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  1. Can’t see how it works, if we play dogs this week who do crows and gc play given they aren’t playing each other again this year. With so few games left I can’t see how it works unless you change the draw completely and have crows gc play
  2. Given we tend to respond most strongly the week following a bad game I’d rather play dogs this week to be honest. Last time we played it was following the Crows 1 point loss this time it’s the Hawks draw.
  3. Not sure why so many people want to write us off after that, if this year had shown anything we bounce back after a bad game and still haven’t lost to a top 8 side, so for all the people saying we can’t win when it matters our record says different. As disappointing as that was I’d still rather be in our shoes than any other side.
  4. Damm keep him off get him right for finals
  5. Hope so, as even though it’s on there home deck it won’t impact the next weeks game as Darwin would with the heat and humidity and I preemptively booked a trip to coincide with the game months back.
  6. Id be more worried if I was a dogs or cats to be honest both are round 50/50 vs other top 8 sides and already lost to us this year. Top position and a flag are both ours to loose, we have a healthy list and have not lost to any other contender, every other team would kill to be us right now. If we fail to do either we don’t have anyone else to blame but ourselves which is the most scary thing.
  7. You aren’t the only one, hope they keep this setup even without kicking a goal I think the fwd line functions much better, if we are going to win the whole thing this year we will need him.
  8. Still think we won’t make top 4? Would you rather we lost to 3 top teams like dogs or beat every contender like us.
  9. 12 and 2 after 14 games and 5 - 0 vs top 8. The mix in the maiming games is 4 vs top 8 and 3 of them away, if we play the remaining games equal to our season so far we should go end up 6-2 or 7-1 and clear top of the table. Given teams below us have won those games I see no reason to think we don’t beat port and wc away and dogs at g. Cats in Geelong would be the only game I don’t think we are a 50/50 or better chance in. If our team was called Richmond and had our record so far we would expect them not to drop and game and win the grand final in a canter.
  10. Yea not sure how our leading goal kicker isn’t in our best fwd line. He is 2nd player selected after Tmac atm up fwd, as much as pressure and tackles can help it’s ultimately about kicking goals and over the year he is doing that better than anyone else
  11. I just find it amusing we beat both dogs and lions in consecutive weeks only a month ago and yet after they both win on the weekend, albeit impressively the are now considered the teams to beat. Logic should dictate they are both playing for 2nd. But that is the media for you have the memory of a gold fish
  12. Agree with some of the sentiments that Pickett needs to lifted his game or he risks getting dropped. Didn’t even have a tackle on the weekend which is unacceptable for the role he plays. Not to worried about Fritsch just yet. Noticed on the weekend him and tmac were pushing up the ground extremely high, I think we over compensated for our defence vs pies last week, they really need to hang back a bit more. I’m sure we will find the balance soon just needed a win to settle the nerves. The psychology of getting 12 wins already should be a big weight off for the rest of the year as everything else from now is prepping for finals
  13. Really missed a key target up fwd tonight with McDonald and fritsch not getting near it. For all our fantastic defending we simply couldn’t get value for our fwd 50 entries. Unless brown is injured he has to come back in. If for nothing more than to free up tmac
  14. The game v swans when him and tmac teamed up for 7 of our 10 goals was great then dropped one game later. That is the sort of one two fwd line that wins finals, as they say the talls don’t get any shorter at the end of games but the fast guys get slower
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