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  1. I’d bring in vanders split the role fritsch played between him and Melksham
  2. Bombers would match any offer forcing a trade, they will be wanting 2x mid to early first rounds. The only players with value we might consider trading would be Brayshaw, Wied, Hunt, Harmes who even combined wouldn’t get us enough and you are giving up to much for just one player at that point. If by some miracle they didn’t match then I’m sure we figure out a away, priority is to resign our guys first if there is anything left them you try Merrett, don’t want to see us in pies shoes in a few years. Only way he gets to dees is if takes less than Oliver, trac, gawn, May.
  3. Good teams will manage players throughout the year outside the bye, it’s a marathon not a sprint. If we don’t strategically manage players it will blow up in our face sooner or later, either via a spate of soft tissue injuries or just a collapse in form. I’m not saying rest Gawn and trac or players of that ilk now they are in there prime and don’t need it, but the under 22 and Over 30’s will. Edit also just to add Most teams by now are naturally doing this either via forced changes from injury or due to a loss and needing to change things up. Starting perfectly as we have there has been n
  4. We looked absolutely stuffed after the game, some of the younger and older players are really going to feel it next game, this is just the start of a long campaign, we are not even 1/6th of the way there. Goodwin needs to perhaps tempt fate against a weaker opposition this week and rotate out a few of the players if they aren’t 100% good to go and get them cherry ripe for the Tigers game. We have the perfect start now we can afford to look slightly ahead rather than week to week. Welcome to the be league boys.
  5. Back for the swans game to play on Franklin, only tough one he will miss is tigers if that works out
  6. Probably hard to tell till swelling goes down how bad it is
  7. If Petty or another tall comes in for May, does Melksham hold his spot, thought he was quite ordinary today, while Sparrow looked good once he came on
  8. I thought Langdon was out of contract end of this year, if so he has to be a priority signing as well. Maybe it’s just me but it feels like we have more best 22 players still unsigned this year than prior seasons(including James Jordan, ANB and Lockhart) usually it’s only the fringe and older players hoping for another year unsigned for next year and beyond at this point. Even if we lock in Oliver I feel like we are going to loose a few we would rather not
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Trac 4 Pickett 3. Langdon 2. ANB 1. Fritsch
  10. Have to say I was sceptical with everything we had to do to get an extra 1st round pick in 2019 and then we just used it just to get a small fwd, but now I’m so glad we did, not only did it fill a vital need he is an absolute gun to boot.
  11. Can someone clarify why we were using tmac as the ruck in the fwd line last week over Jackson when gawn hung back, Jackson is clearly the better option in the ruck, don’t think I saw one of tmacs taps goto advantage quite the opposite
  12. Think what this shows is regardless of if this group wins a flag we are 2 years away from seeing the best from this group, if we can be in the top 6 this year and top 4 next, that bodes well for potential future success. What you don’t want is to be peaking in 2 years and only getting in lower half of the 8 ala north of a few years back.
  13. Jetta looked to struggle at times tonight, always gives 100% but just can’t keep up anymore, maybe Hibberd for Jetta. Concerned for Bradshaw but unless we want to try Vanders or Melksham in that role I don’t see many other options
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