satire involved.
  4. I have inside mail and have proven it time and time again. I need to justify nothing here. Demonland were worried about defamation when I told this forum what was up with Hogan, I pointed out it’s not defamation if true.
  5. I don’t know what you are smoking, but it would probably help right now. We can keep our head in the sand and be convinced there are not internal issues, or begin to address them. The coach created the Viney v Jones issue post 2018, they are lingering, I can assure you. Jones also offsided many when he outed Jack Watts. I couldn’t care less if you want to believe it or not. It’s an issue
  6. Right now, this is not a united club. There are fractures within the playing group. Demonland always censor me when I try to post about them. Anyone pick up on Jones’ body language? Anyone ever seen Jones and Viney high five? Did Viney rally the troops at any stage tonight? Were Gus and Hogan two peas in a pod, cut from the same cloth? Is Tom McDonald horribly out of shape and does he crack the sads when his precious brother is on the outer? So, who is to blame? It’s the coach and Mahoney! They create the culture within a group. The Goodwin “I’m mates with everyone” approach is over. These blokes need a rocket and to sort their [censored] out and he ain’t the man to do it. Gawn is in a tough situation, because he is the big friendly giant who is a little like Goody, everyone’s mate. the Steven May interview post match was what I want to hear and I hope he gives it to a few behind closed doors. A lot of people begrudge his captaincy at GC, because he clashed with players. Yeah, because they were [censored] weak and he told them so. He drove high standards and the kids up there were more interested in the party scene on Caval Avenue. home truths need to be spoken this week.
  7. I forgot that beauty. Absolute Nancy boy
  8. Good to see everyone now agreeing with me. Make this butt head lookalike wait the season out. He is a panzy. lazy 2nd efforts. Putrid disposal. The missed kick to McDonald on the far wing was hopeless and his effort to go and help equally poor. He never shepherds. Never does anything hard. Hold fire
  9. We have one plan. Opposition behind, kick long to Gawn, hope he marks and then offer him nothing ahead of the ball and have no one come around the back for a quick handball. The game plan stops at this point and resorts to kick it long and hug the boundary
  10. North fans can celebrate. Pick 1 coming their way
  11. McDonald again with a weak a [censored] effort. Three in a row. Drag him and bake him
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