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  1. Going to need him if we have an inkling kozzie might go
  2. Can’t believe how many people are still hanging onto a few good games he played 4 years ago now. He’s had so many opportunities to cement a spot and failed at every turn so much so Melksham had to come in and play the role. Safe to say even Goodwin who is the last to give up on any player has also run out of patience. I think the club would be more than happy to use his spot on the list to bring in another kid via the draft if anyone showed any interest in taking him off our hands.
  3. Doubt we get anything in return for Tomlinson meaning we would need to trade for Francis, I’d expect Essendon as usual will ask for overs probably our first round pick.
  4. Looks like Gunstan is a no go, media spoke with him today and only mentioned he would either stay or goto the lions for a change of scenery
  5. By all reports this years is quite a weak draft particularly the first round, next year is expected to be quite strong
  6. Dogs probably wanted us to tip in some cash, negating the whole point, he’s on 300k more than a rookie pick who would replace him so not the difference in landing another player if we can defer for 2 years
  7. Think it also depends of pies need to move Grundy on in order to facilitate any other trades or signings like degoey and Mcstay, they are in a spot if one can’t happen without the other. In which case Dees can offer effectively nothing a swap of 2nd round picks perhaps
  8. I’d lean the other way on hibberd he looked extremely exposed for pace at the end of the year that’s only going to happen more in another 12 months. Melksham played a critical role in a number of games late in the year when no one else stood up fwd
  9. The way I look at it he is a 500 grand backup which is way to much to spend on a just in case, with Grundy coming in we would almost be square cap wise (give or take a 100-200 grand) if we could have someone take him off our hands
  10. Well Bowey came in for hunt in 2021 and went out for him in 2022 so he is the obvious one, Woewodin is also one who might be ready to step up next year, James Jordan is another who was kept out late in the year. Id also like to see what Oscar baker has to offer again to. We are talking about a player on the fringe on the best 22 who will be 28 by the start of next season, it’s vital we continue to inject youth into the team if we want to avoid stagnation.
  11. I don’t think you can afford to pay 425k to a player who is boarder line best 22 unless they have some massive upside coming in the future, as per Lord Nev stats below there was only 267 players on 400k and over in 2021 or 14.8 players per club on average. Hunt at best would be worth the next rung below 300-400 which would on average cover the best 22 of each club. Even then what is his upside at 27 going on 28 vs keeping on players like JVR, Bowey and Jordan who will all have interested parties and will need overs to retain.
  12. Must be a hell of a lol more than 500k if they will throw in pick 7, would have to be north of a million otherwise I’m calling bunk on this
  13. Not to fussed, won’t ever be more than a roll player. I would rather get more games into our younger players and see what they have. Every chance we already have someone who will surpass him that just needs the opportunity
  14. I think Bedfords strengths show through more at afl level than Chandler, albeit both on a small sample size
  15. If freo are only willing to offer there 1st this year and next would we be willing to walk away and send him into the draft, 13 this year and next would be equivalent in points to pick 3. Is that enough assuming they even offer that, any less and I’d want to make a point
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