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  1. When is the last time you saw a top 5 player at a Melbourne based club leave and go to another Melbourne based club, it simply doesn’t happen, almost every move essentially falls into go home factor, the only moves that happen between Melbourne based clubs are ones where the player is pushed. Oliver will never leave Dees for another club unless we want him gone
  2. Not that it would stop every move but the AFL should look at allowing a bonus fee outside the cap to be paid to players based on time served at a club with that number increasing for every year served. It might at least give players pause about moving so often
  3. So you are happy to give up any chance of competing in deep finals for the next few years on the hope that Weid and Jackson in the absence of Brown develop so we can contend in 3-4 years time assuming everything goes to plan.
  4. Assuming he still wants to be an AFL player and all that it involves we should 100% be looking at getting him back, just like Bennell the upside is worth the risk even if it doesn’t come off
  5. Good pressure fwd, doesn’t kick many but knows how to lay a tackle (something we are sorely lacking) and had off an assist,
  6. As much as I would like to see Weid and Jackson develop into our 1 and 2 fwds going forward, I just don’t think either can be relied on yet. Brown has been very consistent until this year. The down side is if he does play well it probably means Weid or Jackson will spend a lot of time in the VFL next year, and in Weids case that will probably be the end of his time at dees after next year
  7. Although he may be useful as a backup assuming he can get some level of agility back, you don’t keep players on 750k as backups, we can go get another A grade player if we can offload him. Keep Brown on the list for that purpose. If you sign a contract of the size he did and don’t deliver this comes with the territory, we wouldn’t be having this discussion if he was on 300k
  8. Got to expect it when you have a player of Oliver’s ability with massive upside, look at Fyfes name thrown round every year round this time. Trades for players of his value almost never happen outside of free agency, it’s just not worth the cost to the team chasing . Look how much even mid tier players go for in trades, ie Lever. Judd would be the last one and look how that worked out for WC
  9. Depends what they signed him for, I’d guess by the length of the contract it’s probably at a lower rate per year than he would otherwise get. He won’t be on the most money but if we can afford to bring in Langdon, Tomlinson, May and Lever on decent coin I’d hope we are rewarding our home grown players who are every bit as good and far better than some of those
  10. He would have been gone last year if he was out of contract and frost still had a year, showed nothing this year to prove he should continue to get games over developing another kid
  11. Even if this was true why would you trade in a draft compromised year and while still under contract, he is only going to get better and be worth more in another 12 months plus is required if we want to improve next year, look no further than Cats trade for Kelly. Totally beside the fact he has only ever shown love for the club and team mates
  12. Better than an average player so he would deserve it. Of the 44 players on our list clearly in the 22
  13. If he has some currency then trade him, means another chance to try again with a new kid and he’s no longer taking minutes from other kids we need to develop
  14. Sure Bont is a better player clearly, but if you did that just pick 22 mids, why even bother to have a team. As a mid where Bont plays the majority of the time he wouldn’t be in the first dozen mids this year on form. One day if Bont goes and plays fwd most of the time then we can judge him on that but until that day he shouldn’t be in the side unless it’s as a mid.
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